Did Square Announce Final Fantasy PS4 Too Soon

IGN - A new Final Fantasy game is coming to PlayStation 4...but what the hell is it?

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-MD-1425d ago

Probably Versus but with a new name. Would make the most sense.

Chard1425d ago

That would be tolerable, but then why wouldn't they just come out and say it??!!

Septic1425d ago

Just give us FF7! I still have yet to play it!

I_am_Batman1425d ago

@Septic: you can download it from Playstation Store or get it on amazon.

Temporary1425d ago

not having played FFVII all this time while it's readily available on multiple platforms just shows you dont really want to play FFVII.


Square needs to stop showing up to these events...all they do is disappoint. GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE!!! thats what i said before the SquareEnix rep uttered a word. I knew he was just going to disappoint.

iMaim1425d ago

Square Enix have dug themselves in a hole and the solution they can think is to dig up. MAN WHAT?

RandomDude6551425d ago


"No!....Dig up STUPID!"

that simpsons line is brilliant.

modesign1425d ago

another FF game square can never complete.

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The story is too old to be commented.