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Sony Online President teases Planetside 2 on PS4?

"Take this with a grain of salt, but SOE's President John Smedley is dangling a rather appetizing title for the PS4 - Planetside 2." (Planetside 2, PS4)

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DaThreats  +   918d ago
Yes..they better!
Christopher  +   918d ago
EQ3 is supposed to be shown later this year...

Read into that what you will...

Edit for below: EQ3 = EverQuest 3.

Edit 2 for nrvalleytime: http://www.eq3dev.com/everq...

Read the quote on the last bullet. Next SOE Fan Faire later this year, first week in August.
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nrvalleytime  +   918d ago
I hadn't that heard that bit - awesome news.

@Septic - I believe he's talking about Everquest 3.
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Septic  +   918d ago
Sorry what is EQ3?
joab777  +   918d ago
That is not only brilliant but imperative. How good will it be to have planetside 2 and final fantasy reborn on ps4? Hell, with the ability to multitask, the possibilities are limitless. But i do know that these games create a constant revenue flow which is great for sony right now. Diablo 3 will help etc.

The only thing that bothers me is that nothing u bought on psn can be played on new ps4. They will have to fix this. And i am a little worried that accounts may not be transferrable. whichever console allows account transfer and the ability to keep transfer (at least most) content will win out of the gate. I know they want ppl to keep their ps3 but i think most ppl will anyway because its a streaming machine. They need to find another incentive to get ppl to keep ps3.
This should be pre installed on every ps4.

I really want to see more pc/ps games. I think it's cool.
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Virtual_Reality  +   917d ago
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DoomeDx  +   917d ago
Wonder how this will work..

Planetside 2 has so many buttons you can press.. That it would be pretty damn near impossible to run it on Dual Shock 4. Unless the gimp some of the features
SKUD  +   917d ago
This, Unless Sony enables KB + mouse support. I to can't imagine how much you would have to down size all those button options to fit on a controller. My dream however would be using my G13 and mouse to play killzone. DS3 for FPS is not a viable option.
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ThanatosDMC  +   917d ago
I really hope they do. It'll be my "MAG" on PS4.
TheGamerDood  +   917d ago
Umm didn't a PS2 dev kind of hint about a possible version for PS4 a couple of months back?


Would love to see both MAG and SoCom running on the PS4. :(
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ThatXboxGuy  +   918d ago
I would be surprised if it WASN'T coming to PS4.It's not like it couldn't handle it.I believe we will see a lot more PC games make the switch over next gen.Hopefully Sony allows some modding freedom as well!
Pandamobile  +   918d ago | Interesting
Modding on consoles is still unlikely because most of a console's security comes from it being a walled garden. Developers would have to spend a great deal of time and effort creating a portal approved by Sony in order to get user generated content from a PC to a console ecosystem.
mandf  +   918d ago
Can you explain a little deeper on the subject. Modding would be awesome. At least like ut3 to download mods.
Pandamobile  +   917d ago
When you have users releasing homemade content into a console ecosystem, it has to be a lot more policed than on PC. I'd imagine that anything with copyrighted content or suggestive content wouldn't be allowed at all due to Sony being liable for it. In PC space, you can basically do whatever you want, because no one's going to stop you or hold some other company accountable for a user's actions.

Also, the very term, "mod" means to modify the game's files, and that's not something you'll be able to do on a console (for security, stability and feasibility's sake).

What UT3 allowed was for PS3 users to download a selection of PC user made maps and game modes.
NYC_Gamer  +   918d ago
I hope Sony allows cross platform play between PC and PS4
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ZeroX9876  +   917d ago

I love PC, but a lot of my friends are not ready to invest into a powerful PC, mainly because they like sitting on a couch and casually play games on their HDTVs.

I'm was younger when I had a beast of a PC and I had a lot of time to dedicate to it. Now, my time is way more limited and I need a fast and extremely easy setup, but I miss my PC gamers crew. You could always count on them for a great squad play in Battlefield 2.

the biggest barrier is the patch releases. Valve tried to do it with CS:GO, but patching was the biggest issue, mainly because of certification on PS3.

now that the PS4 is way more dev friendly, PC patches should be coming way faster to PS4 than it was with PS3.
NastyLeftHook0  +   918d ago
do it i really would love to see this actually happen.
Ninja_G_Aidan   917d ago | Not a reply | show
StrongMan  +   918d ago
Just keeps getting better and better.
Capodastaro  +   918d ago
I hope it does, numbers are dropping already
telekineticmantis  +   918d ago
All I wanna know is when..
NateCole  +   918d ago
This is what happens when you make a console for developers. The developers will love your console and makes games for them.

As a result you get more games and better games which is why we gamers buy these consoles in the first place.

Not rocket science.

First Blizzard and now this?. Way to go Sony.
Software_Lover  +   918d ago
Do any of you play this game now? I know I do, but if it came to the consoles, ps4/xbox3, I would still play it on pc for many reasons.

If you haven't played it, it would be a great game for you to play and you should enjoy it on your ps4/xbox3.
NYC_Gamer  +   918d ago
It wouldn't come to 720 because PS2 is from Sony
KwietStorm  +   917d ago
Would raise a few eyebrows if SOE released games on Xbox.
zAlchemist  +   918d ago
Daaaannnngggggg IM GETTING PS4 FOR SURE
TooTall19  +   918d ago
This game is awesome. I hope this happens even though I would still play on PC anyway.
tbon3man  +   918d ago
If this happens game over MS
VonBraunschweigg  +   917d ago
No, if this happens it's game on for us my friend.
Enemy  +   918d ago
PlanetSide 2 on PS4. The tears just keep flowing.
spoz  +   918d ago
ok take this in consideration and let me know your opinion:

The people that already have the game, and bought a PS4, get a free license to it in their PS, and can continue from where they left in the PC version.

Not talking about cross-play but like a clone-char both in PS and PC.

I think that would be awesome.

sorry for the bad english
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duplissi  +   917d ago
the game is f2p... as in FREE, so it damn well better stay that way.
KwietStorm  +   917d ago
Diablo already forgotten. I would lose my mind if this happened.
gazgriff2k12  +   917d ago
this has to happen plus i would like to see dust 514 on ps4 and mag 2
duplissi  +   917d ago
since the ps4 is all amd maybe that will improve the piss poor performance on an all amd gaming rig (like mine)
CaulkSlap  +   910d ago
This is probably the single most important thing they could do for PS4's launch. If it was available day 1 and promoted well, Sony could steal a huge portion of Microsoft's core XBL fanbase. We haven't seen that MS has to offer yet, but with all the Kinect garbage they're shoving down everyone's throat I doubt they have any major exclusive shooter for launch. Planetside2 + Killzone at launch; it's the perfect time to try and steal the FPS playing fanbase of XBL. Then you get majority sales on all the Call of Duty and whatnot as well.


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