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Submitted by TimmyShire 1081d ago | news

PS4: 'Microsoft Will Have To Bring Their A-Game' - Analyst

Sony’s PS4 is so impressive that Microsoft will need to ‘bring their A-game’ when they reveal the next-gen Xbox, according to one industry analyst.

Senior analyst with Cowen and Company, Doug Creutz, believes although Microsoft has positioned itself in pole position at the end of the current generation, to compete with the Sony and the PS4 it will need to deliver something special and be on it’s 'A-game'. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS4, Sony, Wii U, Xbox One)

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fr0sty  +   1081d ago | Funny
You hear that Microsoft? That doesn't mean bring A game!!!
TimmyShire  +   1081d ago
Ha ha ha! Bring "a game", actually love it!
Enemy  +   1081d ago | Well said
Gonna be hard to top Sony after what they showed yesterday. Microsoft won't have as many real exclusives but the least they could do is keep up with the competition by trying to match specs or better specs. Sony went first, which was pretty ballsy, but this gives them a chance. If they screw up with more Kinect trash, well... lol. R.I.P
TheRealSpy  +   1081d ago
What Sony showed was not that impressive. It was nothing like the leap we saw last generation. I swear you people are so desperate to believe something is true, that you completely ignore reality. Wasn't 6 years of being completely delusional enough for you?

My computer (that i built over 6 months ago) can run Crysis 3 on max settings, and let me tell you, Killzone 4 has NOTHING on it.

MS doesn't need to work that hard to top PS4...but they better work hard to top my expectations. Cuz Sony didn't come close. I thought I was going to destructible environments that are affected by realistic physics, entrance and exit wounds, better looking character models, etc.. Instead, all I got was a bunch of CGI, the inside of a car, and a game that looks like Modern Warfare (Killzone 4) but with better lighting and shadows.

Also, obvious jokes aren't funny. You people want it to be funny cuz you think it's fun to hate on one corporation (MS) while childishly obsessing over another.
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UnHoly_One  +   1080d ago

My hat's off to you. That was the best post I've ever read on N4G.

Thank You.
xursz  +   1080d ago
^^ I respectfully disagree. I was blown away. The PS meeting was 100% better than the whole E3 2012. In fact, I'll be bold in saying I can't remember ANY E3 conference which went better.

The games looked fantastic. Drive Club was good. Shadow Fall looked good. Knack was amazing imo. Destiny on PS4 with exclusive content. Infamous Second Son will be a must buy. Blizzard partnership. Social network sharing will be the YouTuber's dream. Literally everyone I showed the trailers to was in awe. And the only cgi footage shown was Capacom's working title. Good try though.

But I'm sure MS will have a successful unveiling of their own. As long as they don't introduce a random celebrity to the stage it's a win in my book.
N4g_null  +   1080d ago
An amd chip would be easy to beat actually just ask intel for performance and arm for low temps.

What would kill the ps4 right now would be a scalable system just like a pc that also let devs put the game tools on the same disk.

Basically they would need a surface rt connected to a custom nvidia that could run all of our favorite tools. It could even run win8 and support steam if you wanted it to.

Photoshop and 3d programs on a game console... Hell I would buy 20 just to setup a render farm for fun. $14,000 vs 200,000 is a nice savings.

Games? How about every thing that runs on a pc and Xbox exclusives so you can keep that nasty drm off you real power system?

What about halo with a map editor, a real one? What about running an unreal 4 engine game and stopping it to run the editor without a pc.

If you don't have the game then give your fanbase the tools. Creat the next 20 notchs. Then pay them like YouTube. Suddenly gamers can afford gaming and many arm chair developers can see what it really is like trying to please gamers.

Specs would be too easy and no one cares about the social network unless it makes you money. Let video games become a virtual silicon valley.

As you can see every one can do uncharted graphics now, so uncharted will become irrelevant. Many fps are better than killzone game play wise. If you want movies then ms could just make you a movie and then let you play the game afterwards, in the locations that the movie took place in.

Then they can experiment with story without it hurting the gameplay.

Something tells me every one will not get a ps4,wiiu,or Xbox/pcwin8 so developers will be porting a lot of games.

So it all comes down to exclusive services and content or tools. Sony doesn't have my money yet. I'm sure a lot of gamers feel this way about each console. It is the developers that I'm worried about though. Can ps fan support exclusive expensive aaa games or will we see a lot more devs closing? We will see... Remember ps1-2 made dev cheaper and devs gave them a monopoly. Is that the case here I think not.
loki52  +   1080d ago
@therealspy- you do realize that was a reveal conference, right? You are not going to see the full power of ANY system at a reveal. Apparently no one remembers (either because they were too young to stay up that late or because they are so old their memories are fading) that the 360 reveal on MTV was a bust that was a half hour long where they only showed a couple of minutes of gameplay that didn't look next-gen, didn't reveal price and was mostly about celebrities.
mdkgod43  +   1081d ago
LMFAO @ A game
FunAndGun  +   1081d ago
That was so cold it was frosty!
StrongMan  +   1081d ago | Well said
Nice. +bubble.

MS has a long history of lying. Remember when they said that you can use Kinect to scan your skateboard or any object and use it in your games? What about MS promising that you can play Kinect with four players at the same time? What about all of those hired actors paid act like they like Kinect? What about all of those fake demos on stage? Remember the kid faking the Kinect Star Wars demo? The demo was 3 seconds ahead of him.

MS are liars and none of those smoke and mirror tactics will work this time. Sony knocked it out of the park with a grand slam yesterday and MS will need much more than yellow rain jackets and a circus performance to compete with this.

MS opened new studios named Playful Learning Studios and Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment Studios so it's clear MS will be 100% focused on casual gaming next gen. There is no such thing as an "A" game from MS anymore. There's just "A game" as fr0sty said. Halo. Sony now has exclusive content and day and date release from Bungie's Destiny game which MS also lied about and said it would release first on Xbox. You can't believe a word MS says.

MS's biggest announcement will be Skpe will be added behind the XBL pay wall while remaining free to use everywhere else.
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ThatXboxGuy  +   1081d ago
Yep.And i like how Sony had Watch dogs and Destiny shown first.The biggest 3rd party launch games already shown! MS will look pretty weak just showing some sloppy seconds.(Which they no doubt had planned)

Not counting the new games Sony will show at E3.
I think your right.Big focus on skype and other social aspects and some more kinect mumbo jumbo.

And probably yet another halo pre rendered video.GG micro/ninty but Sony already has this on lock.All they have to do is show the console and it pops any hype bubble MS blows
Kalowest  +   1081d ago
"MS opened new studios named Playful Learning Studios and Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment Studios so it's clear MS will be 100% focused on casual gaming next gen."

LMFAO, you forgot to list Microsoft Studios that are making Hardcore titles. And whats wrong with MS making a game that my lil sis is able to play also?

MS and Sony are showing that they can be more than just game consoles(hardcore and kids titles), but Multi-media entertainment hubs(Blu-ray player, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu+, Web browsing, apps, Smartglass/Playstation world etc...).

The Kinect that was demoed and the one released are different, so you do have a point with MS lying about it.
DOMination-  +   1081d ago
You got bubbles for that?? Funny how you bang on about lying and then start doing it yourself. MS have opened about 15 new studios. Like, 3 of them are casual based. 100% my arse.
TheRealSpy  +   1081d ago
You have no idea what they have planned. If you did, you'd be working for MS, not dogging them on some website.

I bet you never mentioned the term "sloppy seconds" when talking about all the stuff Sony showed at E3 after MS showed it the previous day.

You people really need to grow up.

"Big focus on skype and other social aspects and some more kinect mumbo jumbo."

Again, such hypocrisy. A big part of Sony's conference was about social networking and always being connected. So why would it be a bad thing if MS did that, too?

See what i mean about needing to grow up?

"And probably yet another halo pre rendered video."

You mean like the infamous trailer?

"Sony already has this on lock"

Based on what? other than your psychotic loyalty to a corporation?

Your insanely idiotic comments, and the fact that you have so many agrees, is proof to all new comers to N4G that this is not the place for gamers. Just for Sony loyalists with nothing better to do with their time than bash MS and build Playstation up into something it's not and can never be. The N4G community has become a real embarrassment.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1081d ago
Killzone looked visually amazing! I want to see what tv apps they have to try and over shadow it.
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blue_flowers  +   1081d ago
haha you had me crackin up with that :p
MikeMyers  +   1081d ago
Good one, "A" game. Bubbles up.

I have to agree, Sony brought out their A game. Plus for them (Major Nelson) to make a questionable comment about not actually showing the system is irrelevant. They showed actual games, they mentioned real specs. The Xbox 360 is going on 8 years now and they haven't shown anything other than how well they do for sales in the US.

Talamak  +   1081d ago
Bubbs up bro
StraightPath  +   1081d ago
people forgetting that alot of the games shown in PS4s great conferance were multiplatform games. With all the demos shown was what made a great show.

All microsoft has to do is not only bring their own exclusive games but also showcase alot of mutliplatform games aswell and show the innovations they added to their next console.

Microsoft will have to do either the same or alot to top this reveal from sony.

random ideas

Halo 5
Next Gen Gears of War
Forza 5
Forza Horizon 2?
Crackdown 3
Rare IPS taken seriously ( Full On Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Conker )
Alan Wake 2
Project Gotham 5
Kameo 2?
Next Gen Spinter Cell

list goes on what Microsoft could potential reveal.

all features PS4 has ala recording gameplay watching others play and addition to all thier innovations and features.

Finally a list of mutliplatform games showcased in their event.

Hideo didnt make a appearance so hmm

Metal Gear Solid ground zeroes and reveal of phantom pain? in Microsoft show.

A ff game announced in ms show?

rockstar makes a appearance at ms show?

microsoft could do alot to top sonys show.

Witcher 3 showcased in MS show? ( afterall in witcher 2appeared on xbox 360 exclusively.)

bethesda game?

next gen call of duty

please microsoft dont shove kinect down the entire show.

if microsoft does all the above it will absolutely kill sonys conferance.
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Donnieboi  +   1081d ago
Kojima might be going multiplat, but he's not stepping in MS's show exclusively. Maybe BOTH Sony's and MS's, but I don't see Kojima dissing long time PS gamers by showing up EXCLUSIVELY to MS's event. For what?
Fil101   1081d ago | Trolling | show
ChrisW  +   1081d ago

Wasn't something similar to that said about the 1st Xbox?
madpuppy  +   1081d ago
I thought that activision shuttered the studio that made the Project Gotham series after they made Blur?
Corax  +   1080d ago
KOJIMA WAS NEVER EXCLUSIVE! Look at all the Metal Gear games and name how many was exclusive to the PS brand.
First MGS was on PS and PC,
MGS PS2, Xbox, PC, Vita, PS3, 360
MGS3 PS2, Xbox, PC, Vita, PS3, 360, 3DS
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - Gamecube
MGS4 & MG Online PS3
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PS3 & 360
Not including gameboy color and other portable platforms

Sony gamers just really appreciates Kojima work a lot vs other platforms that hes been on that's all, he was never exclusive to Sony
greenpowerz   1081d ago | Trolling | show
MasterCornholio  +   1081d ago

Kinect titles =/= games
TheGamerDood  +   1081d ago
@fr0sty lol that deserves a bubble.

It's all about dat ram, and unless MS offers up 8GB of that beautiful GDDR5, I don't really see them doing much that will match or exceed what Sony showed off.
Relientk77  +   1081d ago
Hilarious haha
Donnieboi  +   1081d ago
Somebody, give the man a bubble!
NnT3291  +   1081d ago
it will be pretty much like this gen. Ps4 will be more powerful, NextBox is not far behind. Third party games will look very close on both platforms, while exclusive will show the difference.
NYC_Gamer  +   1081d ago
MS better step up to the plate and bring quality software
Link079   1081d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
muttley65  +   1081d ago
"MICROSOFT will have to bring their A game"

yeah, a royal flush, all spades, 3 of a kind, 10 aces, 3 card marly to beat SONY presentation.

GEARS,HALO,FORZA not going to do it this time.
worldwidegaming  +   1081d ago
indeed. They need a new IP.
I would be surprised if Sony leads the next generation in gaming without a fight...
darthv72  +   1081d ago
Gears, Halo, Forza....
why make that kind of assessment? Those are AAA games in MS camp much like GoW, GT and Killzone are to Sony.

Are you suggesting that the continued release of successful franchises are a BAD thing? If so then somone needs to tell Sony to STOP development of the next infamous, killzone, possibly even GoW or GT6.

My point is you can have new games showcased but the ones that helped build a platfroms success are a staple that have to be there as well. It is a reason Mario has been so prevalent for Nintendo for over 30 years.
muttley65  +   1081d ago

ALL im saying MS need more than 3 games and kinect this E3 they need more announcement for AAA game being made.

other than that in my opinion MS e3 wont be appealing event as we all know SONY coming out with CLAWS this time around.
MS need to give me a REASON to buy the 720- kinect and FABLE,ALLEN WAKE,GEARS,HALO games will not do it.
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kayoss  +   1081d ago
Those are very good games you just listed. I would buy the new xbox just for those three games alone. Gears, Halo, and Forza are franchise game for the xbox as God of war, gran turismo, and Little big planet as to Sony.
Sony seems to have a handle on 1st party games and new IPs. It will be interesting to see what 3rd parties have in store for the PS4. Microsoft need to bring their known franchise games and new IPs.
darthv72  +   1081d ago
I agree there should be more focus on the games. After all....that is why we buy these platforms in the first place.

now i think i know what you were originally eluding to. You probably were referring to AAA "exclusives" rather than a general statement of AAA games.

honestly, what makes a game AAA is the support from the developer and especially the consumer. Games dont have to be exclusive to be considered AAA.

And if the rumored specs of the 720 are as close to the ps4 then we will likely see AAA games released for both from competent 3rd parties.

When it comes to the exclusives, i agree that sony holds more cards but I wouldnt count MS out of coming up with something new this time around.

We just have to wait and see.
muttley65  +   1081d ago
@ darth


and also E3 will be something big and EXCITING
cant wait to see what MS will announce.
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dlocsta  +   1081d ago
You are so right because those Sony exclusives have sold SO WELL in the past. This looks like a Xbox made by Sony.
1. Social features - current Xbox (not needed acccording to hardcore Sony fanboys).
2. Use mobile phone or tablet to view extra game material - current Xbox, it's called Smartglass
3. Improved online (for a small fee) - current Xbox, it's called Xbox Live

Do I need to continue? Yes nice looking games, but that is expected. What would be the point of showing the system if the graphics sucked? The problem is exverything here that is "new" is anything but.
DARK WITNESS  +   1081d ago
i have to agree...

i have mostly been an xbox fan this gen, but come 720 time if all i see has the next halo, gears and forza plus some fuzzy animals that weave back at me, this gen will be my last with ms...

i honestly think ms don't care though, they want to be the new nintendo pandering towards the casuals, thats ok. I think i have found what i am looking for next gen in sony
iistuii  +   1081d ago | Well said
"GEARS,HALO,FORZA not going to do it this time."

Ok, But K4 Infamous3 GT6 & Uncharted4 are ok

God you lot are so two faced..

These games on both sides are big sellers, meaning people enjoy them, why not release more of the series. It happens on all consoles, yet you give MS shit for it.
superterabyte  +   1081d ago
Can there really be a launch gears game for the 720? there is one coming out for the 360
MRMagoo123  +   1081d ago

I think you missed the point entirely, maybe you are an xbox fantard maybe you just jumped the gun , but what he was trying to say from what i see it as is microsoft need to bring MORE than just another halo forza and gears no one is saying don't bring them but bring MORE than them. Sony bring infamous they bring killzone they bring GOW but they also bring heaps of other first party games with them and keep making new ones thats the difference. If you cant see that then i was right about the fantard comment.
Dee_91  +   1081d ago
they better not spend more than 10 mins talking about anything kinect related lol.
Im very sure/hopeful they will "show" new ips.
If they do show a new forza I will be ecstatic for the game but I still want new ips from ms.
damn im so pumped for e3
DarthTigra  +   1081d ago
Alot of people keep saying "oh Gears Forza, Halo won't cut it but GT, Uncharted, LBP etc will" Look what each person in rebuttal of the Forza, Halo, Gears comment has said. Not one person has listed the same games. That's the difference. Not one person can even agree what Sonys 3 biggest games are. Yet every comment in relation to MS has been Halo.... Forza.... Gears, the only big games MS has. Forza, Gears, Halo are amazing games, anyone saying otherwise are in the vast minority. But at the same time anyone thinking that just 3 AAA games from MS that only come out in Two year periods can compete with Sony is in denial.
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IcarusOne  +   1081d ago
Sony definitely threw down a gauntlet. But I've never been one to get all googly-eyed over exclusives. Most of my favorite games this gen were multiplat anyway.

One of my biggest problems with the PS has been its controller. That's why I tend to lean xbox. But the DS4 looks beautiful. The revamped joysticks and new design look like so much win. Combined with MS's insistence on destroying the second hand game market with their online only approach, the PS4 might become my preferred platform this next time around.
DOMination-  +   1081d ago
New IP

Such a buzz word around here. Guess what? Sony only revealed 1. And even that was ten years id in concept as admitted by the guy from Evolution.

Maybe Sony should focus more in that are because MS have about 16 in production.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1081d ago
I can see EA, Activision, CD project Red, Epic and 1st party devs making it at MS presser or at E3. People tend to forget this is MS we're talking about, nobody knows what MS has planned but, if we look at earlier events regarding the the 360 first showings. MS will WOW people again and bring something unexpected to the table.

Like they did in the past.

@Xii no they didn't? getting tired of stupid replies from people.
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fsfsxii  +   1081d ago
They wow'd core gamers once, and then they turned their back
007Bond  +   1081d ago
Where the F is PS4 backwards compatibility? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
superterabyte  +   1081d ago
Coming with gaikai. Hardware BC with the ps3 and 2 would be too expensive and resource wasting
WeAreLegion  +   1081d ago
Exactly. They would have to put a PS3 INSIDE of the PS4 to run PS3 games. The architecture is just too different.
WitWolfy  +   1081d ago
PS4 and PS3's tech is like comparing night to day...

PS3 has the Cell processor where the PS4 will have a AMD based processor... Was kinda obvious that BC would be dumped completely... The only resolution was Gaikai.... Or porting it.... EVENTUALLY!
g2gshow  +   1081d ago
think about it if sonny is having finical trouble an look what they are bring to the table Microsoft has no reason to half ass they need to respect the hardcore an blaze the trail on all front's.The psn network has really turn in to a beast an the hardware is nothing less then stunning i was loosing interest as a gamer they spark it back up ......kicks dirt at nintendo for trying to slow down progress for so many years still have love for mario
Donnieboi  +   1081d ago
@NYC Gamer:
You always only state the obvious. Never an opinion beyond the obviously accepted consensus. Trying to protect that large array of bubbles, I presume?
#2.6 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NYC_Gamer  +   1080d ago
I don't care about the amount of bubbles..It's the truth MS needs to step up and realize many of us want new quality exclusives..I want reasons for me to buy both next gen consoles PS4 and 720..
#2.6.1 (Edited 1080d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
TheRealSpy  +   1081d ago
There is absolutely NO reason why Link079's comment should be reported for trolling.

He expressed an opinion, the same as all of you. The only difference is his comment wasn't some sick, immature obsession with Sony.

I'd say you people should be ashamed of yourselves, but I know that's pointless. You wear your obsession with a corporation like a badge of honor.

Dailynch  +   1081d ago
Is anyone brave enough to call it now? Sony and PS4 for the next-gen win!!!

(even though we haven't seen Microsoft's effort yet)
mdkgod43  +   1081d ago
Im so impressed by the PS(QUAD) im buying two at launch, also waiting to see the UI and the system itself but you know what i like the UI they have now on ps3 i think they should keep it and tweak it a little
Mathew9R   1081d ago | Spam
Eldyraen  +   1081d ago
@Mathew9R: I think he means he'd like to see a little more about the UI as it didn't really get all that much attention so they could show the actual games.

All we really saw was a little bit of it here and there and its not the same as a more comprehensive demo. We'll likely have to wait for them to reveal the console itself and have demo kits out for people ('journalists') to test for themselves before we really get to know a lot more about it. Its a small thing as it still looked better and by the sound of it was a huge step up imo.

I'm looking forward to seeing the system itself (as in a retail sales kit) and am expecting a headset to be included since all controllers have the built in headphone jack now. So much we don't know that isn't game related necessarily but everything sounds hopeful.
LOGICWINS  +   1081d ago | Well said
Competition breeds humbleness and excellence. If Microsoft doesn't provide adequate competition, Sony will revert back to their 2005 "you'll want to get a second job to buy this" mentality. It's to the benefit of PS4 gamers than Microsoft have a strong performance this gen.

Rest assured, Microsoft will bring their A game. They won't just let Sony take over the industry like many others on N4G pretend.
BlmThug  +   1081d ago
Well said. Competition breeds excellence
punisher99  +   1081d ago
"I've said it before and I'll say it again.


3DS v. Vita
Xbox v. PS2
Dreamcast v. PS2
Wii v. PS3/360

The end result is the same in all these cases"

I've said it once, and I will say it again. Sales, are not everything.
#3.2.2 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(19) | Report
kayoss  +   1081d ago
Agree with what you saying and you show the facts. But one thing you need to remember is, hardware will determine the longevity of that console. For example the Wii and possibly the Wii U. Wii sold more then any console this gen, but look at it now? PS3 and Xbox 360 are still selling world wide while the wii is stagnant. When a next gen is released you can not just stop support for the current Gen. Xbox 360 and PS3 will be support for years to come. Of course the support will diminish as the year go by but it will still be supported. You can not abandon 90 million Wii owners. I just dont know how Wii U will keep up with the PS4 and Next box once 3rd party developers began to make game that exceed the potential of the Wii U.

By the way Dreamcast did not do better than the PS2. The PS2 is still the best selling home console to date. 3DS had a few year head start before the PS Vita so comparing a one year old console to a veteran is not really fair.
#3.2.3 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
LOGICWINS  +   1081d ago
@Punisher- The ENTIRE point of my argument went over your head.
#3.2.4 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report
Kanzes  +   1081d ago
The Console Wars has just started.. it's too early to said that
majedx9  +   1081d ago
the second Console War.
j-blaze  +   1081d ago
yeah, after what we saw at Sony meeting, doubt MS can best them, wish them best of luck tho
braydox21  +   1081d ago
Microsofts effort for next-gen or just overall?
TheRealSpy  +   1081d ago
Brave enough? Every idiot on here is saying that. It's got nothing to do with being brave. It's about being incredibly stupid.

Calling the idiots out for rabid fanboyism is far more brave (though still not brave at all) since it's a guarantee you will all childishly report us for "trolling" and cost us bubbles.

Although, the gaming subreddits are infinitely better than N4G anyway and there is no longer a threat in losing bubbles. Better conversations there, MUCH MUCH more intelligent people (not that i'm saying they are all intelligent, but a brick is a step up from you people), and you get the news know...since all the n4g contributors really just camp reddit waiting for news that they can repost here anyway.
Neonridr  +   1081d ago
All Microsoft has to do is bring Backwards Compatibility to the table and they already have a huge step up over Sony competing for my dollars. As long as the next Xbox is similar enough in specs of course.

I was so disappointed to learn that Sony decided to not include backwards compatibility. I was a MS and Nintendo owner this past gen, so aside from my Wii U I was heavily leaning towards Sony this time around. But the fact that there are so many PS3 games that I missed out on, I am not going to buy both a PS3 and PS4 so that I can enjoy all the missed titles. I still have several 360 games that I haven't even touched yet, so if the 720 allows me to play them, then that's one less console to sit on my already filling up TV stand.

A good reason as to why the Vita struggled out of the gates besides the high price tag was the lack of PSP support. That is especially true in Japan where the PSP continues to outsell the Vita. Had the Vita included PSP support you would have seen it's numbers take off over there. Instead, it's struggled and losing ground quickly to the 3DS.

I wanted to believe in you this time Sony, but it's moves like that which keep me from acting on it..

Very disappointed...
Ripsta7th  +   1081d ago
Agreed. People are claiming victory with the ps4, but we havent seen shit from MS. All i know is we can expect a beast of a console, and now that they saw ps4 specs maybe theyll do what Sony was planning. See your competitors specs and beef up yours.
LOGICWINS  +   1081d ago
They don't have to "beef" up anything. Your forgetting that games like COD have EFFORTLESSLY outsold more technologically impressive shooters like Killzone/Crysis etc.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.


3DS v. Vita
Xbox v. PS2
Dreamcast v. PS2
Wii v. PS3/360

The end result is the same in all these cases

What Microsoft needs to do is provide value and features that are unique to their console. Microsoft now knows what they're dealing with so they are in a better position than they were two days ago. The people counting MS out simply because the 720's hardware might not be as good as the PS4's are deluded.
#4.1.1 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(11) | Report
perfectCarbonara  +   1081d ago
I don't think it's a matter of seeing what the competition is doing and simply beefing up ? These things take a lot of planning.

I think if MS wants to release the 720 in the same year as the PS4 they need to have finalized at least a couple of things by now and have devs already working with the tech. They can't just say: "Oh lol, look at the PS4 specs, lets do that too"

Not if they want to release this gen at least.
Ripsta7th  +   1081d ago
@LOGIC, yeah true Cod sells regardless, Also MS sells no matter what, bacause of ADVERTISEMENTS. Something they have always done better than sony. Also they got maybe next gen Halo, which will probable break records because of its brand recognition. Im just hoping they put up a good fihgt against Sony this time around with more even specs.
DigitalSmoke  +   1081d ago
It is a victory indeed, for gameingm, and its because of Sony, cause nobody was going to put in that type of ram, maybe next gen.

Now, Microsoft cannot change to GDDR5 without pushing the console back for atleast 6 month's, son, stop being so butthurt and taaaake it.
zebramocha  +   1081d ago
@logic your comparison isn't that good because in each circumstance there was a reason why a console performed well,the ds came of the success of what ever variant of the gameboy was out,nintendo drop the price of the 3ds so we can't compare,Sony's success and marketing prevailed against the dc and xbox 1,the wii had a cheaper price and motion control behind it.
#4.1.5 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
LOGICWINS  +   1081d ago
"your comparison isn't that good because in each circumstance there was a reason why a console performed well"

Ummm yeah...thats the point lol. If there wasn't a reason, these consoles wouldn't have succeeded.

My point is:

WHO CARES what the reason was? That doesn't downplay the fact that these consoles succeeded without having the powerful hardware of their counterpart.

Games, price, hardware, features, value, advertising are all EQUALLY important. Any console that nails most or all of these factors deserves to be on top.

Why do you make it seem like price drops and marketing are "illegitimate" ways of succeeding? Or maybe thats just my impression of your comment?
#4.1.6 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report
zebramocha  +   1081d ago
@logic I'm saying,that in each case there wasn't a real head to head comparison because the either they launched after another console or before one,so drawing a comparioson between power,price or any other feature would be wrong.
Cam977  +   1081d ago
Stop complaining and buy yourself a Ps3 then...
Neonridr  +   1081d ago
What so buy 2 game consoles and forget the fact that Sony is screwing people over by doing this? Why should I reward Sony for their stupidity?

I will reserve my ultimate judgement until I see what MS is offering, who knows, maybe they will pull backwards compatibility too, but assuming MS stays the course and does offer backwards compatibility, you have a huge library of Microsoft games vs the launch library of the PS4. Which one seems to make more sense?

I am not trying to start anything, this is just my opinion of course. I just feel like I would be cheated out of a lot of good games I missed if I buy the PS4 and I am certainly not buying both a PS4 AND a PS3..
kenshiro100  +   1081d ago
...How could you not own a PS3 already?
BrunoM  +   1081d ago
Neo I see what u mean but saying Microsoft is gonna keep the same way they did and Sony didn't is not true these is Micros 3rd gen coming they did keep backwards from 1 to 2 but then again did Sony from ps1 to ps2

I own most consoles easy for any one to see user name BrunoM on all of them and if I got to bet on any company to go for my needs as a gamer is say Sony will ..

But then again me having all the main systems and having a LOT of games on them I don't expect a company to not move with times new gen new games new everything new games I already own my ps3 so if I wanna play ps3 games
Il go and jump on that I want my future next gen systems to do what my current systems don't ...

So no we don't need backwards on our future consoles we want next gen AI physics and as good as graphics as we can get ..

But what ever that's just what I think next gen is for next gen games
Ron_Danger  +   1081d ago
Except for the whole thing about Gaiki streaming all PS1,2, and 3 games to PS4 and the Vita.
aquamala  +   1081d ago
not just to PS4 and Vita, they said "all devices", so also PCs, tablets, etc.

at this point if you never had a PS3 I would just wait for gaikai to play PS3 games.
#4.3.1 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report
hazardman  +   1081d ago
Your right Gaikai will let you play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games but is it FREE? I think Sony is gonna charge for it! Either way Sony already has my $$ day one and MS too if they play their cards right.
NYC_Gamer  +   1081d ago
Why not buy a PS3?that would be the best thing to do since you claim there are titles on the platform that catch your attention
kneon  +   1081d ago
If the rumors are true then it won't have backwards compatibility either since they are also switching CPU architecture.
jmac53  +   1081d ago
The older rumors said there was a 360 chip included with the x86 architecture. Hope this still remains the case.
Seraphemz  +   1081d ago | Well said
So SONY should have included PS3 backward compatibility but NOW you decide that you want to play PS3 games?

You've waited almost 7 years to decide.."oh.. I want to play PS3 games...but on PS4" ????

People are never happy. If they included backward compatibilty and it costs more, people will complain about that...
MrWonderful  +   1081d ago
hell he could buy one cheap on craigslist for that matter or a pawn shop
Link079  +   1081d ago
Right the wiiu has around 200GB of bandwidth on that gpgpu and thats without knowing what that unknown part of the gpgpu is there is also more eDram other than the 32MB/3MB and all that SRAM that we know of there is more,the ps4 has 175GB of bandwidth on the gpu ?
isa_scout  +   1081d ago
Well said, if you dont own a ps3 by now why complain that you can't play them on the PS4? If they weren't important enough for you to go out and buy the current system, something tells me you wont be buying their future system anyway. Even if Nextbox has BC there wasn't that many amazing titles on the system anyway. I have a 360, my gamertag is KingJamesXMVP6, and I'll tell you right now I've played all of the 360's biggest games(there aren't many) and the only thing the 360 has that's better than the PS3 is it's online functionality. If Sony nails it's social features the way their talking about then MS will be in big big trouble.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1081d ago
Agreed. I'm not sure why they should add such a thing in. "Oh I want a PS4, but throw in a PS3 too..."

A new CPU is more important, then letting people play PS3 games on a PS4. If you have PS3 games...then clearly you have a that. This makes the PS4 cheaper and helps developers with the CPU. Being BC MEANS keeping old tech in the system to be compatible.

I own every PS system so BC means NOTHING to me. If your a PS fan, BC should mean nothing to you too.
MrWonderful  +   1081d ago
Lmao at you my friend. Sony made backwards compatibility a industry standard. I still have my launch ps3 and have used that feature very little since 2006. It wont kill you to have a ps3 and ps4 and play your ps3 games on your ps3 to keep from putting wear on your ps4 optical drive man.
testerg35  +   1081d ago
MS is probably at a better spot at bringing BC to the next xbox because the 360 is closer in design to PC hardware.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1081d ago
That is indeed true. But at this point, it still means Sony will STILL sell PS3s, MS will halt on selling 360's. (or sales will slow down like they did for XB1)

Either way, is good for Sony. They are here to sell PS4 games to PS4 owners, not sell PS3 games to PS4 owners (you know....with JUST PS4s)
capnjoe217  +   1081d ago
"All Microsoft has to do is bring Backwards Compatibility..." But then what if that makes the console $100 more expensive? Are you then going to complain about the price? You complained about Vita being too expensive while in the same breath complained that it had no PSP support when in practice, including support would make it even MORE expensive. Which is it? Do you want a console that does everything but costs $600 or do you want something affordable that gets the job done by playing next gen games? This dilemma seems to be pervasive in the current gen, people's expectations of technology exceeding their wallet size.
SlyFoxC  +   1081d ago
its not that they didnt want to bring Backwards compatibility its that they could not do it because hardware is completely different. Read a little bit and you will see that. Just as the 720s hardware will be different from the 360 so it most likely will not be able to do backwards compatibility either.
isa_scout  +   1081d ago
True, I find it funny that people cannot remember that the 360 didn't launch with backwards compatibilty. It was rolled out over the period of over a year, and even then it wasn't every single game. I remember getting my 360 on launch day, came home and played some king kong, and then I stuck in Halo 2 and was like wuh??? I honestly dont believe either system needs it, the people who complain the most are probably the ones who would never use the feature in the first place. Complainers complain.
Mikeyy  +   1081d ago

Did you miss the entire segment on Gaikai?

It expressly said you can play, PS1, PS2, and PS3 Games on your PS4 (FOUR) using the streaming service.
Raider69  +   1081d ago
I have a 360 to play 360 games!i dont need a 720 with Backwards Compatibility!M$ haves to show somethin g new and that means new IPS,if not im not buying it,i will just stick with two consoles the PS4 and the WII U!
majedx9  +   1081d ago
RROD 720
lovegames718   1081d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Cam977  +   1081d ago
More like their A* game, I was speechless and don't know how MS can beat it! Come on... Video sharing and live gameplay? There is no way they can supersede that.
Kalowest  +   1081d ago
For a software company like MS "Video sharing and live gameplay" isn't the problem, it's their hardware.
MS has gotten alot better at making hardware these past few years, but still Sony is known for their hardware quality and specs(mainly the PS series now).
hazardman  +   1081d ago
Ok that's all cool, but not every gamer is gonna use the features. I know I'm not uploading vids or spectating on a friends games. I'm hoping I can turn a lot of the features off. I don't want friends just dropping in on my game sessions. Both Sony and MS are gonna have great consoles and both will get my $$$.
ambientFLIER  +   1081d ago

Ripsta7th   1081d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Siren30  +   1081d ago
I didn't see any actual gameplay footage. I didn't see a price or a release date, hell I didn't even see the actual console. I also don't know anything about ms next console other than rumors, so its a little early to say ps4 is the winner. I go into every generation with a open mind
Dno  +   1081d ago
killzone? the witness? drive club? knack? do you have eyes?
rdgneoz3  +   1081d ago
You did not all see the new Killzone gameplay? Hell, what about the Knack gameplay shown on the PS4 / Vita?

Also, they did say 2013 Holiday season, so its out by the end of this year the latest.

It's good to go in with an open mind, but don't put a bag over your head to hide from what's around you.
Studio-YaMi  +   1081d ago
Here,I'll help you ..

1-go to youtube.
2-in the search-bar type "Killzone : shadow fall" then watch it.
3-in the search-bar type "knack" then watch it.
4-in the search-bar type "Drive Club" then watch it.
5-in the search-bar type "Quantom Dream PS4" to watch the IN-GAME DEMO of their new engine.
6-in the search-bar type "watch dogs ps4" then watch it (yes they stated it was PC gameplay but since we know how powerful is the PS4 based on the Killzone : shadow fall gameplay footage we can see that the PC & PS4 gameplay and graphics of watch dogs will be the same thing).

Now go watch all that and then MAYBE you won't need to go to a doctor for an eye exam,ok ? :D
#8.3 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jmac53  +   1081d ago
Being an Xbox owner the last 2 generations I have to say that Sony has really stepped it up with the PS4. I really hope Microsoft follows suit with comparable specs and doesn't pander to the casual market otherwise they will have lost me.
USMC_POLICE  +   1081d ago
Gears and halo and crackdown were all I cared for on xbox
Godmars290  +   1081d ago
What does MS consider an "A" game is the question.

I mean we're talking about a company which has regularly fully staged events, from presentation to audience reaction, and relied more on brand names like Star Wars and Sesame Street to sell Kinect.
ZBlacktt  +   1081d ago
“Right now [Microsoft] have the pole position based on current-gen standing,” explained Creutz.

Wait what???

3 years of Red ring of death

Still a last gen DVD console ( multi disc needed on many games )

No built in wi-fi, was a added cost of $99.

Lost it's biggest developer in Bungie. What's left, seen the exclusive games projections lately? Now Bungie is making exclusive content for the PS4, oh lawd.

Never once won a Game of the Year exclusively

The PS3 has shipped more consoles to date. With a full year less lead time and NOT with a worldwide launch. All of Europe didn't see the PS3 until 2007. The XBox sells figures will always be misleading due to the years of RROD ( 50% fail rate at one point ) and the one million XBox users who's consoles were bricked for pirating games.
#12 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Christopher  +   1081d ago
These analysts are only talking about North America. That's where all the confusion comes from.
ZBlacktt  +   1081d ago
Awh, he should be speaking about gaming in general. I mean the list goes on and on for Sony. Way more in house game development companies. Think 19 was the last I checked. While MS had 11. Sure these have changed. Sony owns Sony Pictures and Sony Record Label. So they have always been the entertainment giant.

@ GoldenMonkey

2006 GOTY was Zelda: Twilight Princess ( look it up ). Gears did get votes. But not as many overall wins as Zelda.

Wifi was not standard on the console. It was a $99 add on at first. Sony had it day one.
#12.1.1 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report
GoldenMonkey34   1081d ago | Spam
Godmars290  +   1081d ago
I thought the Xbox slim had built in wi-fi?

Hell, I'm also missing where Halo 4-6 were suppose to be one ongoing epic tale when most of the story elements introduced in 343's first outing were largely wrapped up.
#12.3 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
andibandit  +   1081d ago

"Now Bungie is making exclusive content for the PS4, oh lawd."

Uhmmm, is that some kind of exclusive DLC content you are talking about, cause i've been following that game for a while and it's comming to

PS3,PS4,Xbox360 and PC
#12.4 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
C-Thunder  +   1080d ago
Yes, they announced exclusive dlc on the PlayStation.
Tzuno  +   1081d ago
Ha...felling good Sony? just wait for Microsoft to unwrap their baby and then we will see.
Prodigy-X  +   1081d ago
You Mad Bro?
#13.1 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Karpetburnz  +   1081d ago

I think you should change your avatar to a red ring.
#13.2 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Veneno  +   1081d ago
He actually did change the color, but from red to green because he couldn't find a photo of a working xbox anywhere. Good photoshop skills man!
izumo_lee  +   1081d ago
It is pretty evident that Microsoft is moving more towards a mass market appeal making their system more of an entertainment hub than a true gaming platform. That was their goal when they entered the console market.

They are focusing more on apps, integrating Windows 8 into the system, services & all the stuff that interests the mainstream rather than the core.

You'll get your Halo, your Forza, some maybe new IPs who knows. And they will once again rely on 3rd parties for software but unlike this gen, next gen is a level playing field. So now it is which system can use their specs to the fullist the easiest that will gain that 3rd party advantage of being 'lead platform'.

Who know what Microsoft is planning. As a hardcore gamer i am worried that you may not get what you want with the next Xbox.
contradictory  +   1081d ago
i hope Xbox doesn't go super "innovative"

we already have one of those
and it sure as hell ain't Sony
contradictory  +   1081d ago
i'm watching from the distance like i usually do with consoles at first

it's like Sniping except i'm Sniping for the games that always come after the launch

like Wii U which looks to be getting good games in the near future... at the moment nothing too interesting though.
Grimhammer00  +   1081d ago
WiiU lol
Saleem101  +   1081d ago
PlayStation 4 aka the titan!!!! 8Gigs of gddr5 memory!!!!!!!
SignifiedSix  +   1081d ago
I hope you know that those 8GB of gddr5 is SYSTEM RAM. So calling it the "titan" is out of the question as the Titan GPU alone produces more power than the whole ps4 combined.

Learn your stuff :)
clintagious650  +   1081d ago
Going to be tough for them because sony didnt play all their cards yet. When Naughty Dog & The Last Guardian & Santa Monica Studios ps4 game doesnt show, u know they are saving that for e3.
lovegames718  +   1081d ago
it has begun the next gen in consoles

Killzone Shadow Fall will be 30 FPS at 1080p resolution according to an interview after the presentation. German gaming site reports:

i got that from gaf
Captain Qwark 9  +   1081d ago
ps4 is great. i think sony took many steps in the right direction but i would hardly count ms out. the xbox has a strong following, including myself and now that sony has laid out its hand, ms knows what it needs to respond too.

end of the day, im buying both. selling point for me will simply be BC. if the new xbox can run my old collection then ill get that first so i can play old games in between the inevitable after launch drought. if the new xbox cant play older titles then i will let the exclusives decide which is likely won by sony. again, either way ill get both, one on day one, the other 6 months later prob
MRMagoo123  +   1081d ago
see thats the thing most ppl are forgetting "ms knows what it needs to respond too." it doesnt matter if MS knows what sony has because unless MS are releasing there console mid next year they wont have any room for changing much because the console should be just about or already being made so specs cant change much from there considering games have to be built according to specs before the console is even released.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1081d ago
depends on how it is being built. if its being built with the same architecture as a pc using mostly off the shelf parts, similar to a ps3 then it wouldnt be that hard to add some things
Dragos75  +   1081d ago
It's great that devs are loving the ps4 right now. I don't believe that they showed anything that's gonna pull many xbox gamers away from their brand though. I'm sure MS was watching and will most likely match what was shown.
brew  +   1081d ago
They could potentially pull some customers away from MS , but it's going to come down to pricepoint and if they keep online gaming and cross-party chat FREE OF CHARGE.
Grimhammer00  +   1081d ago
Well, a few things go against MS.
One....anything they do that is related to Sony's presentation will look contrived, coping and try hardish.

MS will try and show they are the better different choice. Duh right. But how? Kinect. And kinect for many know the guys who buy 2 games or more every month....they hate it. And I'm in that boat. Can kinect be amazing? Yeah. But I'll always want force feedback and the ability to play my games in long stretches...try playing any motion control game on any system for 4hrs+!

So I guess they'll have to beat Sony at the Social stuff right? Shouldn't be hard for MS. But really do we care? Some features like remote play of friends is now a pS4 thing. MS brings it they'll just be coping. And it may very well be patented for all I know.

8gb of gddr ram is beast for consoles...I can't wait to see MS match this. And they might!

Then theirs the devs speak approach. MS needs to do this....but really can't. They don't have nearly as good 1st party support and showing their weak devs will look bad and again, like coping Sony.

MS I do hope you guys come out swinging...I need my PS4 to have competition.
Dragos75  +   1081d ago
MS will probably match and surpass them with the services shown. It was disappointing that so little about Gaikai was revealed. Tbh the jump in graphics really doesn't look that big but it does seem to be enough to distinguish between last gen and next.

Killzone, Infamous, and my favorite, Watch Dogs looked great though.
cloud 279  +   1081d ago
To Dragos:
I believe the hardware is locked, maybe some tweaks here and there. There is still E3, PAX, GDC, TGS to look forward to for Sony to talk about more gaikai implementation. It won't be a one trick pony. Read somewhere that graphics won't be the big jump this gen like last gen PS2 to PS3. Graphics will be more about details in the particles, emotions on faces of characters.

What I expect from Microsoft with new consoles is new exclusive experiences that aren't found on PC or PS4. They have made their presence felt with X360, and its now for them to build on this, and give gamer an experience they want to comeback to. Please no more tie ups for exclusive DLC.
Saleem101  +   1081d ago
Hey xbox lovers those leaks specs on both systems are proving accurate looks like microsoft has to delay the new xbox... 8gigs of ddr3 aint going cut it sony has them beat on gpu and memory. :)
givemeshelter  +   1081d ago
You are speculating on specs not finalized by Microsoft? LOL. Only on N4G.COM
What will you do IF the Xbox comes out on top in specs? Will you pull a Mitt Romney and flip flop? :-P
urwifeminder  +   1081d ago
Pc and xbox,nintendo for me regardless of specs im glad ps fans seem happy i hope you enjoy your games everyone.
tbon3man  +   1081d ago
I have a feeling that Sony is just teasing us so far with what the PS4 can do. They have PAX EAST and GDC still to come before E3. Can't show all your cards yet!
Grimhammer00  +   1081d ago
If anything...I think MS was skewing hard towards casuals anyways. I think they see wiiU as bait. MS will try and take Ninnys market....and I bet they'll pull it off in the long run.

Sony sticking to mostly hardcore gaming is where it's at for me. They have the ips, amazing, reliable hardware and being 1st is always better than the guy who copies your ideas.
iNathan  +   1081d ago
Cinectivity and innovation is why MS will destroy Ps4
Looks at 3Ds destroying Vita wich is so powerfull...

Ps4 is in for another monumental failure from Sony.
dafegamer  +   1081d ago
edge rumors were pretty spot on about the ps4 specs.
edge also said that ms will rely on more motion gaming with kinect 2.0
Clarence  +   1081d ago
M$ has never been innovative with anything. The 360 is the slowest selling console this gen. So i guess that makes it a failure to. Even with their head start they ended up in last place. The 360 didn't even have hdmi ports or wifi when it was first released. Never mind the fact that they went with hd format that died and DVDs for gaming. Yeah the PS3 was really a failure.

The next Xbox won't be able to hold a candle to the PS4. M$ can't top Sony. It seems as if Sony has every studio in the world willing and able to work on the PS4. On top of that the specs and entertainment value the PS4 is equipped with makes the top console for next gen.

By the way tell me what handheld has M$ released and the 3ds started selling after a price cut.
#26.2 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
braydox21  +   1081d ago
i just wanted to point out that your comment is full of spelling errors, i can understand it though which is good. i forgive you if you are new to the language. but if your first language is english then this is sad and unforgiviable. please learn from your mistakes and make less spelling errors in the future. good luck in this endeavour either way. (for all intents and purposes this is intended as a positive gesture)
1upgamer99  +   1081d ago
Sony and Nintendo have the best IPS hands down. Also Why would I pay for LIVE when over the past 5 years,Sony and finally Nintendo have stepped up their online game. Nintendo is finally getting it right with Wii U. I know that there are at least 4 new IPS in development for 720, but I will have to see them and be impressed, in order to want to buy them. I am not talking about graphics, we all know graphics will be good. I need fresh gameplay and not that stupid illumiroom.
ElementX  +   1081d ago
Nintendo isn't getting it right with Wii U.
1upgamer99  +   1081d ago
I did not mean with the system itself. I meant with the online. Wii U is for sure better than PS3 online right now. I know that is going to change with PS4, but I have used my Wii U more online in the past 3 months, than my PS3 or Tablet combine. There just are not enough games yet. Nintendo also has the worst marketing for a system I think ever.
amiga-man  +   1081d ago
All these features the PS4 are bringing sound good but wait til your being charged to access them. It will be no different than XBL.

Except that Sony is actually bringing stuff worth paying for not taking away YOUR internet and forcing you to pay to get it back, the biggest scam this gen and Xbox users fell for it.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1081d ago
All i have to say is that with ps4 you'd better have and excellent ISP and no internet cap. And if you people think you will just be able to jump on a PC and stream ps3 games without paying your insane. All these features the PS4 are bringing sound good but wait til your being charged to access them. It will be no different than XBL.
Munky  +   1081d ago
I'm pretty sure that was their intention regardless of what Sony was doing with the PS4.
from the beach  +   1081d ago
Hopefully they'll bring the console!

As for 'a games', just have one really good one for launch window, a Halo or Gears of War for next gen, and all is well. Bonus points for Rare-developed.
#30 (Edited 1081d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
C-Thunder  +   1080d ago
If they make a big deal out of either Halo or Gears as a launch title then it will be clear they have failed. They need to show new hardcore exclusives, not sequels for the same games they leaned on this gen whose last release haven't been out even a year.
from the beach  +   1079d ago
I think they'd be wise to announce that a sequel for at least one of those is coming, whether it's launch or first year or whatever, alongside a new high profile game.

Anyway, PS4 is launching with a new Killzone and the Wii U launched with NSMBU, so it wouldn't be so unusual!
#30.1.1 (Edited 1079d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
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