PlayStation 4 hardware and software pre-orders kick off

South African video game retailer, BT Games, has kicked off the pre-order race for Sony’s latest hardware, the PlayStation 4, and its software titles.

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WeAreLegion1944d ago

I hate GameStop, but there is nothing like a midnight release for a console. :) I have to reserve there... :/

Godchild10201944d ago

That's if they do one. Remember they didn't do one for the Wii U. And that had a great deal of reservations.

But I understand what you mean, I hope they have one aswell. I'm just waiting for them to start taking reserves.

ABizzel11944d ago

Best Buy should do it as well, on top of that you should get at least $10 in rewards coupons (better than nothing).

The reason to get it from GameStop is if there's a trade in your PS3 get $100 - $150 off the PS4 kind of deal in which case GameStop it may be.

WeAreLegion1944d ago

The thing is, I know that all of my friends will be at GameStop. I used to work there and so did many of them. Some still do. I discovered Disc Replay though, so I NEVER go to GameStop now. Lol. I would go for the experience of hanging out with all the local gamers though. Perhaps I could get a group together and reserve at Best Buy, so we can all sit out and wait for it at midnight. :)

Heisenburger1944d ago

I've never seen that before... /s

Just picking man. ;)

BitbyDeath1944d ago

I'll wait til Australia gets a solid release date before i put my pre-order down. Likely after E3.

rowdyBOY1944d ago

australian eb games price $899

wow that is freaking expensive

shikamaroooo1944d ago

Placeholder price, with the Australian dollar stronger than the US hoping for a $700 . For the record the PS3 was $1000 at launch

DivineAssault 1944d ago

im already on the wait list.. when i can deposit, i get a phone call & ill stop whatever it is im doing (good thing i work midnights) & go drop the money.. Im getting it day uno

adorie1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Doing it via Amazon. I want it on my doorstep on release date and I will shell out a premium for that.
No driving, no lines, just grab and open, then... PLAY!

gta28001944d ago

Just make sure you're home when it gets there. I've been seeing way too many surveillance videos of people stealing packages from door steps. Freakin bums lol.

Septic1944d ago

You would have to sign for it unless the delivery man is completely clueless.

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The story is too old to be commented.