Here's Every PlayStation 4 Game We Know About - Push Square

Push Square: "Sony’s late night PlayStation 4 bonanza may have been dominated by discussion about social interaction and cloud-based connectivity, but there were a handful of games on display during the two-hour press conference, too.

"While we got the distinct impression that the platform holder was keeping its cards close to its chest – E3 is right around the corner, after all – it still managed to roll out five first-party games and a selection of third-party titles. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the content you can expect to be enjoying when the next generation system launches later this year."

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Pintheshadows1193d ago

I want to see more of Deep Down. I hope it's like Dragon's Dogma with a better story. That has what has stuck with me out of the presentation. Killzone : Bond film title looked incredible as well as DriveClub but if Deep Down looks like that in terms of gameplay then consider my mind blown.

Did anyone notice that one of the characters was Zaeed Massani from Mass Effect. Must be the same guy they used.