So… No Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Huh

Kotaku: "There was speculation that Final Fantasy Versus XIII would appear at Sony's PS4 reveal. Shinji Hashimoto, Versus' producer, arrived on stage. Surely, this was the moment. But it wasn't. It wasn't at all."

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Pozzle1915d ago

Is anyone genuinely surprised? :(

zeal0us1915d ago

I sure am said no one.

Maybe SE should have a one FF game per generation quota for consoles(new games only ,doesn't include old titles or remakes/HD versions).

Mounce1915d ago

I definitely enjoyed Shinji coming onto the stage and going "Evening! I hope you look forward to E3 for Final Fantasy! - - - BYE NOW!" *walks away*

I sorta was, built up in anticipation as if he were going to reveal something big.

Instead, he basically just used Sony's stage to advertise for Square Enix and for people to look forward to them at E3 and really give Sony nothing at their own showing on Feb 20th.

Is at least what it felt like to me, a severe disappointment.

mandf1915d ago

Look another negative article from kotaku. No surprise there.

ritsuka6661915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

You make yourself look like a fanboy yourself when you care what Kotaku critics think of this vaporware game.if you don't agree, why bother then... Anyway, I don't care what SE has to say about Final Fantasy until they announce a release date for a Final Fantasy game that I want to play.

mandf1915d ago

considering this is the 10th article since last with a negative spin from kotaku I think I have a right to point out useless crap journalism

baraka0071915d ago

they have put out nothing but crap about the ps4 Seriously 10+ articles in less than 30 minutes is a bit much don't you think?

BillySpandex1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

I have to agree, it seems that worthless site is up to its old tricks again.

It's one thing to attempt to be critical or at least give a critical assessment of a new console, but then you have to be consistent. Kotaku fails in that regard. It's never been consistent in its praise or criticism, with some console-makers getting persistent praise whereas with others there's constant criticism. I was hoping that they'd change their tune with a new generation of games, but alas... Kotaku remains tripe.

_-EDMIX-_1915d ago

? why would Versus be there exactly? Versus is a PlayStation 3 game not... I'm not even understanding what they're talking about.

this goes along with the same business questioning why the last Guardian wasn't there either.

"durrrrr why wasn't God of War Ascension there derp...." a lot of these journalist are so slo... don't they understand the architecture is new and why will they release a current gen game on a next gen system? silver having difficulty making the game yet they would port the game to a system with a whole new architecture? we just waited 6 years for a single game ...yet you're giving them a reason to wait even longer? lol no.

it will release on PlayStation 3....sit down.

rymanb1915d ago

I think the idea is that we've had no real mention or indeed footage of Versus XIII for at least a year now, and that this is likely because it's been transferred to the PS4.
Who knows, maybe they'll bring another member of Square Enix to E3 just to say "yes, we are developing a new game..." which is pretty much what they did last night.

MrWonderful1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Im so sick of hearing about this game. To me it seems obvious that around the time this game went off the radar was around the time sony was working on the ps4. So in a logical sense the game is set to go back to the roots and have a world map and airships etc which meant that Tetsuya Nomura couldnt have really imagined his vision on the ps3 and it was moved to the ps4. So my guess would be that the game will launch next year if not as a launch title.

"During May 2012, Nomura revealed he was still working as the director of Final Fantasy Versus XIII as well as a new Kingdom Hearts game that has yet to be announced by Square Enix. Though first announced in May 2006, Versus XIII did not enter into full production until September 2011." this would kinda back up my theroy.

_-EDMIX-_1915d ago

with the money already spent on the lengthy development why would square move to a system with 0 install base?

if anything their trying to get a return

MrWonderful1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Because the console has less restrictions then the ps3 and its a Final Fantasy game on playstation hardware. Its going to sell regardless because alot of the people that play them grew up when the games became cult hit on playstation and they will always tie the name Final Fantasy to that brand even though thats not where it started.

jokia0051915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

At least SE showing Final Fantasy title at E3 for PS4.
Lets be positive

iMaim1915d ago

Optimistic people don't exist on n4g.

Root1915d ago

because we've been burned to many times

Hard to be possitive when the gaming industry these days is filled with nothing but lies and false hope

tiffac0081915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

There is optimism but then again Wada is running SE. So.... yeah.... there is hopelessness too. :/

Crystallis1915d ago

The game is gonna be shown at a Japanese event or TGS first.

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