Ken Levine: BioShock Infinite DLC is 'not cut content'

GameZone writes, "Irrational Games' Ken Levine has a few facts for you regarding the BioShock Infinite DLC, though. It's mostly in response to fans berating him for having three DLC packs worth of story while the game has yet to release. On a side note, fans don't seem to realize that work on the primary game wraps up well-before it ships."

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Christopher1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

While I tend to agree with devs like Ken and other more reputable type of devs, it really doesn't matter. Some people are always going to say it was cut and that it should have been on the disc from the get-go or that it detracts from the quality of the core game itself by taking away focus at the later part of the development process. You can't please them.

Personally, I just hope the game is a good one and makes me enjoy each hour I put into it. DLC? I'll see about that depending on what I think of the game after playing it through at least once.

KwietStorm1851d ago

Exactly how I look at it.

StrongMan1851d ago

Yes it is. It always is.

Root1851d ago doesn't matter how respected certain devs are, at heart they are always the same

I understand a Season Pass in a multiplayer/co-op type game but a single player game....I just don't get it

FunAndGun1851d ago

I wouldn't say it always is.

Dark Souls DLC or Lord or Shadow DLC was made well after the game released.

In cases where there are season passes however, it is obvious what makes it into the game and what gets turned into DLC is planned well in advance. That in turn makes it harder to determine what the full package would have consisted of if not for the season pass.

KwietStorm1851d ago

Red Dead Redemption? Dark Souls? Fallout? Castlevania? Dead Space 2? Borderlands? Have you played these games? Can you sit here, and with honesty, say that the content was cut, with all of its differences in structure and content? Why is there so much disdain for DLC across the board? It helps nobody at all to throw every dev under the same umbrella because of false assumptions.

zeal0us1851d ago

Maybe the developers should stop announcing dlc before the game is release. This could solve the cut-content at least until hackers hack the disc and find models and etc on it.

Christopher1851d ago

Double edged sword.

Before: "Why would I buy the game? Will they continue to support it in the long run or are they just going to put it out and start working on their next game instead of supporting us, the gamers who bought it?"

After: "Why do developers announce DLC before a game is released?"

Seriously, they can never win.

Root1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

But all they have to say then is

"Yeah we're going to support it"

The more respected they are, like Ken here then more people will believe them. If it was a no name or someone who has screwed people in the past it will a bit more harder for them to convince people.

If Ken turned round and said

"DLC...oh yeah we'll support the game loads after launch but we're trying to get as much as we can on the disc now"

Then I probably would of believed him



"Do you honestly believe that gamers trust the developers on this? They don't trust that DLC that is developed after the game wasn't content cut from the game. "

Well now they don't because he's said this just after they announced a season pass for the game.

If he said they would support it and then announce the season pass after launch once they start making the first DLC then people wouldn't think about it much. It's not like they had to get people to pre order the season pass now, they could of easily waited until after the game launches. I mean the first DLC won't be out for a while anyway I'm guessing so no rush

Christopher1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

No, they have to say more. Why? Because that didn't work in the past. They had to prove it.

Do you honestly believe that gamers trust the developers on this? They don't trust that DLC that is developed after the game wasn't content cut from the game.

***Then I probably would of believed him***

And 50% of gamers wouldn't and they would be the loudest about it. It's about not having the negativity drown out the positivity.

There is no winning for them here. No matter what, the complaints will be louder than the compliments.

ApolloTheBoss1851d ago

Mmm hmmm I believe you, Kenny. /s

baraka0071851d ago

Why respond at all? No matter what haters will hate.

dazzrazz1851d ago

Nobody is fucking hating! December last year he sad there will be no DLC in a interview

Suddenly we have season pass

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