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Ubisoft CEO: 'We're not satisfied' with how the Wii U is selling

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemont went on record in a recent interview saying that the company isn't satisfied with how the Wii U has been selling so far. (Nintendo, Ubisoft, Wii U)

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NYC_Gamer  +   801d ago
Things are gonna be rough for Nintendo with many expecting PS4 and 720 to launch this holiday
LOL_WUT  +   801d ago
Seeing what the PS4 is capable of yea it's going to be pretty tough for Nintendo.
lilbroRx  +   801d ago
Nintendo doesn't care what the PS4 can do. They stated this outright.


People game on the Nintendo consoles don't either.

Your hopes of Nintendo having some kind of butthurt over Sony's "certain to be expensive" will leave you disappointing.
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Neonridr  +   801d ago
not if there is hardware shortages for both the 720 and PS4 (assuming they both launch this year). As long as the Wii U has some quality software for the xmas season, you're going to be hard pressed to find a PS4 or 720 (again, assuming they are both coming out), which leaves Nintendo in a great position if they have some killer software available.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   800d ago
Especially if there's a big price difference. That 8gigs of GDDR5 ram ain't cheap.
gpturbo81  +   800d ago
when a parent goes to the store for xmas, are they gonna spend 300 for a wii u or 5-600 for video game/ facebook machine. common sense bud. nintendo will sell units on price difference alone, just like the wii.
USMC_POLICE  +   801d ago
Consumers to ubisoft: were not satisfied on how ubisoft is acting lately.
lilbroRx  +   801d ago
Same here. I lost almost all of my respect for Ubisoft when they pushed Rayman Legends back 7 months and this may have just killed it for me.

I hope the Sony/Microsoft fanbase alone can keep them afloat, because they will not see another sell from me.
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MasterCornholio  +   801d ago
"I hope the Sony/Microsoft fanbase alone can keep them afloat, because they will not see another sell from me."

Lets see 1 lost sale vs 140 million potential consumers.

I think they can live without you:)

OT: Anyways Nintendo needs to start listening to their developers instead of ignoring them otherwise they will find themselves in a very serious predicament.
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USMC_POLICE  +   801d ago
Hey MasterCornholio most of us that own a wii u also own ps3/360 so they lost more than 1 sale.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   800d ago
I half agree but I'm waiting to see how much effort they put into that Watch Dogs port. If they wow me with hacking using the gamepad I might forgive them.
solboogie  +   800d ago
Im not supporting Ubi with my money!
Qrphe  +   801d ago
They NEED to drop the price.
Jobesy  +   801d ago
Not going to matter much. If the PS4 and Nextbox release this holiday then they will probably drop the prices of the PS3 and 360 so low below any possible Wiiu price that Christmas present buying moms and dads will get those over the Wiiu. It won't be until next year or the year after that the Wiiu will be the most affordable platform.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   800d ago
Isn't the PS3 still like $300 for some reason? Isn't that the same price as the cheap Wii U? The Wii U needs GAMES, not a price drop.

Edit: Actually the cheapest PS3 I can find is the Uncharted bundle for $270.
PopRocks359  +   801d ago
Ah, so the trolls have nothing to say when Criterion is praising the Wii U's hardware, but then Ubisoft shows up with this quote and now they're in full swing. Ain't that something. That's typical.

Same song and dance. Wait for a larger software library, perhaps a price drop and there will be more incentive for general consumers to pick one up.
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torchic  +   801d ago
irony PopRocks

whenever the doom Nintendo articles are in full swing you're nowhere to be seen, but the moment a really positive one pops up well lo and behold, you're all over it.

the problem with Wii U is that it seems to divide opinion, some devs praise it others don't.
lilbroRx  +   801d ago
I don't follow. I generally see him on everything Nintendo related.

I tend to shy away from negative news, but only because the heavy anti-Nintendo Sony lead fanbase on this site will overpower any positive opinion with disagrees no matter whether its true, false, reasonable, unreasonable or whatever.

I would rather not have my posting capabilities pulverized because I stated a fact about Nintendo or Sony that wasn't to the fanboys liking.
PopRocks359  +   801d ago

I call BS on that. I've been on positive and negative articles related to the Wii U just as I have been more recently frequenting positive and negative articles related to Sony hardware as well.

You want to try and argue something I say or do? Fine, but don't lie about it or make baseless assumptions.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   800d ago
Criterion explained why that is in this interview:


N4G Comments:

Please note, this is about Next Gen not about WiiU vs PS360.
Link079  +   801d ago
Isn't it funny how the wiiu is selling more than ps3 did ect and yet ubi isn't pleased come on get a grip advertise ur games ?

Epic micky sold 1.2 million on wiiu,epic micky2 sold 530,000 on 3 platforms ?

Sonic all stars racing transformes has sold 1.1 million and 300,000 is down to WiiU ? so with only 3.3 million sold worldwide u can still out perform consoles with 130 million between them ??? i think ubisoft are being over optimistic on what a hardcore centric console can sell like in these bad economic times....
NYC_Gamer  +   801d ago
How much did PS3 cost at launch though?it was $600 dollars..It's no surprise Wii-U sold more at launch since the price is cheaper.
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1upgamer99  +   801d ago
$499 for a basic PS3..and that was sold at a loss of more than $150.
lovegames718  +   801d ago
ummm in january no system including the super expensive ps3 at the time sold a mere 55,ooo lol they actually sold alot more.

Link you a big troll mad at the world that your prophecy of the ps4 being only a little better than wiiu was massacred. 8 gigs of fast ram, strong Gpu and Cpu (no need to settle for a crappy cpu and moderate gpu like wii), killer social innovative aspects and a chip just for dl and uploads and many many more goodies....

Next gen has begun....

it has begun the next gen in consoles

Killzone Shadow Fall will be 30 FPS at 1080p resolution according to an interview after the presentation. German gaming site 4players.de reports:

i got that from gaf
Neonridr  +   801d ago
30fps still? Good god.. is 60FPS in a console too much to ask? I can do 1080p/60fps with my Radeon 7870 along with my first generation i7 PC which is now 3 years old almost. Why can't the PS4 do the same?
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G20WLY  +   801d ago
Maybe the same reason Wii U can't?

I must say though, I'm very impressed that your 3 year old PC runs the not-yet-released PS4 exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall at 1080p/60fps lmao :P
Neonridr  +   800d ago
@G20WLY - I didn't know that Killzone was better than any PC game out today. Kinda strange considering my Radeon 7870 can push out more terraflops than what the PS4 is reported to do. So you're telling me that the PS4 video card can do less numbers than my Radeon but it will display better graphics?

I'm sorry, I just don't see how that can make any sense..

Regardless, the demo looked very impressive. All I am saying is it's about time that 60fps is achieved on home consoles. PC gamers have been doing it for a while.

Games like Battlefield 3 are a piece of cake even with my rig at 1080p. 60fps isn't an issue. So with the specs the PS4 is bringing to the table, hopefully we will see 60fps at 1080p. I find the 60fps is more important than the 1080p as 720p can still look beautiful.

Obviously the Wii U can't do it, that was never a topic for debate. At least not in my argument.

I wasn't trying to put down the PS4, I was merely saying it's about time that console gamers get a standard that PC gamers have enjoyed for quite some time.
G20WLY  +   795d ago
What??! When did I say that Killzone was better than any PC game out today?!

You can't just edit your post so that it no longer says your PC "can play KZ:SF at 1080/60" and undo the meaning of my reply - that, sir, is foul play and simply makes you look childish.

I was just having a laugh with you, pointing out that since a) the game is not finished and b) it's not reported to be coming to PC, I'm pretty sure your PC can't run it better than a PS4... but then you knew that, you were just trolling me :P
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n4f  +   800d ago
hey dont get your hope too high for now.
i know the song: 1080p with advance dynamic shadow , 60 fps128 online multiplayer, dolby digital tru next gen but when the games come out its 640p with 16 player online and 30 fps
until the game come out i will remain calm
lilbroRx  +   801d ago
Even with a new console announced with news for it everywhere, Sony fans still camp in the Nintendo section to be the first to spout their negative, condescending views as soon a possible.

They are more interested in Nintendo news than Nintendo fans are on this site.

Its like they are hoping as hard as they can that Nintendo fans will feel some kind of resentment, when they don't. Its sad, really sad.
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Dark5tar1  +   801d ago
Can we replace Yves sometime soon?
Nevers0ft  +   801d ago
Ironically it would be selling better if they'd released Rayman when they said they would :/
Theyellowflash30  +   801d ago
Nintendo should have put a little more juice into the Wii U. Im not saying it should be as strong as the PS4 but it should have had some of the functionality the PS4 is getting.
lovegames718  +   801d ago
Neon u should be asking why wiiu cant output a launch gane like mario in 1080P lol haha so sad your hypocrisy and plz dont mention your othe 2D side scrollers
gpturbo81  +   800d ago
"were not satisfied" so basically were going to push a game back seven months that would have sold hundreds of thousands, so when it does actually release, we'll have an excuse to pull away from nintendo. this guys mindset is fucked three ways towards the weekend.
auragenz  +   800d ago
Good thing I love the weekend.
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pedroyamato  +   800d ago
Nobody is. But it may get better. Lets wait for the games.
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MegaLagann  +   800d ago
Maybe if you released a finished game many Wii U owners were looking forward to on time it would be a different story.
wiiulee  +   800d ago
lol..who are ubisoft..are they hardware manufacturer's...im sure they will be disappointed with how the ps4 and next xbox will sell too since they will sell less then wiiu as ps4 to me offers nothing new besides trying to lighty copy the wiiu gamepad and miiverse and im sure xbox will follow trend...and they must think psvita is a great disaster.

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