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An Xbox Gamer's Thoughts on Destiny's PS4 Reveal

IGN - How the tables have turned! Former Xbox-exclusive studio Bungie will put Destiny on PS4 at launch! How does our Xbox editor feel about that? (Destiny, PS4)

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baraka007  +   552d ago
OMG tables turn ! OMG console wars everyone!!! Seriously wise up guys these people are ruining gaming with this trolling enticing crap. It's been going on long enough. They don't give a crap about gaming they are doing this because it gets attention and it will stop if we say we've had enough.
Link079  +   552d ago
Why do the ps4 games look bland ? with all them specs,i think ive heard this before with ps3 it does 120fps ect and x amount of polygons ect then when it was released nothing even close,games struggled at 30fps and polygon counts were like xbox1,all i know is Nintendo know how to make a powerful well balanced hardware that allows you to get more out sooner Criterion have said as much,not 1 ps4 game looked as good as X or Beyonetta2 sorry.
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