Backwards Compatibility is Not Having to Pay For Games Again

"There really is something to be said for being a loyal customer and supporting a company through years and years of products, including newer and more expensive ones every few years. " |

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Cupid_Viper_31917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Backwards Compatibility is always supporting your every single one of your consoles for 10 years plus, regardless of the fact that new generation is out.

Backwards compatibility is not being forced to upgrade to a new console just because the next iteration is out.

The PS3 is living proof that people will complain all they want to, but when it really comes down to it, they're not willing to pay up the price for a console that has hardware backwards compatibility. It cost a lot of money to include a PS3 inside a PS4, and most people can't afford that as they to have buy more expensive Ipads, Iphones and the likes.

Trenta271917d ago

I don't understand. Is it really so hard to put backwards compatibility into a console?

Ripsta7th1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

For the Ps4 yeah because the PS3 had the cell, and the ps4 will have new architecture. Means that they are using different methods to code new games, so BC might be possible but it would require a ps3 cell on the ps4 and that i think its too expensive.

Caffo011917d ago

yes, the PS4 has different architecture so Sony would have to put the cell and other components in the PS4 in order to make it run PS3 games..

Ron_Danger1917d ago

Is it really so hard for journalists to just wait until official reveals of info instead of writing speculation articles and trying to pass them off as facts?

And this goes for all systems: WiiU, PS4, and whatever Microsoft call their next gen console

plaZeHD1917d ago

Yes it is. PlayStation 4 has a complete different architecture than PlayStation 3, therefor it's hard to put backwards compatibility on the system.
PlayStation 4 = No Cell Processor
PlayStation 3 = Cell Processor

izumo_lee1917d ago

It probably is easy to do so but like all things it is gonna cost you in the price of the system. Sony took it out of the PS3 cause it was one of the reasons for the high price of the system. To lower the cost they had to sacrifice it to stay competive in the market.

This just goes to show that when designing the PS3 Sony did not take into account the ramifications on next gen. Simply put that architecture of the PS3 is too complex & including it in the PS4 would clearly drive the price up significantly.

Yeah they could theoretically add backward compatibility to the PS4 but are many willing to pony up $600 again. Some may think so but it would be a disaster for Sony to do that again & risk even more backlash & lost market share.

If you wanna play PS3 games keep your PS3 for the time being until the Gaikai plan is fully explained & implemented into the PS4. If it is fluid like they hope it will be than i guess that is good.

I would like Sony to use the data from our PSN accounts & see what games we have played. And if that game is available on Gaikai it will a simple download no questions asked or fee needed to be paid. That is my wish Sony would do instead of having to pay for them again.

Army_of_Darkness1917d ago

But I can't afford all that bandwidth?!?! I'm limited to 150GB per month or it's $2 per GB after! shit, I have to jump to another internet provider that offers unlimited bandwidth unlike Rogers!

caseh1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Lets be honest, with the Cell processor aside they wouldn't include backwards compatability even if they could.

Why have they not re-introduced the BC on the PS3? So they can resell PS2 games via PSN thats why. Costs have come right down on PS3 price to manufacture yet they keep the retail price on each new revision high by adding bigger HDDs...which cost peanuts.

PS3 game will start to crop up in whatever variation of the PSN the PS4 has, i guarantee it and on top of that Gaikai will no doubt have a part in this.

Theres a strange sense of irony here, everyone has been bleating about how the PS4 is long overdue, PS3 is old and way behind the times blah blah. Yet as soon as people find out they cant play ps3 games on ps4 all of a sudden the PS3 becomes relevent again. People need to make their minds up.

Information Minister1917d ago

I understand that PS3 backwards compatibility on the PS4 would be extremely hard to achieve, maybe even impossible, but what about PS1 and PS2 emulation? The new system seems to have more than enough raw processing power and bandwidth to emulate those older predecessors. I would very much prefer to have just one system underneath the TV on my living room.

Besides, Sony can try to sell me games I already own all they want, that's just not going to happen. All they're going to achieve is to piss me off even further when my old consoles brick and I find myself unable to play my classic games.

The Great Melon1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

@ Information Minister

Luckily most with a pc that has been made within the past 5 years can emulate PSone and PS2 games. Without any real network connectivity such as trophies and DLC, the first two generations are safe from forced deprecation and can arguably be considered better on the pc with up-scaling and increased frame-rates.

Emulation of the PS3 won't happen any time soon or ever without some breakthroughs in processor speed or sophisticated coding to split PS3 into fractional chunks across multiple cores. Also even if we were able to run PS3 games, all the updates and DLC will have to be painstakingly assembled before Sony shuts down the servers and we are left with buggy games.

Unfortunately as games become "smarter" or more connected, they begin to be ephemeral experiences or very controlled products from Sony e.g. Gaikai.

ALLWRONG1917d ago

"For the Ps4 yeah because the PS3 had the cell" Different chip designs didn't stop MS from putting BC on the 360. This is just classic Sony wanting to resell you games you already own. Sony is alone in the trend they started. Get ready for Sony to sell (resell) you PS3 "Classics" on the PS4.

s45gr321917d ago

Really is not that hard is because is better to make money by reselling say game in a remastered edition.

GrandTheftZamboni1917d ago

I don't mind paying small amount ($20 - $40) for a remastered game I like. My concerns is that I won't be able to play PS3 games before they are remastered.

rainslacker1917d ago

Each generation of PS so far has handled BC through added hardware in the system. The PS2 had the PS1 chip on the board. The original PS3 had the emotion engine on the board, but handled PS1 through software.

Every chip in a new PS has been drastically different in architecture from it's predecessor, so it was never a matter of just a scaled up processor(similar to GC to Wii). The cell took this to an extreme, and it's unlikely we'll see full emulation of it for quite some time due to it's complete change from x86 design.

Sony could certainly add the necessary chip to the PS4 design for PS3 BC. However, given the cost involved they aren't doing that, and it's not looking too good for having a "Premium" model that does have that feature built in. Some of those chips may not seem like much to add, however even a few dollars make a big difference on the bottom line when multiplied by tens of millions of units. I'm not sure why at this point PS1/2 BC couldn't be achieved through emulation though, as it's already viable on a lower spec'd home PC. Maybe it is, but no one has asked the question yet, or I missed the answer.

I'm of two minds on this. One I would love the convenience of full BC built in. Two I like that they are focusing on making the system profitable and powerful from the get-go, instead of catering to a minority(albiet a large one) asking for full BC. It's not a deal-breaker for me, but I like to play my older games quite often. Just means my PS3 will get more use after the PS4 launch.

evilhasitsway1917d ago

not hard just it would bring the price up past $600 which people dont want to pay they would just bitch about it that simple. just keep your ps3 or just dont buy the ps4 your choice.

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AngelicIceDiamond1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

If somebody could not afford PS4 games I see Gaikai being an alternative to some. Stream newly released PS3 titles and play those for the time being.

It's clear BC is being fazed out due to publishers hate of the idea as well as second hand games. Used or new PS3 games won't work on PS4. Instead Sony wants to make consumers pay for their BC its only buissness.

caseh1917d ago

'Instead Sony wants to make consumers pay for their BC its only buissness.'

Exactly, spot on.

Its a business decision and a clever one, they are in it to make money. Allowing people to play PS3 games straight from the box would be a bad move from their standpoint. Simply because if a game comes out on both PS3 and PS4 then you will obviously buy the PS4 version. Means you want the BC to play games you already own or that can be picked up dirt cheap pre-owned and theres no profit it that approach for Sony.

evilhasitsway1917d ago

its just the fact they bitch about having to pay more for it not that they can or cant afford it i mean its a next gen system to play next gen games keep your ps3 and shut up with the whinning. we all knew it wouldnt have it. so just chill. not saying your bitching im saying other people by the way.

NYC_Gamer1917d ago

You don't have to buy the games over again just keep your old consoles...

Dno1917d ago

omg thank you you are smart!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

After coming from pc and seeing them say killzone was visually unimpressive and now on n4g and console gamers want BC and would complain about price. I have come to find pc and console gamers suck..

capnjoe2171917d ago

Sometimes I wonder if such people enjoy complaining about video games more than actually playing video games.

wampdog291917d ago

Until it breaks... then what?

Ron_Danger1917d ago

Then I guess you'll have to start playing current gen games and stop living in the past. There's a reason people don't dress like Zac Moris or AC Slater anymore

Arksine1917d ago

What do you do when something breaks? Fix it or replace it.

rainslacker1917d ago


Yes, because the only games of worth are new games. I guess it's not possible to want to play all games from over 4 decades of gaming. /s

Aceman181917d ago

I know I'll be keeping my PS3 when the 4 comes out plain and simple. people complained PS3 was expensive and the only way to cut the cost was to drop B/C. then people still b*tched because they wanted it back now.

if u wanted B/C you should have bought the system and not b*tched about the price.

clearelite1917d ago

No kidding. I just got a ps2 slim for $50 and I love it. I had some games like Persona 3 PES, Okami, and picked up a few more for around $5 each. Great addition to my collection!

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Ripsta7th1917d ago

BC is a bonus when a console releases. Look at the 3ds, selling like hotcakes because on top of the new lineup it has a whole library of previous gen games available. I wish the ps4 had BC , but with new games unveiled i dont think ill miss my ps3 as much when i get the ps4. Wnt be selling it though

Nicaragua1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Yeah and look at the WiiU, thats selling like hot cakes because it has a whole library of previous gen games......oh wait

The 3DS sales have nothing to do with its backwards compatibility

zebramocha1917d ago

@nic Oh no you didn't! :) .

Ripsta7th1917d ago

No. wii u isnt selling because Nintendo screwed up by releasing a weak console when everyone was hyped for the Ps4/720 and where left unimpressed

InTheZoneAC1917d ago

This will be the first playstation I keep once the new one releases.

It was nice to be able to keep any old games and use them on the new system, but I'm not complaining that I can't do it this time around.

battlegrog1917d ago

People dont you remember they said it will stream from gaikai. Simple as that it will work that way.

aquamala1917d ago

gaikai is not going to be free

wampdog291917d ago

If you own a game on disc, you'll have to repurchase it again to play it on PS4 through Gaikai

Conzul1917d ago

Whoa, we don't know this yet.

wampdog291916d ago


Put the pieces togather and you'll basically know. PS3 games (digital or retail disc) have already been confirmed to NOT work on PS4. They would LIKE for ALL PS1, PS2 and PS3 games to stream over Gaikai in the future to not only the PS4, but phones, tablets and Vita. Do you think you WON'T have to repurchase? How else will you stream these games??? Free?!?!

sorceror1711917d ago

Okay, fine. They stream the games. I'm dubious, but maybe it'll work well enough.

What I want is, either (a) you go to the PSN store and buy the electronic version, or (b) you put the disc in the drive and that automatically allows you to stream that game, so long as the disc is present.

It's (b) that I really care about. I'm not exactly thrilled about streaming the games, but I don't want to have to pay for the game again. It's not like this is new - Steam let me convert my CD copy of Half-Life to a Steam downloadable version.

Mikeyy1917d ago

What is the alternative though? SONY already tried putting an Emotion Engine and Cell in one box and everybody cried and didn't want to pay $599..

The PS4 could reach $800 if they treid to cram ever previous console in it. It is just getting rediculous on the technological side. Emulation isnt strong enough.

The best alternative is the streaming option. What else is there?

You guys won't pay for an all in one hardware box.

Conzul1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Not the masses, but Playstation loyals would definitely love Hardware B/C over streaming. Not to mention bandwidth-conscious people who realize that an $800 console will cost them less in the long run than data overage fees.

Sony NEEDS to make an uptier PS4 for just such a group of people. Everyone else can have the Gaikai PS4

*************The Case of Hardware B/C*************
>> Absolutely no need to rebuy legacy games or wait for remakes. A huge, instant library of games.

>> No need to have old consoles hogging precious space on the entertainment centre or having to switch consoles just to play older games

>> Possibly cheaper in the long run for those without unlimited internet plans

>> Gaikai won't rollout everywhere at once. Places with weak internet or none at all still contain people who want to play games of every generation, and are willing to pay for that capability.

>> The PS4 will be more expensive.
- So what? "Never been first, never been cheapest". Some (and by that I actually mean *many*) are willing to pay a bit more for hardware B/C

Mikeyy1917d ago

Dude, I would pay $1000 for a PS4, im hardcore like you, but the masses wont, im sorry.

Litterly everybody bitched about the $599 price tag on the PS3, even though that was cheap to you a me..

Sony won't let that happen again, they arent giving MS any breaks this time around, Im expecting the price tag to be $400, which is perfect for the masses.

We are the vocal minority. As evident most posters on this website don't even know Gaikai streams PS2 and PS3 games, They are oblivious to even this simple detail.

The damn Ps4 can smelt gold out of thin air and the masses will hate on it if it costs $600

rainslacker1917d ago

Then that begs the question, will we be able to play PS1 physical games in the system? Or PS2 games for that matter? Both are doable through software(PS2 to a lesser extent). What's the purpose of excluding those in favor of the cloud?

It seems most people are understanding of the differences in PS3 architecture which make it impossible to emulate without having dedicated hardware(Cell), but that doesn't explain away PS1/2. That points more towards them wanting to resell the game to the consumer in the guise of BC. In this case, it's not BC, but exactly what the author said in his article.

Also what about all the games that may not be available on the cloud? I mean if you can stream a game you own for free then it's somewhat acceptable, though not ideal, but those games would still have to be available on the server. Are publishers going to allow it when they would prefer to sell a digital copy and double dip via the consumer?

There are too many questions in regards to this now, and I have a boding sense that the answers aren't going to be what everyone is hoping for, or even expecting.

wampdog291917d ago

I've seen others wonder if placing the disc in the PS4 would allow you to stream it through Gaikai. Personally, I don't see this happening. This would mean that you could trade games back and forth between people. Sony doesn't want this.

sorceror1711917d ago

I can trade games back and forth *now*. I've loaned my brother games and vice versa. If the PS4 is going to allow used games, you'll be able to do that with PS4 games, too.

If having the disc in the drive is good enough for disc-based games, why wouldn't it be good enough for streaming?

Pillage051917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Just make it to where the disc has to stay in the ps4 while it's streaming to work. It's a great idea, but I can't see this being free of charge.

I would think it'd cost sony a fortune to run the servers and whatever for everyone with a ps3 disc. Lot of questions to answer before the end of the year. It'll be interesting for sure.

rainslacker1917d ago


I said the same thing before. Given the cost to maintain that feature for the long term, it would be cheaper for them to include all the chips since the first PS in every system if they plan to offer free BC.

The only reasonable conclusion from this is that it will have to be paid for in some way, and that is likely through a paid service(possibly PS+). That, to me, is not BC, particularly since it would likely be cheaper, and more convenient, in the long run, to either keep your old system or buy an older system to provide that functionality. You can get a launch PS3 for around $250 right now, and I wouldn't be surprised if the demand for them goes up in a few years due to this.