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Mass Effect 3 Final Single Player DLC Screens

Mass Effect 3's final DLC has been announced by EA and BioWare and here are some screenshots from the upcoming DLC.

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zeal0us1789d ago

I was hoping Bioware would give Shepard story a proper closing but from the screen shots look like another dlc of the ME galaxy at war with the reapers....still.

EA ffs release or GoTY edition or complete edition.

Blacktric1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

It seems we'll be getting one of the characters (Miranda) from Mass Effect 2 as a squadmate. Other than that, I see no point in buying the DLC unless they're going to explain a little more about what happens after each ending, which obviously won't happen.


It does have online pass for multiplayer portion of the game, which isn't required to be played unless you want the best variations of all three endings. Although the singleplayer DLCs that they have released might have changed that by adding more collectable War Assets, thus eliminating the need to play multiplayer to get your Galactic Readiness percentage higher.

greatcrusader441789d ago

The Extended cut lowered The amount of EMS for the "best" ending

Thefreeman0121789d ago

I'm still pissed as well that bioware didn't address the crappy ending that we got... All we have gotten are pointless war asset stories that don't really matter end in end... Sure it's more lore but that's like seeing how more more shit you can squeeze out before you flush it anyways

zeal0us1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

the extended cut address part of it but it really doesn't bring closure to the story. You are still wondering what happen Shepard.

If ME4 won't have any connection to ME3 then close off the story the right way. Don't leave us wondering and creating crazy theories.

Me personally I was hoping for something like Shepard's body is recover and revive. Now Shepard and crew (along the galaxy) must finish off the last remnant of the Reapers. Do all that, big happy ending with some sacrifice taking place, possibly. Galaxy restore and Shepard start family, the end.

Thefreeman0121789d ago

@Zeal0us I dont really actually care if they let shep die... Bioware just really handled the way shepard was left really bad. its almost as if they pretend that the nasty gash isnt there it will somehow heal itself.

Ripsta7th1789d ago

Does this game have an online pass? I have ME3 but havent played it , not until i beat the 2nd one with my new shepard lol

Thatlalala1789d ago

On BSN, devs and mods were talking like this is the reason to won ME3. Yet again they dissapoint.