New Dead or Alive 5 Plus Gameplay Modes Detailed

Team NINJA has shared new details on the Touch Fight and training gameplay modes that will be available for the first time in Dead or Alive 5 Plus for PlayStation Vita. As fans await the videogame’s launch next month, the developer is helping dedicated players get ready for the new, more personal style of touch combat that maximizes the console’s OLED display by putting the opponent front and centre.

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souljah451914d ago

Day 1 and we get DOA5 free on ps+. Gonna get some early practice in

mathsman1914d ago

It's great timing for the PS3 version to be on PS+ - especially with all the shared content!

Cablephish1914d ago

This is the kind of game I'd rather play on a handheld If you know what I mean.

FlyingFoxy1914d ago

I remember the DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball nude patch on the original Xbox, pretty funny.

Kind of hot too but not as good as real porn xD.

LoaMcLoa1913d ago

That's one of the most awkward comments I've read in years.