IGN - The Sony Conference Review

IGN - Taking a personal view, Colin Campbell looks back at today’s event.

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iMaim1888d ago

Grade A in my opinion. Not an A+ cause of Square Enix.
Other Hashimoto was like
"Dude, we have like this awesome other Final Fantasy in production but we're not gonna show any of it till E3 kk? kbai ;D"

SERIOUSLY? Just SPOIL the surprise at E3 why don't you.

DoomeDx1888d ago

Lets not forget about when that douchebag from Blizzard came on stage. ugh

iMaim1888d ago

LOL yeah
"We're gonna take over the world! With Diablo 3"

What amazes me is that he was trying to sell us that the game is better with 4player co-op. Diablo 3 is NOT a game you want to share on a couch with friends.

Septic1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Not wanting to be harsh but most of the people on stage were so weird. The first guy creeped me out and the chap from Blizzard appeared so disconnected from the audience.

Also, the audience were quite dull. I guess it wasnt your traditional E3 crowd. The cheers and applause really does add to the excitement of the announcements.

The show wasn't overly long though and the games were at the forefront of the show, which is the best part. I think the show was really brilliant and after watching it, it really dawned on me that finally, the next generation was upon us.

Sony unveiled just the right amount of stuff and you can tell they are leaving more for E3. I would definitely give it an A. The PS4 is going to be a force to be reckoned with more than the PS3 was.

Ron_Danger1888d ago


There was applause, the only problem was whoever was running the audio feed wasn't keeping up with switching back and forth between the direct gameplay/ trailer feeds and the live audience mic feed. After the KZ demo it was "silent" but you can hear the audio clip in right before the Evolution Studios rep started talking about the racing game. Otherwise you'd hear crowd reactions during the clips which would ruin the atmosphere of the demos.

andibandit1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Show was running pretty well until they pull this Yoshinori Ono guy on stage, from Capcom.
Lets ignore his dry japanese humor and get straight to his english, which sounds like someone who's
had his mouth shot full of anesthetic at the dentist.

IT's UNBEARABLE to watch/listen to, and somewhere deep down inside, you hope to see security come drag away this must-be spectator, who must've accidentally walked up on stage.

Raf1k11888d ago

I liked it over all. I thought the Braid guy was pretty good as a speaker but agree that a lot of them weren't great.

There did seem to be a fair bit of disconnect between the audience and the speakers but that's likely down to a lot of non-gaming press being there as someone above pointed out.

One thing is for sure though. No one will be saying the PS4 doesn't have any games at launch.

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ApolloTheBoss1888d ago

I'd give it an A-. That over guy from Capcom was annoying as hell.

Oldman1001888d ago

Lol the views dropped like crazy as soon as he took the stage.

Studio-YaMi1888d ago

I'm glad I'm not alone on this one,I mean seriously showing an old footage tech demo of their new engine & then that sh*tty entrance of Shinji Hashimoto spoiling stuff & adding nothing to the table to show,Square Enix is just a HUGE disaster ! :|

Nodoze1888d ago

Square Enix is dead. They have not made the transition to HD consoles. They can pump out handheld titles all day long (which is what is keeping them afloat).

Who is going to bail them out next time? Last time it was Sony that stepped in after the disaster final fantasy movie. I highly doubt Sony would do so again (even with their share holdings).

F U Square Enix. Trolling the Sony conference indeed.

ThatXboxGuy1888d ago

Square once again just proves how useless they've become.

And old trailer that we already seen and then some butchery of the english language while mumbling something about wait (oh god) till E3?

Blacktric1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I'd give it an A- as well. Again, I'm not trying to say it was a bad conference. I think Sony did very well and were also very smart with the reveals. But I was expecting a bit more shown with the third party stuff (mainly Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes).

But I must say, seeing Bohemia Interactive and CD Project Red amongst the developers who support the system was really really satisfying. I hope we get to see ARMA 3, DayZ Standalone and Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 4 along with Witcher 3.

Studio-YaMi1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

That surprised me as well,that might be why PC Elites are having such a fuss over the PS4 and it's capabilities,because lots of PC only developers are jumping aboard on the PS4 train(and they wouldn't had they not see how good it was).

I love the Playstation .. seriously :')

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RememberThe3571888d ago

Brilliant article! I was not expecting that to be funny.

r211888d ago

March 25th cant come soon enough.

BanBrother1888d ago

Rumoured to be where the new Xbox will be revealed.

OT: All in all, I thought the conference was really good. I stayed up all night here in Australia (it started at 10am and ended at approx 12pm).

The new quirky title Knack looks like a lot of fun. I love games that people of all ages can enjoy. The graphics were quite spectacular. Killzone was way too awesome. Drive Club was wicked, a new way to play racers and the details were very impressive.

Basically, I was uber happy with everything except for; Square Enix tech demo.....again.
Watchdogs (I don't know, I can't get excited for it atm).
Destiny (yet again, nothing major revealed, although it is good to know that all the timed exclusive crap was untrue).
Diablo 3. Not interested.

Basically only the Sony games impressed me. The other guys were just there to fill in. I love the console features the most. No slow turn on period. Sharing videos (ha, no more capture cards needed). People can now say it is next-gen because of its graphics, as well as next-gen because the features they listed were amazing IMO.

Also, Vita sales will sky-rocket once the PS4 comes out. Gaikai purchase is looking better and better.

theBAWSE1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

What I really love is that sony knocked the bias parts of the meda for six....alot were hoping sony would fail but instead this is a whole different Sony..showing no arrogance but letting the ps4 itself do the talking.

song showed us alot more than I thought they would..they have clearly learnt from past mistakes from they easy to develop for innards to the online aspect.

the haters in the media have nothing to complain about apart from we don't know what the shell lookslike...really?..we've seen actual live gameplay,the controller and the spec sheet ...

funny thing is if Sony had shown the shell of the console an no gameplay the media would be then crying we don't know how the games will look..

sony can look at this event as a job well done and the haters are hurting includin major Nelson after his tweet....I bet ms are scrambling to see if they can change the GB DDR3 ram to match sonys now

Good_Guy_Jamal1888d ago

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Jabbawocky! Coming 2013

Studio-YaMi1888d ago

We all know that you're mad right now Jamal & a lot others like you,here .. have a box of candy & share it with them!

Feeling better now ? :D

Good_Guy_Jamal1888d ago

So you aren't a fan of Better off Ted then?
Quick reminder why I'm supposed to be mad please?

uuaschbaer1888d ago

I'll never figure out why pointing out that adspeak is dumb gets you so many disagrees around here :). It's like people want to be fooled.

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