MMOs You May Not Know About

In the MMO Metaverse, there is one juggernaut that rules supreme when it comes to subscriptions. Blizzard's World of Warcraft first hit store shelves in 2004 and has since surpassed 10 million active subscribers.

With a community that covers the majority of MMO gamers, it's sometimes easy to forget that there is a huge catalogue of MMOs out there that don't get as much attention.

In the interest of fair and balanced journalism, we'd like to spend some time with a small sampling of our favorite MMOs that sometimes go unsung.

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Staircase3914d ago

It leads to a server error for me. :(

Cabal is a good MMO that i'm playing right now. Its a lot of fun.

Tyrael3913d ago

Umm, I hope Diablo 3 isnt a MMO