Did the PS4 Wow?

The Man Cave Cinema writes, Sony and PlayStation finally pulled off the wraps of the new PS4. Even thou the console was not shown they discussed a lot about the technology that was built into the system including showing off some games that will be available that would show off the equipment.

Quite frankly we where not that impressed with the new system...

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darthv721702d ago

on how we use the term "wow". i mean i was that is pretty cool they are making it more 3rd party friendly.

I wasnt all WOW my mind was totally blown away. It wasnt a bad showing in the least but what was shown was really neat.

It would have been more WOW if they showed the system more so than the controller. As for the games, i could see some improvements in the finer details but we have been conditioned to expect quality visuals from the PS3. So what was shown is only the beginning.

Once new titles are built from the ground up using the PS4 is when we should get those "WOW" moments. As of now, these looked as if they were in dev for the PS3 and had their dev shifted to the PS4 once they got the specs figured out.

An overall good show in spite of not seeing the actual system though.

HITANDRUN1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I missed the wow factor. Really what was it shown?
8GB DDR5 RAM AND 8CORE, thats amazing spec. The rest third party games and wait what else?

Trophies not compatable, no backwards compatibility, only download ps3 are available to play meaning pay for it again, same remote I have used for 15 years, a console that was missing, no real innovation besides having a powerfull hardware.

Was I impress? No, I thought it was dry, souless, imcopetent and un-professional to even call it reveal when they only showed a remote control.

It was a failure.

d0nT wOrrY1702d ago

^ After reading your other comment about how Sony has earned the platinum trophy with "lies", you've lost your credibility.
You've no power here.

FunAndGun1702d ago

HITANDRUN, were you drunk driving again?

JoGam1702d ago

Respectfully, shhhhhhh you're making yourself sound stupid.

jeseth1702d ago

@ Hitandrun "Back under the bridge Troll!!!! Back, back, .. Shooo!"

Sony was smart not to show the console ... leaves people still really interested for e3 so they still have more eciting news.

I'm also sure theres a lot of details we'll be hearing more on. I'm super psyched to see what e3 brings, especially since they are already showing exclusives like inFamous and Killzone. And Killzone at launch! Awesome!

I thought it was great, the whole show. Seeing Watch digs in action, Square Enix announcements, Capcom, media molecule, etc. Looks like everyone is on board and looks like Sony learned from their PS3 mistakes and made the PS4 a very powerful, capable, and easy to develop for machine!

Can't wait to see more!

Bahpomet---1702d ago Show
Seraphemz1702d ago

WHAT?!! Are you joking? I dont remember my Dualshock 3 having a touchpad...or a share button....
No innovation? What are you smoking?

Why would they reveal everything in one day??? Like they said, if they did that...people would be bored the rest of the year. They have to save something for E3...

I think that your phrasing is <IMCOPETENT> btw.

ElitaStorm1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

then u are a guy that can not be impressed by anything

in short "souless"

dafegamer1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

expect a great kinect 2.0 presentation from microsoft

DivineAssault 1702d ago

so? im not going to be playing old school games on my ps4 anyway plus gaikai will allow users to play those games.. Trophies not being transferable would suck but how do u know thats true? they never said that.. That mini presentation was wowing pal.. maybe not to u but others seemed impressed including the media

djthechamp241702d ago

So is PC gaming innovative?

starchild1702d ago

It wowed me. I was really impressed with everything.

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Walker1702d ago

Absolutely, PS4 was WOW. JUST WOW .

B1663r1702d ago

Its funny, as an indy casual gamer the PS4 wowed me because the PS4 looks like it will be the casual gaming platform of choice, which is going to necessarily erode the coreness of the core games on the PS4, and will eventually kill off the Sony exclusive.

So in that Sony would start the March down the road to the end of the console exclusive the way Microsoft did nearly a decade ago, is quite impressive to me.

Gonna be bad for so called "core" gamers though.

TheGamerDood1702d ago

The PS4 is a beast! 8 freakin' gigabytes of GraphicsDDR5 ram. Nothing MS will announce can ever top that.

3-4-51702d ago



I thought it was pretty good.

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ABizzel11703d ago

90% Yes and 10% No.

I think any who considers themselves a gamer, and PS fanboys were going to be excited for this no matter what. New hardware announcements are always exciting, and this was no exception.

The entire conference was a huge highlight with the exception of Square being on stage with nothing to show, but a CG trailer that leaked long ago (EA should have took their spot, but BF4 at E3 PlayStation conference I guess).

I was completely satisfied, but not quite wow'ed simply because the rumors spoiled what the PS4 would be capable of. After seeing the leaked specs. anyone with a bit of PC knowledge knew what to expect going into this, so while the game looked impressive (even by PC standards), it's nothing we haven't seen before from mid-end PC gaming, with even more from high-end PC gaming.

The thing is knowing all those PlayStation Exclusives will be running with PC quality, and that's exciting.

I think I would have been wowed if there were more confirmations (price / date) and announcements (MIA PS3 games, and more PS4 reveals).

Overall I was highly impressed, but I wouldn't say wow'ed although the social aspects were amazing.

colonel1791702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

"I think I would have been wowed if there were more confirmations (price / date) and announcements (MIA PS3 games, and more PS4 reveals)."

But why would Sony reveal everything they've got in their first move, specially before Microsoft shows its hand?

All of those announcements will come for sure at the right time. There will be more game announcement surely at E3, and for the PS3 and PSV too.

Saying you weren't wowed because all the details weren't mentioned, is putting yourself for disappointment, because it was obvious there weren't going to be there.

What was shown of the PS4 is more than enough to get excited about. The controller got a redesign for the first time in 15 years for the better, which people was asking for; they revealed the specs which people wanted, and developers wanted; they revealed their plans for cloud gaming and PSN. Everything was right at the conference (except as you said, Square Enix being there)

Also, people getting disappointed because PS4 specs are not better than a high end computer, is BS. I would never expect a game console to be more powerful than a computer. I don't think it ever has. What I wanted is high enough leap from one generation (PS3) to another (PS4) and I think we got it.

I you want to play ultra realistic graphics with every technological advancement, I think you are already a PC gamer, so what is the matter?

solidt121702d ago

8 gigs of gddr3 ram. Yes. And there first batch of games already look this good. Imagine how they will look in 3 years.

solidt121702d ago

I meant gddr5 ram. I was too excited to post.

cleft51702d ago

The Specs wow'ed, but I need to see more games before I decide if this is a day 1 purchase for me.

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