Diablo III: The PlayStation Perspective

IGN - Diablo isn't just for PC nerds anymore! Will it find a home with PlayStation gamers?

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thereapersson1916d ago

With the way they have handled the franchise for D:3, it felt more like a console game than anything else. At least, a lot more than D:2 ever did...

cervantes991916d ago

I'm looking forward to this very much! For me, this was a great announcement.

ExPresident1916d ago

I love the disagree he got. Bunch of haters around here. A gamer, making a statement that he is excited to get the opportunity to play a game he may not have had prior access to gets a disagree? Go troll somewhere else.

cervantes991916d ago

You said it! Game on my friend.

sithsylar1916d ago

If there is a offline mode in the ps3/ps4 version well its a slap in the face for pc users....

v0rt3x1916d ago

Blizzard - where did it all go so wrong?

sithsylar1916d ago

Firing the people from runic...

-GametimeUK-1916d ago

I had never played a Diablo game before and I purchased D3 some time around September last year. I didn't like it much. I am happy that Blizzard is working with Sony, but I was just hoping for a better game, to be quite honest.

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The story is too old to be commented.