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Submitted by Johnnyzee99 1084d ago | opinion piece

Did the PS4 Wow?

The Man Cave Cinema writes, Sony and PlayStation finally pulled off the wraps of the new PS4. Even thou the console was not shown they discussed a lot about the technology that was built into the system including showing off some games that will be available that would show off the equipment.

Quite frankly we where not that impressed with the new system... (PS4)

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GoldPunch-TR  +   1086d ago
Yes, WOW!!
JoGam  +   1084d ago
Yes it did.
darthv72  +   1084d ago
that depends...
on how we use the term "wow". i mean i was that is pretty cool they are making it more 3rd party friendly.

I wasnt all WOW my mind was totally blown away. It wasnt a bad showing in the least but what was shown was really neat.

It would have been more WOW if they showed the system more so than the controller. As for the games, i could see some improvements in the finer details but we have been conditioned to expect quality visuals from the PS3. So what was shown is only the beginning.

Once new titles are built from the ground up using the PS4 is when we should get those "WOW" moments. As of now, these looked as if they were in dev for the PS3 and had their dev shifted to the PS4 once they got the specs figured out.

An overall good show in spite of not seeing the actual system though.
HITANDRUN  +   1084d ago
I missed the wow factor. Really what was it shown?
8GB DDR5 RAM AND 8CORE, thats amazing spec. The rest third party games and wait what else?

Trophies not compatable, no backwards compatibility, only download ps3 are available to play meaning pay for it again, same remote I have used for 15 years, a console that was missing, no real innovation besides having a powerfull hardware.

Was I impress? No, I thought it was dry, souless, imcopetent and un-professional to even call it reveal when they only showed a remote control.

It was a failure.
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d0nT wOrrY  +   1084d ago
^ After reading your other comment about how Sony has earned the platinum trophy with "lies", you've lost your credibility.
You've no power here.
FunAndGun  +   1084d ago
HITANDRUN, were you drunk driving again?
JoGam  +   1084d ago
Respectfully, shhhhhhh you're making yourself sound stupid.
jeseth  +   1084d ago
@ Hitandrun "Back under the bridge Troll!!!! Back, back, .. Shooo!"

Sony was smart not to show the console ... leaves people still really interested for e3 so they still have more eciting news.

I'm also sure theres a lot of details we'll be hearing more on. I'm super psyched to see what e3 brings, especially since they are already showing exclusives like inFamous and Killzone. And Killzone at launch! Awesome!

I thought it was great, the whole show. Seeing Watch digs in action, Square Enix announcements, Capcom, media molecule, etc. Looks like everyone is on board and looks like Sony learned from their PS3 mistakes and made the PS4 a very powerful, capable, and easy to develop for machine!

Can't wait to see more!
Bahpomet---   1084d ago | Offensive
Seraphemz  +   1084d ago
WHAT?!! Are you joking? I dont remember my Dualshock 3 having a touchpad...or a share button....
No innovation? What are you smoking?

Why would they reveal everything in one day??? Like they said, if they did that...people would be bored the rest of the year. They have to save something for E3...

I think that your phrasing is <IMCOPETENT> btw.
ElitaStorm  +   1084d ago
then u are a guy that can not be impressed by anything

in short "souless"
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dafegamer  +   1084d ago
expect a great kinect 2.0 presentation from microsoft
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DivineAssault  +   1084d ago
so? im not going to be playing old school games on my ps4 anyway plus gaikai will allow users to play those games.. Trophies not being transferable would suck but how do u know thats true? they never said that.. That mini presentation was wowing pal.. maybe not to u but others seemed impressed including the media
djthechamp24  +   1084d ago
So is PC gaming innovative?
starchild  +   1084d ago
It wowed me. I was really impressed with everything.
Walker  +   1084d ago
Absolutely, PS4 was WOW. JUST WOW .
B1663r  +   1084d ago
Its funny, as an indy casual gamer the PS4 wowed me because the PS4 looks like it will be the casual gaming platform of choice, which is going to necessarily erode the coreness of the core games on the PS4, and will eventually kill off the Sony exclusive.

So in that Sony would start the March down the road to the end of the console exclusive the way Microsoft did nearly a decade ago, is quite impressive to me.

Gonna be bad for so called "core" gamers though.
TheGamerDood  +   1084d ago
The PS4 is a beast! 8 freakin' gigabytes of GraphicsDDR5 ram. Nothing MS will announce can ever top that.
3-4-5  +   1084d ago


I thought it was pretty good.
Pintheshadows  +   1084d ago
No, Diablo 3.
ABizzel1  +   1085d ago
90% Yes and 10% No.

I think any who considers themselves a gamer, and PS fanboys were going to be excited for this no matter what. New hardware announcements are always exciting, and this was no exception.

The entire conference was a huge highlight with the exception of Square being on stage with nothing to show, but a CG trailer that leaked long ago (EA should have took their spot, but BF4 at E3 PlayStation conference I guess).

I was completely satisfied, but not quite wow'ed simply because the rumors spoiled what the PS4 would be capable of. After seeing the leaked specs. anyone with a bit of PC knowledge knew what to expect going into this, so while the game looked impressive (even by PC standards), it's nothing we haven't seen before from mid-end PC gaming, with even more from high-end PC gaming.

The thing is knowing all those PlayStation Exclusives will be running with PC quality, and that's exciting.

I think I would have been wowed if there were more confirmations (price / date) and announcements (MIA PS3 games, and more PS4 reveals).

Overall I was highly impressed, but I wouldn't say wow'ed although the social aspects were amazing.
colonel179  +   1084d ago
"I think I would have been wowed if there were more confirmations (price / date) and announcements (MIA PS3 games, and more PS4 reveals)."

But why would Sony reveal everything they've got in their first move, specially before Microsoft shows its hand?

All of those announcements will come for sure at the right time. There will be more game announcement surely at E3, and for the PS3 and PSV too.

Saying you weren't wowed because all the details weren't mentioned, is putting yourself for disappointment, because it was obvious there weren't going to be there.

What was shown of the PS4 is more than enough to get excited about. The controller got a redesign for the first time in 15 years for the better, which people was asking for; they revealed the specs which people wanted, and developers wanted; they revealed their plans for cloud gaming and PSN. Everything was right at the conference (except as you said, Square Enix being there)

Also, people getting disappointed because PS4 specs are not better than a high end computer, is BS. I would never expect a game console to be more powerful than a computer. I don't think it ever has. What I wanted is high enough leap from one generation (PS3) to another (PS4) and I think we got it.

I you want to play ultra realistic graphics with every technological advancement, I think you are already a PC gamer, so what is the matter?
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mandf  +   1084d ago
solidt12  +   1084d ago
8 gigs of gddr3 ram. Yes. And there first batch of games already look this good. Imagine how they will look in 3 years.
Septic  +   1084d ago
solidt12  +   1084d ago
I meant gddr5 ram. I was too excited to post.
cleft5  +   1084d ago
The Specs wow'ed, but I need to see more games before I decide if this is a day 1 purchase for me.
wenaldy  +   1084d ago
Just like Kate Bush's song?
v0rt3x  +   1084d ago
You have to remember - a lot of the things that were not revealed are going public during the various gaming show this year. If Sony wants to release the PS4 during holiday season - they still have a full year of opportunities to Wow us with more things. And don't forget the games in the last cycles of the PS4. It took a good life span of the PS3 to wow us with games like Uncharted 3. The PS4 announcement was just the beginning.
MasterCornholio  +   1084d ago
Yep especially after the unveiling of the Wii U which was a huge disappointment in my opinion.
r21  +   1084d ago
IMO, yes. Wow. It was an amazing event :D Sony did not disappoint!
SpinalRemains138  +   1084d ago
You watched the same event as we all did and this was the best you come up with?

Really? Did it 'wow'?
NastyLeftHook0  +   1084d ago
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   1084d ago
yes it did WOW, for a TEASE of what they where allow to show, i can only imagine what there E3 will be like, i for one can not wait to see it....
Psychotica  +   1084d ago
I am primarily a PC gamer but I was impressed with it and the potential it has. I had no intention on getting one but now I am thinking about it.
sagapo  +   1084d ago
Some stuff suprised me, but I wasn't blown away. however, the hardware is there, I think the wow-factor will come when we can see the full potential of the console.
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Tzuno  +   1084d ago
Wow!!! a computer with exclusives. :)
vividi  +   1084d ago
Jek_Porkins  +   1084d ago
The specs were impressive and Sony did a good job at not giving people much to complain about.

I wish they would have actually shown the console, but then a lot of people probably would have complained about how it looked. If they talked price, people would have complained.

So I guess I wish they would have shown something other than Killzone running on the console. Watch Dogs was a bit misleading because it was on PC.

They did a lot right though.
lovegames718  +   1084d ago
Yes it did. Great innovative social aspects, instant demo play, no wait times on start up and installing, share button is awesome imo and they showed live action gameplay before everyones eyes. Best part of all Killzone is a launch game and is confirmed to be 1080p native no trolling but wiiu couldnt even make mario a simple side scroller 1080p native and have hardly no 1080p games at all except for one or two simple side scrollers.

We were right nxt gen starts with Sony.
_LarZen_  +   1084d ago
It wowed me and it wowed developers around.

Even John Carmack praised the PS4 for its engineering choices.
DivineAssault  +   1084d ago
it was a glimpse of nx gen.. They didnt even show the console itself & i was impressed.. The dual shock 4 already had me, then the specs had me, then the games had me, then the features had me, then the support had me..
black911  +   1084d ago
Yes and I cant wait till E3 because I know they held alot o f info back!
tweet75  +   1084d ago
no it isnt backwards compatible even with digital content!
isarai  +   1084d ago
Actually no, it blew my fucking mind everywhere, so i did not have the mental capability to say "wow" at the moment
jmc8888  +   1084d ago
How could running PC games on PC hardware, in the same quality that has been around for a couple years, lead to being 'wowed' so much?

Not that you are the following, but if you talk to a Sony fanboy (and I'm a Sony user, not fanboy) there isn't anything better then say Uncharted series of graphics are out.

Yet when people see what PC's have been enjoying for years, suddenly they are wowed beyond the ability to speak.

Do people understand that, while maybe not you, that this is going on and it's pretty funny.

So now people that understand this are saying, hey these specs of the PS4 are a midrange 2011 PC, everyone instead wants to believe they are uber beast specs.

Though again what we were seeing were PC games on PC hardware, not a PS4. So hopefully the PC they were 'targeting' is something they can achieve. It's still a guess because well if you didn't just see or experience the Aliens Colonial Marine debacle, just realize that is definitely possible here because Sony failed to use a PS4 to run those games.

What a PC runs PC games is not a PS4 running PS4 games.
isarai  +   1084d ago
It wasn't the graphics that wowed me, it was the computing(physics, scale, AI) and the fixed features the PS4 offered. not to mention the design and quality put into the titles shown. And not only that, yeah PC may have been able to do it (even better in fact) for a while noow, but lets face it, how many game REALLY utilize all that power, with consoles now having the graphical upgrade we'll be seeing those visuals a LOT more often now
Johnnyzee99  +   1084d ago
It seems someone didn't like my comments about the developers, please see the comments at the site to see for yourself. The person took offence but I took even more offence to what he said.
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abzdine  +   1084d ago
that Gaikai implementation looks sick!! that's how i imagined the future of video games and i couldnt imagine Gaikai was so powerful.
you can stream the game from someone's PS4 to help or play with him.. that is sick!

and those graphics.. WOW! I know where my money will go when it releases! Killzone bundle and probably a game or two with it.
jmc8888  +   1084d ago
Um it only allows you to jump in an play IF you meet the following requirements.

1. You own the game
2. You beat the game (or perhaps that level)
3. You find a person who has done both and is online

So yeah it's useful, but it's not going to be as common as you think.

If someone has friends who buy the same games, and play about the same times, then yes it will be very helpful. But it's sort of an all or nothing feature.

Some people will be able to use it, and use it alot.

Others will wish to use it, but won't be able to because no one they know plays the game or is online when they need help.

Graphics are nice, but nothing that isn't already being done for the past couple years.
dee-ecks  +   1084d ago
Two words:

younglj01  +   1084d ago
I was Wow just from the KillZone:Shadow Fall.I pray Sony is smart and have an PS4/KZ:SF bundle.

But Sony if you really want too be gangsta/asshole announce an PS4 bundle with KZ:SF w/ and exclusive BF4 beta key + an 1 year free PS+ sub.Now if that happens how could Sony lose.I think since Sony went too about every "major" developers including indie says something too me.For so many 3rd party developers really supporting the PS brand again is going to be the PS2 years all over again hopefully.

Also MAG 2 that is all ;)
AlexBurnout  +   1084d ago
Yes, it did.
CapsLocke  +   1084d ago
It was nice and interesting, but nothing close to "wow". Only entitled PlayStation fanboys will praise their unreleased, but already outdated PC with closed architecture.
saint_seya  +   1084d ago
Are u mad bro? did sony kidnaped your gtx titan, or smashed your 360? maybe they broke your wii u?
Idk if is outdated by pc standars, but for a game console is way up to date, and not only that, after the killzone demo #and been able to play bf3 in ultra# i have to say that it did got to wow me..
CapsLocke  +   1084d ago
Well what can I say, you're so pathetic it's sad.
saint_seya  +   1084d ago
Yeah cuz a random dude in the net that hates for no reason #probably 10 years old# calles me pathetic because i just pointed something is easy to see i should feel bad.
Oh kid i feel so bad now u called me pathetic :(
Kids like u are just those that when cant eat cake spit over so noone ever does either
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jmc8888  +   1084d ago
Nope. I'm a 1st day preorder regardless, but nope.

Specs were unimpressive, good to see they went to 8gb's, but the GPU isn't powerful enough to utilize more than 1.75-3 GB's properly. Hint: the GTX 670, more powerful, can't utilize more than that.

The mobile/tablet CPU has 8 cores, but 8 weak cores, and besides being weak, they also only run at 1.6ghz, which means it's a weak design and running slow.

The demos they showed weren't running off of a PS4, it was running on a PC. What they showed off was what they were 'targeting'. Well targets aren't actual. So people got excited about what a PC can do believing that's what a PS4 will be. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Even then, nothing that was shown was above what a midrange PC has been doing for years.

How can people say it's a spec beast when it is a midrange 2011 GPU coupled by a midrange 2007 CPU. That's not a beast, it's pretty weak that bumps up to almost mediocre when you take into account latency and optimization advantages. OS will be hefty and bloated with things most people don't want or will never use (even if they sound nice).

Ignorance. Flat out ignorance to be impressed. It's funny Sony fanboys denigrate PC's for having more power, yet then do the same thing to Wii U crowd. They forget the PC is already ahead of a PS4, massively, and yet even though that IS the case, even a Wii U will be able to play any PS4/PC/720 game that isn't exclusive. A PS4 is only 3x faster than a Wii U. A 720 is only 2x as fast as a Wii U.

But somehow that means, 'so far behind'. No it isn't.

As an owner of a 360/PS3/Wii U/PC and a 1st day preorder of 720/PS4, people need to have realized expectations.

This is the same crowd of people that talk about nothing looking better than the PS3 games they've been gawking about, yet were 'mind blown' by games that look no better or markedly worse than has been on PC's for quite some time, yet nothing looks better than those PS3 exclusives. What happened with the meme of the PS3 hadn't been maxed out yet? Because clearly it had been, and has been for about 5 years. Yes they squeezed more out of the hardware, within smaller borders to achieve something better within those smaller borders. But power allows you expand border into 1080p, 1600p, 5760x1080 AND allow you to increase graphical quality, DX11 effects, etc.

The people wowed by the graphics shown on the PC...err PS4, that they showed off haven't been paying attention to gaming outside their sectors for the last 5 years. Hear no evil, see no evil I guess.

The people wowed by the specs, don't know specs. I bet those people would think if it came with 32gb's of GDDR5 ram, they'd think it would make it 'better'. Well if I threw my 16gb ram into my old Pentium II from 1998 would that make it better? Or does the system actually have to be able to utilize it? Basically you have 6gb's of GDDR5 (2 reserved for OS) and of that only a 1/3 or so of it will be really used.
jmc8888  +   1084d ago
That's reality folks. PS3, with all it's faults, could trounce a thousands of dollars of PC hardware from 2004, like the 360 could when it launched in 2005 (still from 2004 PC parts), yet the PS4 can't match a 2011 midrange PC.

So from parity during launch of 360/PS3 to 1/8th-1/9th the power of an uber PC in 2013, and somehow that massive multiple steps back generates mind blowing.

People need to look around and notice the world. It goes to show you why this world is falling apart, you have obvious things all around, and people are oblivious to it. PS4 isn't very powerful, it's at best midrange.

Still lots of fun capable, but man what people see and what is reality is at an all time separation. Wake up people. Quit allowing yourselves to be fooled.

Love your console, consoles, pc, or consoles+PC for what it IS, not for something it's not. Quit jumping on board the fake train, like some snooki of the gaming world. Like some white house press secretary. Like some pitchman for a product. Like a car salesmen.
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