DUALSHOCK 4 Touchpad will be Clickable

Regarding the DS4 touchpad, Sony says it will have a click mechanism. Let's see what this means for you and how you'll be able to click it.

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Cam9771759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Nice, I like innovative additions! I looked at the close-up images and the controller is looking very attractive! I LOVE the 'Share' button.

Shadow Flare1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I agree, sharing videos is going to be great. There were lots of times I wish I could have done that on ps3

I remember some people a few days ago saying that "those share button rumours were proven fake". Well thanks, thanks for that Columbo

boldstarr1759d ago

Yeah, streaming and sharing, who knows maybe u earn points doing it, youtube partners. Stream your walkthrouh gameplay then u earn points from your viewer

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Blacktric1759d ago

And I love how the lower half of the controller has a mesh-like design to prevent slipping.


Good_Guy_Jamal1759d ago

Innovative additions. -__- its a freaking clickable touchpad, where's the innovation?

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Blackdeath_6631759d ago

so the rumours were true and false, there was a rumour that there will be no touch pad and the led screen will be clickable. i guess a clickable touch pad is classy

lovegames7181759d ago

Love the controller and all the innovative aspects of the ps4. Everything is instant even demos and you can play games while its still downloading int he background. they even have a chip for downloading and uploading. Ps4 games on vita and other things. Share button is awesome ill be using that like crazy during my uc4 and kz4 marathons!!!!!!!!!

Man this system was what i expected and more. Im now mad that i have to wait until nxt christmas!!!!!! like really!!!!

Release day i will take off a week without any hesitation and lock myself in my apt.

GribbleGrunger1759d ago

Next Christmas? This Christmas.

GribbleGrunger1759d ago

So you'll probably click it to turn it on and off.

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The story is too old to be commented.