Aliens: Colonial Marines Review – A Chest Bursting Experience (GamersBliss) writes: "James Cameron was the mastermind that directed the second Aliens movie to star Sigorny Weaver. After over two and a half decades the movie has finally gotten a direct sequel to the events that unfolded on LV-426 in the form of a video game. While the sound of the last two sentences might have sounded exactly the way you wanted it to just wait until you hear that good ol’pulse rifle in action. Locales from the movie are ripped straight out of the 80′s sci-fi movie. But don’t let all this fool you, the experience isn’t like the movie at all, in fact you might want to stay away from this facehugger."

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A chest bursting experience LMAO!!!!!


...oh... wait somethings in my.... AHHHHHH!!!!

TheSuperior 1889d ago

This is a game that I was looking forward to but idk now. Anybody have any thought on if it's worth a rent?

linkkjm1889d ago

How do I know Shaun isn't a cyborg?

SheaHoff1889d ago

They mostly come at night...mostly...

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