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baraka0071584d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if most PC games come to Ps4 the way it's being built. Also I would bet some ps4 games will be going to PC as well.

Mariusmssj1584d ago

Because of the x86 architecture I think porting from PS4 to PC and vice versa should be much simpler than with PS3

ApolloTheBoss1584d ago

YES. Then that means Cyber Punk 2077 will be on there as well. Can't wait for next gen, man.

topgun331584d ago

Now that PS4 is getting Witcher 3, would there be any chance that Witcher 2 will be ported to ps3?

DaThreats1584d ago

Better take full advantage of the GDDR5 8gb Ram and not be limited to their competition.

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