The Playstation 4 Will Be a Black Box, Grow the **** Up

Anthony Accinelli of RealSG writes, "Rather than being greeted with enthusiasm and elation, my Twitter feed has been slammed with negativity. Which I would completely understand if Sony didn't show anything at this event. But they did, and that's the problem. They showed exactly what gamers always ask for: games. Yet they still can't win."

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Thatguy-3101757d ago

They basically did the opposite of what everyone does when revealing a new system. Usually companies reveal the console and hide the specs but this time around Sony provided the specs while hiding the console. I can careless about how the console looks. They provided the information to know what the system will be capable of which is more important. Plus people are dumb if they believe sony was going to go all out. They need to have some new and refreshing material to go against what Microsoft has for e3. I was truly satisfied with the announcements yesterday and can't wait for e3 to see how they build up from where they left off.

joab7771757d ago

I am sure there are many reasons but what they did was kinda ingenius. They took the focus off of a box and put it where it belongs...on the tech. Today my thoughts are all about the games, the features, the unbelievable possibilities. They did show the controller, which was leaked, and i really like it. It was also smart because the only thing that could have happened is negative. It takes focus off of whats important and everyone begins writing about and picking apart the look. Also, they did exactly what they should of, create an amazing sense of wonder without giving away the whole thing. they also put the ball in microsofts court. If they counter, they will have to chose what to show. Then sony can counter back. Also, they left just enough for E3 etc.

And who knows, maybe they are not 100% on the final design. As far as pricing, they will wait for microsoft and the market as we draw closer. Well done Sony. I love my xbox, but Sony is back on track and despite their failing TV and mobile phones divisions and microsofts spending ability, Sony may once again be right where it needs to be to get the crown back. Its too early but what a comeback story. In 20yrs they will be teaching ppl about how Sony turned around the ps3 and the playstation brand by giving consumers what they want...and it isnt a well designed is GAMES!!!!

Blackdeath_6631757d ago

i liked how sony were focused on the games and i also like how they announced the ps4 specs out straight at the start without beating around the bush. i also like how there was little to no mention of the ps move(apart from media molecules' wacky,weird but fairly entertaining presentation) and motion control.

StrongMan1757d ago

Haters gonna hate. Sony is used to this kind of hate. It shows the insecurity of their competition and the competition's fans.

Mister_G1757d ago

PS4 seems to tick all the right boxes.

The Devs are happy, it was designed with their input.

Gamers should be happy, it appears to be a very capable machine. And it's focus on simplicity, ease of use and speed of operation sounds great.

But someone will always have a moan :-\

baraka0071757d ago

nothing says mature like a good internet rant attacking random people.

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