Playstation 4: What Did We Learn?

The dust has settled. The Playstation 4 has been announced. What has it taught us about the future of gaming?

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clintagious6501917d ago

I learned that i'll be buying a ps4 at launch along with killzone, watch dogs, & knack.

DigitalSmoke1917d ago

It taught me that Sony made a super strength from last gen's weakness, RAM.
It taught me that Sony isn't done with Microsoft, not yet..

And it showed me that as a grown man i am still able to
clap my hands and cheer like a crazy school girl over the power and promise of a console.

Relientk771917d ago

I learned that Sony is still King

cervantes991917d ago

I learned it has power, a great controller and that I can pee my pants when I get really excited :)