Epic's Mark Rein: "I really am excited" about PlayStation 4's 8GB of Ram

Epic Games co-founder and vice president Mark Rein has been expressing his excitement about the PlayStation 4 on Twitter, saying "I really am excited" about the 8GB of GDDR5 memory.

"8GB of super-fast RAM - holy cow!" Tweeted Rein. "Can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store to combat this!"

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NastyLeftHook01884d ago

bring the gears of war games collection to ps4 on a single disk and price it at 39.99

majiebeast1884d ago

No they own publishing rights that is a very different thing.

Gamer19821884d ago

Yep they own publishing rights and those rights are only on a timed basis. It's why you see old final fantasy games now on modern consoles and ipads where Nintendo owned publishing rights to them. Mark Rein however loves MS though and this tweet partly proves this as hes hoping MS match it for his new gears game. MS makes him a LOT of money through exclusive publishing rights and I feel that's what cause Cliffy B to leave EPIC in the end as he just wanted to make great games and not just gears every year.

morganfell1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

And we owned you:

Mark Rein has said Epic owns the rights and they can do what they want.

Next time do some research. Publishing rights mean squat. Remember Jade Empire published by two different companies, one on the 360 and one on the PC?

How about Mass Effect published by Microsoft now it's on the PS3?

mandf1884d ago

@ Farsendor1

No they don't. Epic owns it all. Gamers made up that lie to feel better about their choice of console.

medziarz1884d ago

they don't own anything Gears of War

Farsendor11884d ago

ha it was my mistake i even admitted the mistake below.

i would like to see gears come to ps4 that would be cool.

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Dark5tar11884d ago

It's better avoiding those games.

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perfectCarbonara1884d ago

Won't matter how excited you are when you're Microsofts pet.

sashimi1884d ago

^ this right here, unless they plan to develop more than microsoft exclusives its moot.

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