The Next Generation of Gaming

A feature on what this next year has in store for us and what we've received from the last generation.

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Hassassin1856d ago

I think my personal next-gen will be when I get an oculus rift. If done correctly it should be game-changing.(I'm still curious how they could successfully implement a third person view to it)

kirbyu1856d ago

I hated the poll that was on this page. There was no option for Nintendo fans.

Qrphe1855d ago

True, but it's not like it's a high quality website from the way the article is written anyway.


This 8th gen will probably be as long if not longer than the last.

abradley1853d ago

Hi Qrphe, sorry to hear my writing isn't up to your standard. If I missed something out or the article wasn't to your liking maybe you could enlighten me?

Also please don't judge the website by my writing, we are a collection of people who write for the website.

Kirbyu, I will mention that to our boss and see if we can get the Wii U on there for you. Its only really for what has yet to come out but I suppose it could be used for next gen in general.

abradley1852d ago

Check back now. We've added a Nintendo option.

CaptainYesterday1855d ago

It's pretty crazy how close we are to the next gen games will next gen consoles last as long or longer.

ATi_Elite1855d ago

Next Gen?...........I've been Next Gen Gaming for like 2 years now if the PS4/xbox720 are Next Gen LMAO!

Ray Tracing is what REAL Next Gen Gaming is and I'm patiently waiting for the first fully Ray Traced game to hit my PC!

abradley1853d ago

Yes but at what cost?

There is a reason for consoles. There cheaper while also providing a much easier interface for the masses to interact with. Thus next gen for the console cycle.

That's coming from a massive pc gamer myself.