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Submitted by Smurf1 1088d ago | news

Developers react positively to PS4 specs: “Fun times coming” – Crytek

It looks like developers are pleased. (Dev, Industry, PS4)

Smurf1  +   1088d ago
Good news for Sony, devs seem to like the system.
Blastoise  +   1088d ago
"A developers dream"

That's what the first Square Enix guy said right?
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BanBrother  +   1088d ago

It may have been the Capcom guy. He was funny as.

EDIT: LOL @Randy Sh**ford coming out of his hole.

Also, when it showed like all the developers comments on the PS4 during the conference video, Randy got to talk the longest. Bet he can't wait to be the first person next-gen to F*** us over again lol.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   1088d ago
Sony will never make everyone happy..
PC developers very excited and happy with PS4.
PC fanboys worried and probably already dislike it. hahaaha!
PS4= exclusive first party games+ formally exclusive PC games;-)
TheGamerDood  +   1088d ago
Hopefully we'll see that love get transmuted into awesome games!
ABizzel1  +   1087d ago
The PS4 announcement was all around great.

The only thing hardware-wise that's a bit shaky was the Jaguar APU. They're just not powerful CPU's, however with it being an APU we're getting a few features that a traditional CPU would not be able to do on it's own, such as greater graphics processing from the dedicated GPU, nd makes the system less energy consuming, which produces less heating problems. A give and take.

I wish they went with a custom Trinity AMD-A10-5800k, or custom Steamroller APU which should be a bit better, but nevertheless, I'm happy with everything the PS4 has to offer.

Exactly what I wanted and expected from Sony. MS you're up.

Sarcasm  +   1087d ago
8GB GGDR5 is the Megaton, at least to developers.

Which I don't blame considering on PS3 they had to work split 512MB and 360's 512MB lol.
jivah  +   1087d ago
The only thing I'm curious about is that cpu.. seems really weak being an ultra low power mobile processor. Hopefully they beef it up a bit idk...I needa see more...its a must buy but gotta see more
Computersaysno  +   1088d ago
John Carmack happy with a Sony Console? Must have done something right lol

Yes Sony have just basically built a PC here with extremely flexible and familiar hardware to anyone that has worked with a PC.
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piroh  +   1088d ago
good news for talented studios since games aren´t made by hardware, games are made by people. most powerfull HW such as PS4 won´t help lazy people such as Crytek to make great games
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TRU3_GAM3R  +   1088d ago
Crysis 4 ps4!!
NastyLeftHook0  +   1088d ago
so hese like yeah....
lovegames718  +   1088d ago
shutupand take my money....

lol i couldnt disagree with you more lol Kz 2 was by far better than crysis 2 and 3 in terms of gameplay, fun factor, visuals and mp. Even kz3 was better. I find crysis games to be the most generic and boring affairs!!!!!!

Either which way i like what Sony have done thats how you start off nxt gen.......
adorie  +   1088d ago
I would haveagreed with you, but then you said visuals.

Crysis 1 is the better game than 2, 3 looks more akin to 2, which I found dull after the first play through.

These games need more replay value than just MP.
MP seems to be an excuse to skimp out on the juicy story and content, shelved later for DLC, cash schemes.
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Fishy Fingers  +   1088d ago
I'm sure they are, being they want to start seeing their licensed engine actually gain some popularity with other development studios. The PS4 (next-gen) should really be able to show what their software can do when running on fitting hardware.

Regarding the studio themselves, lets see some new IP, I'm currently more excited to play their F2P title, Warface, over Crysis.

8GB of DDR5, hell even Crytek can't complain about lack of memory.
TemplarDante  +   1088d ago
Music to my ears!
pinch me, I must be dreaming! :)
FarCryLover182  +   1088d ago
TemplarDante   1088d ago | Trolling | show
lovegames718  +   1088d ago
Next souls game on ps4 with no frame rate issues confirmed lol and big worlds!!!!!!! 8gb Gddr5 lets get it lol
Walker  +   1088d ago
Best console specs ever created !
jmc8888  +   1088d ago
A 360 and PS3 could outperform a 3000-4000 PC (or 2500 in core PC parts to build yourself) from a 2004 PC (the year before the 360 launched).

A PS4 is comparable to a $600-800 in core 2011 PC parts. (motherboard, ram, psu, CPU, GPU).

You make the determination whether or not that is high end and whether or not that is a step back or three from the starting point of a new console generation.

So no, in comparison to last generation it's a few steps back. In terms of absolute power, sure. But in relation to what's around it, the PS4 is pretty weak.

But hey it'll still be fun. Still have a lot of good times, but it will have a shorter life than last generation in terms of usability and longevity.
BLow  +   1088d ago
Is this your job or something? Hey how about you let people just be excited for new hardware. Everybody doesn't game on PCs. Give it a rest dude. Your in every article trying to downplay the specs. We get it that the PS4 is a low end and weak console. I sure will enjoying the hell out of it though but thanks for your contribution to the gaming community with all your knowledge. Thank you...
Clover904  +   1087d ago
You can worry about specs... I'm too busy focusing on the games! You can call ps4 low end hardware all you want, but Killzone Shadow Fall looks GLORIOUS!
sonic989  +   1087d ago
haa haaa pc who game on them ?
personally after work i hate every single inch of my pc to the point where it could be dangerous
thats why having fun on other system is a must.
btw direct pc vs console hardware comparisons are complete BS if you ask me
finally PS Cloud ( nuff said )
Sarcasm  +   1087d ago
"A PS4 is comparable to a $600-800 in core 2011 PC parts. (motherboard, ram, psu, CPU, GPU). "

That is just an assumption. And nobody knows the cost the 8GB of GDDR5, which at this point according to Digital Foundry, isn't even available for PC vendors.

Think about it... Let that marinate...
FarCryLover182  +   1088d ago
I am buying PS4 day one and this is coming from an "xbox fan" who didn't buy PS3 until 2009.

I now know the error of my ways. I won't mess up again like that.
clintagious650  +   1088d ago
U can still own other systems. I'll prolly get the nextbox & wiiu at some point but the ps4 so far just is a "Must Buy" out of the 3. Im kinda scared to jump in too early on the nextbox unless they wow me, and ill eventually have to get a wiiu for zelda alone lol. I love zelda games but hope they enhance zelda graphics.
jmc8888  +   1088d ago
Nothing wrong with owning all the systems.

So far nothing has screamed must buy, but I will be a preorder of all three consoles.

But not because it screamed 'must buy'.
FarCryLover182  +   1088d ago
Oh yeah, I will still buy the next Xbox at some point.
Master of Unlocking  +   1088d ago
No more trash talk now: I want a "Crysis Trilogy Compilation" for PS4 with all 3 games on the equivalent of ultra-high settings, 1920x1080p @ 60 fps minimum that uses the PS4 features.

C'mon Crytekkies, you know you can do it and we want it.
jmc8888  +   1088d ago
Won't happen. PS4 isn't powerful enough for that to happen.

If PS4 was 3x as powerful it MIGHT be possible.

That's the facts. People might want to look into them. Games don't run off what you feel they'll run like, they run off what the gear is capable of.

Crysis 3 doesn't even run full 60 FPS all the time with a GTX Titan on highest settings, which is 2.5x a PS4 that can be bought today. Read the reviews.

So how people expect Crysis 1, 2, and 3 to run on a midrange 2011 PC GPU and a 2007 midrange CPU at ultra high settings at 1080p/60 needs to put the meth pipe down.

Oh here's some facts
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Eldyraen  +   1087d ago
I think Crysis 1 and 2 would probably be possible on PS4 at 1080p and 60fps, but as jmc said Crysis 3 maxed out is still a pain to run at constant 60fps and 1080p even on a high end PC. Most of it isn't bad but there are certain areas and line of sights that for whatever reason really drops the framerate considerably.

I think its mostly to do with at max settings the draw distance and level of detail is just extremely hard to keep up with. That's what really made the original Crysis such a pain to run as well since the distance had much less loss of quality than any other game for its time. Even today its jungles from a distance hold up extremely well (most of the game still holds up well but not quite 100% of the game as at release).
BitbyDeath  +   1087d ago
Your facts are wrong JMC, the parts are not simple off the shelf PC brands. They have been highly customised. And 8GB GDDR5 is more than enough ram to run Crysis 3 on the highest of settings. PC doesn't even require that much.
jivah  +   1087d ago
@BitbyDeath You sir have no idea how hardware works.. Ram simply gives you the overhead you need to play around with the power of the GPU/CPU. Which there would be quite a lot of in the PS4. But if the GPU and CPU doesn't have enough power then it simply wont run it at a certain level.

According to your logic computers with 64gigs of ram would run crysis with better visuals than people with 24gigs.. Simply not the case tho.

And the fact that the new titan runs circles around PS4 and it doesn't run crysis with ease should tell you it wont happen at the highest setting at all Being that the gpus is similarly specced with a 660

@Master of Unlocking It wasn't a trilogy per se. Crysis Warhead does exist ya know. PC exclusive tho :)
thebudgetgamer  +   1088d ago
"Fun times coming"
Bahpomet---  +   1088d ago
they like ma system
izumo_lee  +   1088d ago
It is clearly Sony has listened to what developers are looking for in a console & has catered to their needs. This gen will be a leveled playing field according to specs & it will all come down to which developers can take advantage of these components.

I really think having that 8GB of DDR5 RAM will set Sony apart from Microsoft if leaked specs are true. Heck Microsoft can easily use DDR5 as well for all we know but until that is confirmed we have to go on what we think we know.

Anyways the unified high end RAM in the PS4 will make the likes of Crytek, Bethesda, Epic, & John Carmack pleased cause they were the ones who openly questioned the architecture of the PS3. Now they can 'shut up' & actually do what they are good at.
jmc8888  +   1088d ago
They are happy that certain design choices were made.

They are obviously happier than it will have 8gb's instead of 4gb's, because that basically triples the memory allotment. (triple you may ask?)

Simple because if it were 4gb's, then 2gb's would be for OS and only 2GB's for the GPU (which in reality is about all it can properly push anyways)

But with the extra 4 gb's, now they have a little more to play with, it'll be easier on the devs, and allows some in reserve for late in the cycle for certain tricks that extend the consoles lifespan when it doesn't really meet minimum specs.

The other thing Sony did was create a system ferries the massively increased overhead that the console will be using to for all these pretty much pointless social features so while there is still a good amount of power wasting by it being there, if the Durango specs are real, and they should be, it is much more efficient then Durango at that task.

In other words, with more OS features, that will eat into the total power level and perhaps produce graphical lags, this will be lower than it would have if they went with a more traditional approach.

So again the media is being a little presumptive with the praise for the PS4...cough...PC...cough...tha t we saw yesterday.

Meanwhile elucidating that because they somewhat neutered the problems of a more advanced OS and threw in more GDDR5 ram, that the devs love it. Not exactly.

Though remember, if you've been starving for a week, a saltine cracker seems like an all you can eat buffet.

So for devs going from 256-512 mb's to 8gb's some of them are wowed because now they won't have to hold a dam together with bubble gum.

But in reality, the power of the system isn't that much. Nice. Sure. Capable of running good games. Sure. Some nice looking graphics.. Sure...for now.
OccludedGamer  +   1087d ago
So do tell. You say the media are jumping the gun and you feel that way up there on your self-built pedestal your opinion is somehow valid?

I wonder what you could teach all the devs about game design? It seems your way more in the know than the rest of us.

On another topic, what the hell do you think MS are bringing then?

Also since you seem to be having a fangasm over PC GPU's. I guess were just not acknowledging the fact that PC optimization is a joke compared to the treatment console games get.

My point is, your opinion is that of a troll and nothing more, for someone who pretends to have some level of knowledge on the subject your also incredibly ignorant.

If you really want to talk next-gen bring a proper discussion to the table and we might get somewhere, but all you spout is clever looking ruubish. If you were to actually divulge on what all these developers don't know that you do, you might be able to make an interesting point
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Cryptcuzz  +   1087d ago
Where did you get the OS would use 2 GB alone?

Seems like you're in denial of something. Whether you like tye PS4 or not, you gotta admit it is good that they got 8 GB of GDDR5 memory which is a lot faster then even the RAM on regular PCs.
sonic989  +   1087d ago
ps cloud is the real deal over here if you ask me
jonboi24  +   1088d ago
At this point for MS anything less than 8gb GDDR5 ram would seem disappointing.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1088d ago
8gb ddr3
jonboi24  +   1087d ago
Ah that's kinda disappointing, but still solid. Oh well looks like PS4 exclusives will set the benchmark graphically this console generation.
PastyGangster  +   1088d ago
So does this mean that the PS4 could possibly be the lead platform for development?
testerg35  +   1088d ago
I'm guessing that the specs between the two consoles will be so close that it wouldn't matter.
ironmonkey  +   1087d ago
Either way it all comes down to online aspects and free of contracts. Will ms force you to make another account and pay for both? Can you have them both logged on?
Tzuno  +   1087d ago
It's a computer with exclusives. :)
Jamaicangmr  +   1087d ago
Very good move Sony
Damn Kaz is really a gamer at heart. This is a different Sony in so many ways but also going back to the more humble PS1 and PS2 Sony of yesteryear.

I wanna buy stock now.

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