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PlayStation 4: 4 Reasons Not To Buy Into The Hype

WC: With Sony’s recent unveiling of the PS4 and some of the titles that’ll be in its catalog, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a successful PR event. After the single most competent press conference Sony has thrown in years, one filled with tech specs, new console features, and games, who wouldn’t think that the PS4 is going to be the greatest thing ever (aside from the PC “master race”)?

But as all gamers know, what we’re promised isn’t always what we get, no matter the intentions of the console manufacturers, software developers, and publishers.

So here are 4 reasons to be wary about the PS4. (PS4, Sony)

ThatXboxGuy  +   788d ago
No thanks.I'm swimming in the hype and loving it.Unlike most i was pretty happy with PS3 and was in no rush to make the next gen jump anytime soon.But man..Those games..

How smooth the interface is going to be.No more 2-3 seconds when you push the home buttom in-game anymore.Just BAM and you're there.Can't wait to see it more in depth.

Buy into the hype? I'm chuggin it like kool aid
Even without showing the console itself this may be Sony's best console reveal ever.
MasterCornholio  +   788d ago
Imagine that im at home playing Killzone 4 and all of a sudden a friend of mine sends me a message recommending me to play a demo. I temporary exit the game go to the store and i stream the demo to my TV. Once im done with the demo all of a sudden my friend requests some help with his game. So i pull up a live feed of his game and hes in a very difficult platforming situation and isn't capable of timing his jumps right. So he turns over the control of his character to me and i aid him in that section of the game. All of a sudden i remember that i was playing Killzone 4 and i decide to jump back into my game with no load times to keep me waiting.

This is what they said would be possible with Gaikai built into the network and im extremely excited for it.
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neogeo  +   787d ago
Sounds like too much work! Are you a wall street stock broker or a gamer? Sounds like hell to me. What happened to the good ol NES 8 bit days when I had no online and just games. Why can't Sony downgrade back to 8bit?
mandf  +   788d ago
Look another negative article about Sony. Anyone starting to notice the trend? Sony releases specs, services, and games but all we get is negativity from the gaming press. I have seen a lot of pointless articles get approved last night about Sony with no filter, but an actual article about a game gets failed for being a duplicate. 50 blogs with no nice things to say get approved.
sonic989  +   788d ago
how pathetic it could get is just surprising .
the ps4 isn't fully unveiled yet there is a lot of critical features sony didnt speak about on purpose because microsoft are watching as we know
sony did an amazing job announcing hyping without providing everything for the competition to counter on later how was that bad its called strategy
btw that guy is a nintendo fan as i knew from a previous article if i wasnt mistaken .
also i know that the xbox is an american product but that doesnt mean Americans should support it because it didnt deserve to be supported the way they did why look at the playstation sales in the rest of the planet to know why
should the best be recognized
Ron_Danger  +   787d ago
Someone needs to make a list of all the sites making "PS4 Doom" articles (especially including all those no name sites that popped up yesterday) and see what those same sites have to say once Microsoft announce their next console.

Doom articles across the board are getting out of hand. There was even one posted by Goldman Sakks yesterday, and they were one of the companies that was so successful that they needed the government to give them money so they wouldn't fail.
stuntman_mike  +   787d ago
how about making a list of all the "WiiU Doom" articles while your at it lol. there's ton's of them.
Ron_Danger  +   787d ago
I agree. That's why I said that doom articles across the board are getting out of hand. Sites posting doom articles should be banned. I thought this site was News for Gamers, not Speculation for Fanboys.
stuntman_mike  +   787d ago
sadly it's every where at the moment.

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