Developers react positively to PS4 specs: “Fun times coming” – Crytek

It looks like developers are pleased.

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Smurf11857d ago

Good news for Sony, devs seem to like the system.

Blastoise1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

"A developers dream"

That's what the first Square Enix guy said right?

BanBrother1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )


It may have been the Capcom guy. He was funny as.

EDIT: LOL @Randy Sh**ford coming out of his hole.

Also, when it showed like all the developers comments on the PS4 during the conference video, Randy got to talk the longest. Bet he can't wait to be the first person next-gen to F*** us over again lol.

Army_of_Darkness1857d ago

PC developers very excited and happy with PS4.
PC fanboys worried and probably already dislike it. hahaaha!
PS4= exclusive first party games+ formally exclusive PC games;-)

TheGamerDood1857d ago

Hopefully we'll see that love get transmuted into awesome games!

ABizzel11857d ago

The PS4 announcement was all around great.

The only thing hardware-wise that's a bit shaky was the Jaguar APU. They're just not powerful CPU's, however with it being an APU we're getting a few features that a traditional CPU would not be able to do on it's own, such as greater graphics processing from the dedicated GPU, nd makes the system less energy consuming, which produces less heating problems. A give and take.

I wish they went with a custom Trinity AMD-A10-5800k, or custom Steamroller APU which should be a bit better, but nevertheless, I'm happy with everything the PS4 has to offer.

Exactly what I wanted and expected from Sony. MS you're up.


Sarcasm1857d ago

8GB GGDR5 is the Megaton, at least to developers.

Which I don't blame considering on PS3 they had to work split 512MB and 360's 512MB lol.

jivah1856d ago

The only thing I'm curious about is that cpu.. seems really weak being an ultra low power mobile processor. Hopefully they beef it up a bit idk...I needa see more...its a must buy but gotta see more

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Computersaysno1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

John Carmack happy with a Sony Console? Must have done something right lol

Yes Sony have just basically built a PC here with extremely flexible and familiar hardware to anyone that has worked with a PC.

piroh1857d ago

good news for talented studios since games aren´t made by hardware, games are made by people. most powerfull HW such as PS4 won´t help lazy people such as Crytek to make great games

cleverusername1857d ago ShowReplies(3)
lovegames7181857d ago

shutupand take my money....

lol i couldnt disagree with you more lol Kz 2 was by far better than crysis 2 and 3 in terms of gameplay, fun factor, visuals and mp. Even kz3 was better. I find crysis games to be the most generic and boring affairs!!!!!!

Either which way i like what Sony have done thats how you start off nxt gen.......

adorie1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I would haveagreed with you, but then you said visuals.

Crysis 1 is the better game than 2, 3 looks more akin to 2, which I found dull after the first play through.

These games need more replay value than just MP.
MP seems to be an excuse to skimp out on the juicy story and content, shelved later for DLC, cash schemes.

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