PlayStation 4 hardware will be at E3

Disappointed that you didn't get to feel, smell or taste the PlayStation 4 hardware at yesterday's PlayStation event? It may not have been ready for the world's eyes Feb. 20, but it will be ready and waiting to be scrutinized at this year's E3.

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BakedGoods1886d ago

I find it hilarious that most of the press-complaints were the lack of hardware and price.

When was the last time a console was revealed this early before E3? There is no strategy in showing ALL your cards early. This way, we have an epic introduction to the PS4, then an anticipated E3--that's more PR than anything MS has done lately.

Well played Sony.

nrvalleytime1886d ago

It is a brilliant marketing strategy, though there's one caveat - if Microsoft unveils the 720 at E3, there's a chance of the internet exploding.

Seriously though - it will be an amazing E3, and perhaps the best E3 in recent memory and one of the best gaming years ever.

BanBrother1886d ago

"...if Microsoft unveils the 720 at E3, there's a chance of the internet exploding."

Hence why they didn't fully reveal everything. They played it very smart. We are all hyped up and ready to go, but we still want more (the look of the console and price).

Basically, they get 2 massive reveals, as opposed to MS having just 1 (presuming they don't follow what Sony did and have a conference at the GDC).

TBH, I just wanted the game and features, which they delivered in spades. The console will undoubtedly look amazing, hopefully luxurious like the original PS3.

Also, I find it funny how the rumoured PS4 specs were accepted as being more powerful than the rumoured Xbox specs, and then Sony improve on them even more. Going to be a beast console. I wonder if MS will 'upgrade' their own now?

tbon3man1886d ago

I hope so past E3's have been boring and the WII U is not the most exciting thing that happen as it tries to catch up to current gen.

Darrius Cole1886d ago

What do you mean "if"? You know they will. Everybody knows they will, especially everybody hardcore enough to follow E3.

I and a friend of mine have been trying to figure out the strategy behind Sony's early announcement. We both think that Sony has something up their sleeve to show at E3 and generate even more buzz but we can't think of what that could be. That could compete with a console unveiling.

Root1886d ago

People just complained of a no show console because they wanted something negative to nit pick on

ziggurcat1886d ago

someone in another comment section has already complained about the lack of games...


jmc88881885d ago

So you think it's well played that Sony showed us a bunch of demos running on a PC?

That they showed us a bunch of multiplatform games on a PC (makes sense huh).

They didn't show us any real PS4 footage. They showed us PC footage, supposedly representative of what the PS4 will 'target'.

Hint: We didn't see anything real in game. Only PC demos.

So while you can sit there and think you saw something, I realize none of us have seen anything real.

We simply watch a PC do it's thing, rather than a PS4.

If anything 'journalists' shouldn't be more whore-y like you wish them to be, but are showing their complete incompetence by failing to recognize they've been scammed and that they weren't shown anything real.

Sure it MIGHT be representative of what the PS4 might be, or it might be a PC that is twice as powerful running those demos and they merely THINK a final PS4 will be able to match that.

If we had real journalists they wouldn't be sitting back and praising Sony for showing us nothing. They would be hammering Sony to find out what exactly was under the hood. What WERE the specs of the PC that they had running yesterday?

ThatXboxGuy1885d ago

LOL! Denial has already begun.This is hilarious!
Will this be the new shtick from now on?

"'s not real! it can be real!"

kingPoS1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

You do realize that most of what you had seen was a tech demo... right?
I mean what sort of sense does it make for them to use pc's specs (dev kits) similar to the ps4

What were they thinking?


StraightPath1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

also microsoft hardware will be there too so this e3 will be really exciting for both microsoft and sony.

Microsoft will have to have a stellar show to match or beat sony. But people forgetting that alot of the games shown in PS4s great conferance were multiplatform games. With all the demos shown was what made a great show.

All microsoft has to do is not only bring their own exclusive games but also showcase alot of mutliplatform games aswell and show the innovations they added to their next console.

Microsoft will have to do either the same or alot to top this reveal from sony.

random ideas

Halo 5
Next Gen Gears of War
Forza 5
Forza Horizon 2?
Crackdown 3
Rare IPS taken seriously ( Full On Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Conker )
Alan Wake 2
Project Gotham 5
Kameo 2?
Next Gen Spinter Cell

list goes on what Microsoft could potential reveal.

all features PS4 has ala recording gameplay watching others play and addition to all thier innovations and features.

Finally a list of mutliplatform games showcased in their event.

Hideo didnt make a appearance so hmm

Metal Gear Solid ground zeroes and reveal of phantom pain? in Microsoft show.

A ff game announced in ms show?

rockstar makes a appearance at ms show?

microsoft could do alot to top sonys show.

Witcher 3 showcased in MS show? ( afterall in witcher 2appeared on xbox 360 exclusively.)

bethesda game?

next gen call of duty

mass effect 4

valve games portal 3 half life 3?...

please microsoft dont shove kinect down the entire show.

if microsoft does all the above it will absolutely kill sonys conferance.

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modesign1886d ago

so will there be any ps3 at e3 this year.

deep_fried_bum_cake1886d ago

Yes plenty. The PS3 will still be following its 10 year plan and as not everyone will rush out to get a PS4 (almost everyone I've talked to will wait a while) then it would be stupid to stop making games for a still booming market.

rainslacker1886d ago

You can expect some for sure. Sony is unlikely to drop 70+ million users. Even after the PS3 announcement PS2 got some love for a couple years. It will likely not take up as much time though. Maybe a few trailers or demos of new games that may be on the horizon for it. Most eyes will be firmly set on the PS4, and expect some of the Vita integration and games to coincide along with that PS4 stuff.

Fyflin1886d ago

E3 is going to be incredible this year! All 3 consoles showing their best software and fighting for our money. It's a hard life being a gamer.

Skynetone1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

well there is the steam box

FriedGoat1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

When you have a PC, what's the point? I can make my PC anything I want it to be, steambox isn't going to have high budget exclusives is it?

PS4 and the new xbox on the other hand, gonna have to save some pennies.

NYC_Gamer1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

It's common sense PS4 hardware and price being revealed @E3

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