PS4: 'Microsoft Will Have To Bring Their A-Game' - Analyst

Sony’s PS4 is so impressive that Microsoft will need to ‘bring their A-game’ when they reveal the next-gen Xbox, according to one industry analyst.

Senior analyst with Cowen and Company, Doug Creutz, believes although Microsoft has positioned itself in pole position at the end of the current generation, to compete with the Sony and the PS4 it will need to deliver something special and be on it’s 'A-game'.

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fr0sty1642d ago

You hear that Microsoft? That doesn't mean bring A game!!!

TimmyShire1642d ago

Ha ha ha! Bring "a game", actually love it!

Enemy1642d ago

Gonna be hard to top Sony after what they showed yesterday. Microsoft won't have as many real exclusives but the least they could do is keep up with the competition by trying to match specs or better specs. Sony went first, which was pretty ballsy, but this gives them a chance. If they screw up with more Kinect trash, well... lol. R.I.P

TheRealSpy1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

What Sony showed was not that impressive. It was nothing like the leap we saw last generation. I swear you people are so desperate to believe something is true, that you completely ignore reality. Wasn't 6 years of being completely delusional enough for you?

My computer (that i built over 6 months ago) can run Crysis 3 on max settings, and let me tell you, Killzone 4 has NOTHING on it.

MS doesn't need to work that hard to top PS4...but they better work hard to top my expectations. Cuz Sony didn't come close. I thought I was going to destructible environments that are affected by realistic physics, entrance and exit wounds, better looking character models, etc.. Instead, all I got was a bunch of CGI, the inside of a car, and a game that looks like Modern Warfare (Killzone 4) but with better lighting and shadows.

Also, obvious jokes aren't funny. You people want it to be funny cuz you think it's fun to hate on one corporation (MS) while childishly obsessing over another.

UnHoly_One1641d ago


My hat's off to you. That was the best post I've ever read on N4G.

Thank You.

xursz1641d ago

^^ I respectfully disagree. I was blown away. The PS meeting was 100% better than the whole E3 2012. In fact, I'll be bold in saying I can't remember ANY E3 conference which went better.

The games looked fantastic. Drive Club was good. Shadow Fall looked good. Knack was amazing imo. Destiny on PS4 with exclusive content. Infamous Second Son will be a must buy. Blizzard partnership. Social network sharing will be the YouTuber's dream. Literally everyone I showed the trailers to was in awe. And the only cgi footage shown was Capacom's working title. Good try though.

But I'm sure MS will have a successful unveiling of their own. As long as they don't introduce a random celebrity to the stage it's a win in my book.

N4g_null1641d ago

An amd chip would be easy to beat actually just ask intel for performance and arm for low temps.

What would kill the ps4 right now would be a scalable system just like a pc that also let devs put the game tools on the same disk.

Basically they would need a surface rt connected to a custom nvidia that could run all of our favorite tools. It could even run win8 and support steam if you wanted it to.

Photoshop and 3d programs on a game console... Hell I would buy 20 just to setup a render farm for fun. $14,000 vs 200,000 is a nice savings.

Games? How about every thing that runs on a pc and Xbox exclusives so you can keep that nasty drm off you real power system?

What about halo with a map editor, a real one? What about running an unreal 4 engine game and stopping it to run the editor without a pc.

If you don't have the game then give your fanbase the tools. Creat the next 20 notchs. Then pay them like YouTube. Suddenly gamers can afford gaming and many arm chair developers can see what it really is like trying to please gamers.

Specs would be too easy and no one cares about the social network unless it makes you money. Let video games become a virtual silicon valley.

As you can see every one can do uncharted graphics now, so uncharted will become irrelevant. Many fps are better than killzone game play wise. If you want movies then ms could just make you a movie and then let you play the game afterwards, in the locations that the movie took place in.

Then they can experiment with story without it hurting the gameplay.

Something tells me every one will not get a ps4,wiiu,or Xbox/pcwin8 so developers will be porting a lot of games.

So it all comes down to exclusive services and content or tools. Sony doesn't have my money yet. I'm sure a lot of gamers feel this way about each console. It is the developers that I'm worried about though. Can ps fan support exclusive expensive aaa games or will we see a lot more devs closing? We will see... Remember ps1-2 made dev cheaper and devs gave them a monopoly. Is that the case here I think not.

loki521641d ago

@therealspy- you do realize that was a reveal conference, right? You are not going to see the full power of ANY system at a reveal. Apparently no one remembers (either because they were too young to stay up that late or because they are so old their memories are fading) that the 360 reveal on MTV was a bust that was a half hour long where they only showed a couple of minutes of gameplay that didn't look next-gen, didn't reveal price and was mostly about celebrities.

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FunAndGun1642d ago

That was so cold it was frosty!

StrongMan1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Nice. +bubble.

MS has a long history of lying. Remember when they said that you can use Kinect to scan your skateboard or any object and use it in your games? What about MS promising that you can play Kinect with four players at the same time? What about all of those hired actors paid act like they like Kinect? What about all of those fake demos on stage? Remember the kid faking the Kinect Star Wars demo? The demo was 3 seconds ahead of him.

MS are liars and none of those smoke and mirror tactics will work this time. Sony knocked it out of the park with a grand slam yesterday and MS will need much more than yellow rain jackets and a circus performance to compete with this.

MS opened new studios named Playful Learning Studios and Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment Studios so it's clear MS will be 100% focused on casual gaming next gen. There is no such thing as an "A" game from MS anymore. There's just "A game" as fr0sty said. Halo. Sony now has exclusive content and day and date release from Bungie's Destiny game which MS also lied about and said it would release first on Xbox. You can't believe a word MS says.

MS's biggest announcement will be Skpe will be added behind the XBL pay wall while remaining free to use everywhere else.

ThatXboxGuy1642d ago

Yep.And i like how Sony had Watch dogs and Destiny shown first.The biggest 3rd party launch games already shown! MS will look pretty weak just showing some sloppy seconds.(Which they no doubt had planned)

Not counting the new games Sony will show at E3.
I think your right.Big focus on skype and other social aspects and some more kinect mumbo jumbo.

And probably yet another halo pre rendered video.GG micro/ninty but Sony already has this on lock.All they have to do is show the console and it pops any hype bubble MS blows

Kalowest1642d ago

"MS opened new studios named Playful Learning Studios and Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment Studios so it's clear MS will be 100% focused on casual gaming next gen."

LMFAO, you forgot to list Microsoft Studios that are making Hardcore titles. And whats wrong with MS making a game that my lil sis is able to play also?

MS and Sony are showing that they can be more than just game consoles(hardcore and kids titles), but Multi-media entertainment hubs(Blu-ray player, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu+, Web browsing, apps, Smartglass/Playstation world etc...).

The Kinect that was demoed and the one released are different, so you do have a point with MS lying about it.

DOMination-1642d ago

You got bubbles for that?? Funny how you bang on about lying and then start doing it yourself. MS have opened about 15 new studios. Like, 3 of them are casual based. 100% my arse.

TheRealSpy1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

You have no idea what they have planned. If you did, you'd be working for MS, not dogging them on some website.

I bet you never mentioned the term "sloppy seconds" when talking about all the stuff Sony showed at E3 after MS showed it the previous day.

You people really need to grow up.

"Big focus on skype and other social aspects and some more kinect mumbo jumbo."

Again, such hypocrisy. A big part of Sony's conference was about social networking and always being connected. So why would it be a bad thing if MS did that, too?

See what i mean about needing to grow up?

"And probably yet another halo pre rendered video."

You mean like the infamous trailer?

"Sony already has this on lock"

Based on what? other than your psychotic loyalty to a corporation?

Your insanely idiotic comments, and the fact that you have so many agrees, is proof to all new comers to N4G that this is not the place for gamers. Just for Sony loyalists with nothing better to do with their time than bash MS and build Playstation up into something it's not and can never be. The N4G community has become a real embarrassment.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Killzone looked visually amazing! I want to see what tv apps they have to try and over shadow it.

000011642d ago

haha you had me crackin up with that :p

MikeMyers1642d ago

Good one, "A" game. Bubbles up.

I have to agree, Sony brought out their A game. Plus for them (Major Nelson) to make a questionable comment about not actually showing the system is irrelevant. They showed actual games, they mentioned real specs. The Xbox 360 is going on 8 years now and they haven't shown anything other than how well they do for sales in the US.


StraightPath1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

people forgetting that alot of the games shown in PS4s great conferance were multiplatform games. With all the demos shown was what made a great show.

All microsoft has to do is not only bring their own exclusive games but also showcase alot of mutliplatform games aswell and show the innovations they added to their next console.

Microsoft will have to do either the same or alot to top this reveal from sony.

random ideas

Halo 5
Next Gen Gears of War
Forza 5
Forza Horizon 2?
Crackdown 3
Rare IPS taken seriously ( Full On Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Conker )
Alan Wake 2
Project Gotham 5
Kameo 2?
Next Gen Spinter Cell

list goes on what Microsoft could potential reveal.

all features PS4 has ala recording gameplay watching others play and addition to all thier innovations and features.

Finally a list of mutliplatform games showcased in their event.

Hideo didnt make a appearance so hmm

Metal Gear Solid ground zeroes and reveal of phantom pain? in Microsoft show.

A ff game announced in ms show?

rockstar makes a appearance at ms show?

microsoft could do alot to top sonys show.

Witcher 3 showcased in MS show? ( afterall in witcher 2appeared on xbox 360 exclusively.)

bethesda game?

next gen call of duty

please microsoft dont shove kinect down the entire show.

if microsoft does all the above it will absolutely kill sonys conferance.

Donnieboi1642d ago

Kojima might be going multiplat, but he's not stepping in MS's show exclusively. Maybe BOTH Sony's and MS's, but I don't see Kojima dissing long time PS gamers by showing up EXCLUSIVELY to MS's event. For what?

Fil1011642d ago Show
ChrisW1641d ago


Wasn't something similar to that said about the 1st Xbox?

madpuppy1641d ago

I thought that activision shuttered the studio that made the Project Gotham series after they made Blur?

Corax1641d ago

KOJIMA WAS NEVER EXCLUSIVE! Look at all the Metal Gear games and name how many was exclusive to the PS brand.
First MGS was on PS and PC,
MGS PS2, Xbox, PC, Vita, PS3, 360
MGS3 PS2, Xbox, PC, Vita, PS3, 360, 3DS
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - Gamecube
MGS4 & MG Online PS3
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PS3 & 360
Not including gameboy color and other portable platforms

Sony gamers just really appreciates Kojima work a lot vs other platforms that hes been on that's all, he was never exclusive to Sony

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greenpowerz1642d ago Show
TheGamerDood1642d ago

@fr0sty lol that deserves a bubble.

It's all about dat ram, and unless MS offers up 8GB of that beautiful GDDR5, I don't really see them doing much that will match or exceed what Sony showed off.

Donnieboi1642d ago

Somebody, give the man a bubble!

NnT32911641d ago

it will be pretty much like this gen. Ps4 will be more powerful, NextBox is not far behind. Third party games will look very close on both platforms, while exclusive will show the difference.

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NYC_Gamer1642d ago

MS better step up to the plate and bring quality software

Link0791642d ago ShowReplies(12)
muttley651642d ago

"MICROSOFT will have to bring their A game"

yeah, a royal flush, all spades, 3 of a kind, 10 aces, 3 card marly to beat SONY presentation.

GEARS,HALO,FORZA not going to do it this time.

worldwidegaming1642d ago

indeed. They need a new IP.
I would be surprised if Sony leads the next generation in gaming without a fight...

darthv721642d ago

why make that kind of assessment? Those are AAA games in MS camp much like GoW, GT and Killzone are to Sony.

Are you suggesting that the continued release of successful franchises are a BAD thing? If so then somone needs to tell Sony to STOP development of the next infamous, killzone, possibly even GoW or GT6.

My point is you can have new games showcased but the ones that helped build a platfroms success are a staple that have to be there as well. It is a reason Mario has been so prevalent for Nintendo for over 30 years.