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Submitted by Patashnik 1081d ago | interview

Interview with SCEJ President on PS4's selling point, backward compatibility and hardware

Backwards compatibility, the final hardware, Dual Shock 4, and the systems main selling point. Hiroshi Kawano discusses the PlayStation 4 announcement in this interview translated from Famitsu. (PS4, Sony)

DaveyB  +   1081d ago
Nice interview - I like how he 'expertly' avoids the Backward Compatibility question!
R_aVe_N  +   1081d ago
He really didnt avoid it.

"Kawano: At the moment it’s not possible to play packaged software on the PS4."

So as of right now it will not play packaged games, but they did say however you can stream them later on as they roll it out.
Peppino7  +   1081d ago
I'm hoping they'll just announce backwards compatibility later on. It looks like it has the capabilities too.
JoGam  +   1081d ago
Here's the truth, like it or not. The PS4 won't be backwards compatible. Nor will the 720. Why? Because they lose money. Think about it. Both Sony and MS started a new business model by releasing HD classics and remakes For example, Sony, look at the PS1 and PS2 classics. Sony makes them in HD (PS2) and resells them for profit which is good business. MS did the same thing with Halo 1. I doubt PS4 will be backwards compatible just for this reason. Oh there will be PS3 classics.
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MikeMyers  +   1081d ago
"Kawano: At the moment it’s not possible to play packaged software on the PS4."

It will be through Gaikai instead.

"As a concept, we are thinking of that – but we have to investigate that more thoroughly. It is an important part of our strategy. Besides, Gaikai has joined the company…"

I expect PLus and Gaikai to be that strategy moving forward. It's about getting returns and this is likely a premium service.

"The way people enjoy games is going to change."

More social and perhaps an extension of Playstation Home. The Share button was a major highlight during the presentation.

"There’s not point to do the same announcement we did today again."

Good, more secrets we don't know yet. They don't want to show their entire hand too early and I expect a huge showing at E3.
askura  +   1081d ago
May be able to register your game or something with a code and then just stream it to the console.
Patashnik  +   1081d ago
By the looks of it, backwards compatibility will basically involve - stream or download old games for a price.

Being specific to 'packaged' suggests - the games ou've already bought physical copies of won't work.

Perhaps if you have they'll offer a discount on those titles - Vita style...
Oldman100  +   1081d ago
It would be cool if every ps4 had an expansion bay (like the ps2) that would allow you to plug in a backwards compatibility dongle.
mananimal  +   1081d ago
LMAO, packaged games? , sounds like some kind of new code word for PHYSICAL DISC, meaning it doesnt play them, but only streams games, digital downloads or DRM....if that is the case theyve just started WW3, should be interesting regarding how game consumers respond to this if its true. I for 1 will never by a game console that doesnt have a physical disc. So count me out of a PS4 IF thats what he means.
juandren  +   1081d ago
Yes and that is why they put a Blu-Ray drive in the system. Lord help humanity
kreate  +   1081d ago
Read the comment wrong. Delete.
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kwyjibo  +   1081d ago
Gaikai will be the way to go for BC.

Maybe you insert the PS3 disk and then it confirms that your account has the right to stream it - something like that.
juandren  +   1081d ago
I also imagine it will be something like that
r21  +   1081d ago
...Thats actually an idea I could get behind. Maybe they can use our trophies to verify games that werent bought second hand.
Ultr  +   1081d ago
yeah, I just dont understand how people just take their old console and play the game there :P its not like my ps3 is going to destroy itself
KrisButtar  +   1081d ago
i only got room for 3 systems by my main tv, its set up like this ATM, 360,ps3,wii.. in the future i want it set up like this 720,ps4,wii u.

there is no room, im not going to have my ps3 sit on the floor, i would like to put it in my attic with my other systems. (xbox,ps1,ps2,n64,snes,etc)

if the ps4 doesnt have BC in the hardware, i wont buy it launch, as i have a pretty big backlog of ps3 games with more coming out this year.
Ultr  +   1081d ago
yeah I realy dont want your problems :)

also stop buying games for your backlog and work that up ^^
rainslacker  +   1081d ago
It's a convenience for some, and a way for people who don't own a previous system to play older games, particularly important in the early stages of a consoles life as it doesn't shut out late gen games. It's not a deal breaker for me, and I grew accustomed to keeping systems in the early years of consoles, but have been spoiled by Sony with the PS1 and PS2.

It's a bit disappointing that it won't at least play PS1 titles, since that should be pretty easy with the current hardware.
Joe913  +   1081d ago
I think that was the reason for the patent on linking games to a psn account causing the rumors of no used games I always thought they would use it this way once I found out they bought Gaikai and they was not using the Cell but was confirmed when the patent came out.
ajax17  +   1081d ago
It'd be great if it could run PS3 games! They'd run so much smoother with the 6x blu-ray drive!
DarkHeroZX  +   1081d ago
Well they'd run smooth if the weren't coded for the cell. If it wasn't for that BC would have been easy.
ajax17  +   1081d ago
I know, it'd be great though.
feels  +   1081d ago
very good and honest man
kingboy  +   1081d ago
Hope the Gaikai services get tied in with the already ps plus subscription program in place
Animal Mutha 76  +   1081d ago
I don't think the hardware will be able to emulate a 3.2ghz cell along with the ppu,spu complexities.
8 core amd is great but it's not related architecture.

My bet is a streamed solution using that clever video decoder chip they mentioned.
juandren  +   1081d ago
skydragoonity  +   1081d ago
Just wait till microsoft unveils their new console..
Muffins1223  +   1081d ago
Yea have fun with kinectemals and another halo title
Patashnik  +   1081d ago
I do get the feeling that, having played their hand early, and not exactly blown people away, it does leave the door open for Microsoft to deliver a better announcement.

If I was MS, I'd read every single negative comment about the PS4 announcement, and then make damn sure I didn't make the same 'mistake' and do my utmost to try to counter those points...
cleverusername  +   1081d ago
They haven't shown anything yet, they're obviously saving the best stuff for E3!
saint_seya  +   1081d ago
What are u talking about?. U are the only one not blown away i believe.. And negative as ?. I mean real negative not all the nonsense articles from random blogs.
rainslacker  +   1081d ago
I think quite a few people were blown away, so not sure what your talking about. They left a lot of questions to be answered for sure, but follow up interviews have answered most of what I've wondered about, so only a couple remain.

I'm looking forward to MS announcement, and if they can blow me away, or stomp on Sony's parade, it will be a good time for gamers. It will mean we will have 2 amazing consoles to choose from.
nigelp520  +   1081d ago
I rather Sony had SECOND LIMITED SKU that was for people who wanted to play ps1,ps2,and ps3 games. U pay extra for the emotion engine and cell chips. i would get that
Tyler Durden  +   1081d ago
I am sooo glad i'm not the only one that thinks that. I, for one, am very pissed that there is no backwards compatibility.
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rainslacker  +   1081d ago
I've been saying that for a while now. But if they have designs finalized then it's unlikely. Might still be a chance it's one of the things they're holding back on though, but I've given up hope for it myself.
Adolph Fitler  +   1081d ago
Comon gamers. We may as well face it, the American mentality of PS3 being too expensive at launch, determined that b/c is not a worthwhile feature, as people are not willing to pay for it. I mean, with the spanking new tech in Blu-Ray & Bluetooth, being written off by naysayers as not needed on PS3, then the fact that Sony's machine offered Wifi, which 360 didn't include & was an additional $100 add on for that machine, not to mention the expensive, but game useless HD DVD add on that MS half heartedly threw at gamers, as well as the fact 360 also had half hearted emulation b/c, & the $800 (so far) that gamers have had to pay for Live (sorry, only know Australian Live price, but I imagine that 400-$500 would be the U.S comparison...that's over 10 games by Australian standards, or 5-6 U.S. It baffles me, why people pay for the internet twice, by paying for Live, when even Sega's awesome, but now defunct DC pioneered console online gaming, & they offered it free way back when.
I would praise Live, if, like Sony, you were given some kind of product for the money you pay. I mean, Sony have pioneered this awesome PSN+ plan, that offers subscribers some truly awesome FREE games, as well as discounts on other games, beta & demo early and/or exclusive access, then also discounts on dlc & other such goodies, that more than justifies the asking price.
I mean, they are actually giving away not just little bodgy dl only games, but FULL disk based, AAA quality games like infamous 2, LBP2, MS:PR, Borderlands, Bulletstorm, to mention a few. Then even the dl only games are high quality fare & some of PS3's best, most polished titles, such as the sublime Wipeout & Wipeout2048 PSVita version.

People need to settle down & realize that consumer backlash from U.S. PS3 sales, has solidified the fact that b/c will probably never be heard from again. So, with that being said, & the fact that us Europeans/Aussies, NZ'ers, never even got the chance to bet our hands on a PAL PS3 with the emotion chip, & instead we paid even more of a premium for a changed up system that included instead emulation b/c that gave problems such as games running shoddily, & in some cases, not at all. I mean, it was faaar superior to that of MS's less than half hearted attempt....but still.
Anyhow, that said, I wouldn't complain if for $50-$100 more, the PS4 had the Cell included so as just to run PS3 games ONLY. But, I have stated my factual opinions, on why it's not feasible or reasonable to demand PS4 being b/c, due to having it spat back in there face with PS3, so I am just looking forward to a nice little spec monster that will adorn some truly mesmerizing looking NEXT GEN GAMES.
And seriously, PS1, PS2 & even PS3 games will soon be forgotten & only put on for comedic relief, when we start seeing the usual tsunami of releases of high quality, specced out PS4 games. We will put a PS3 game on our PS3's & quickly turn it off to play one of our many eyeball searing new release PS4 games.
cleverusername  +   1081d ago
U seriously think I'm reading all that? NAAH!!
DaveyB  +   1081d ago
It would be a shame if hardware B/C is not a feature (which it looks like it isn't) I regularly go back to and replay my old games, so I'd use the feature... I hate having to many consoles in my living room because it's so messy. If PS4 lets me play my back catalogue without all the wires, I'd be happy.
Patashnik  +   1081d ago
I've enjoyed Backward Compatability on both 360 and PS3. So much of the stuff I've bought as downloadable games have been retro remakes and re-releases.

b/c always seems like such a small thing - but it's really important to me...
SlapHappyJesus  +   1081d ago
Was waiting to finally pick up a PS3. I wanted to see how they were handling backwards compatibility with the PS4 and if it would be smarter just to grab that.

Looks like I will just grab a PS3 for the time being, wait and get the PS4 down the road at some point.
Bahpomet---  +   1081d ago
sony rape train be rollen
contradictory  +   1081d ago
i'd love to have a ps4 that would be backwards compatible
with every sony console ps, ps2, ps3
cleverusername  +   1081d ago
With some AAA PS3 titles due out a few months before PS4 it's a mistake to leave out B/C!! They might live to regret that decision by next year!!
DarkHeroZX  +   1081d ago
Lol not really. There are 70+ million ps3s out there and no ps4s. Even with BC its not going to affect the sales of any of the game sales. I don't imagine millions of ps4 purchases being with ps3 games lol. I do feel that thaey should do full BC atleast with ps2 and 2 though. Maybe full BC with ps3 if it doesn't drive sales up.
MadMen  +   1081d ago
I was impressed with PS4 until we go to these topics

PSN games WILL NOT transfer = lame
PSN game saves WILL NOT transfer = lame
PS4 WILL NOT be BC with PS3 = understandable due to hardware

I am disappointed in SONYs lack of vision here, they should have launched a cloud service during the PS3 cycle so we could all sync up to and put our PSN and saves into.
kingPoS  +   1081d ago
I hope they do something the game saves, if not... Armageddon shall be released.

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