A summary of this morning's Nintendo Direct.

A summary of this morning's Nintendo Direct provided by TakuChat.

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nrvalleytime1705d ago

Oracle of Ages and Seasons are two definite must-buys. Call me crazy, but these two (and A Link to the Past) are my favorite titles. Just great gaming.

ElectricKaibutsu1704d ago

They and Phantom Hourglass are the only Zeldas I've never played. I'll definitely pick them up.

kirbyu1704d ago

I knew this Direct wasn't gonna be good. The only game that at all sounds interesting is the one about Miis.

BullyMangler1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

whats not to like about the new Monster Hunter trailer . it's better than most things announced at sonys most recent conference .. . sweet fact

kirbyu1704d ago

I don't play Monster Hunter.

BullyMangler1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

neither do i. but the trailer does not suck because of .. .

Snookies121704d ago

Still no mention of GBA or SNES support for 3DS!? COME ON Nintendo... This is just getting disappointing. Sure I have Fire Emblem and Pokemon tiding me over, but there are so many classic games from the GBA and SNES era that I would love to have on the go.

Black-Rock-Shooter1704d ago

I have always though that Nintendo is afraid of putting Pokemon on the virtalconsole as it might distract them from the new Pokemon games.

I would love to play advanced wars and final fantasy 6 on my 3ds.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1704d ago

EXACTLY what Ive been saying GBA and SNES have a huge Library NINTENDO needs to use IT.

ElectricKaibutsu1704d ago

Nintendo is insane. There are so many games I would buy. That's free money!