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PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection

Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer that the 8th Generation console does not contain an Always-online DRM. (PS4, Sony)

SonyNGP  +   923d ago
Blackdeath_663  +   923d ago
good indeed. common sense prevails.
BanBrother  +   923d ago

"common sense prevails."

Just look at Link079's comment below. Obviously that concept escapes some people.
clearelite  +   923d ago
Yeah! Being able to play games offline as well pretty much guarantees that the PS4 will be a day one purchase for me.

The idea of having to "log in" to play MY games is absurd. Thanks for keeping common sense alive.
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Darrius Cole  +   923d ago
I've have every Playstation except the Vita, and both Xboxes. When I first heard this idea of "internet connection required" I said I WOULD NOT BUY any console that did that.

You can call it common sense, but it may have been the fear of God put into them by the gamers, like myself and others.


I suspect a good many of the other people who said the same thing were not bluffing either.

I'll say the same thing to Microsoft. I'm not buying your console if it has to be connected to the internet in order to play a game.
rainslacker  +   923d ago
Options are always good for the consumer, and I like that Sony keeps choice in the mix.
muttley65  +   923d ago
someone should report that to MS "always online gaming" not good.

@ link

dude did u not watch ps4 conference??? ps4 have the best by far SOCIAL NETWORKING i've seen. integrating with media,friends,computers,phones ,tablets is good but MS will have same features in some kind of way @ E3

SONY coming out like RRRRROARING tiger this time.
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Link079  +   923d ago
Who cares this means NO SOCIAL NETWORK ON THE PS4 ? not impressed as MiiVerse is amazing its the only place to get non biased reviews on games,plus if you get angry at decisions made by publishers you can voice ur opinion which in turn gets u small gains u wouldnt normally get ie Rayman time trial demo exclusive is a good example of what a Social Network on your console can do for u.
ApolloTheBoss  +   923d ago
Minato-Namikaze  +   923d ago
you mean something like Playstation home?
Blackdeath_663  +   923d ago
i am fond of sony and the services they provide but lets keep a low key on the pshome. not playstation's proudest moment.
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deep_fried_bum_cake  +   923d ago
Now try that again. Only this time, do it with grammar.
BanBrother  +   923d ago

Please tell me you are joking. If not, I bid you good day and pray your care-takers find you and take you back to your mental institution safe and unharmed.
MasterCornholio  +   923d ago

Did you even see the conference?

"The Dual Shock 4 controller unleashed at the presser has a designated "Share" button in shiny blue. Pressing that button will let you broadcast your live game to your friends in "100% real time". Your friends will be able to "look over your shoulder vistually" and interact with you while your playing, putting comments on your screen.

Not only that, but if you get incredibly stuck in a certain section, your friend can even take over control of your game all over the interwebs. He'll need your permission of course, no cheeky jumping into his Uncharted game just to muck him up.

Streaming your play onto the web using services like Ustream will be completely integrated with the PS4 interface as well."


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

OMG this is the part that i missed when the stream went down.
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Bahpomet---  +   923d ago
your cmmin to hell wit me ma8 common legoo
dafegamer  +   923d ago
playstation home launch 2006
if you want to be a clever troll, at least do some research first
Just_The_Truth  +   923d ago
People I think he just had a stroke.
Knux  +   923d ago
Why hello there, fanboy!
Angrymorgan  +   923d ago
BlaqMagiq24  +   923d ago
Dam dude you're one of the biggest butthurt fanboys I've seen here on N4G so far.
Fishy Fingers  +   923d ago
Why heavily limit your potential install base? Doesn't mean to say you see a lot more online only software coming in the future such as Bungies Destiny.
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rainslacker  +   923d ago
True. But there's a big difference between individual software implementing these ideas, and doing it on a system wide level.

Sony was smart in this, and I believe they realize that the world's internet just isn't up to par for complete connectivity. They sell systems worldwide in great numbers, and I'm sure they want to continue that trend.

I also found it ironic that two games they showed at the conference were actually critical of how connected the world is. Infamous and Watch Dogs took the whole connected life thing to an extreme level. I will admit though infamous had more of a big brother feel to it.:)
GoldenMonkey34   923d ago | Spam
WarThunder  +   923d ago
Thats great news, because im not into social network stuff.
Games4ever  +   923d ago
Same. Does actually play games to get peace from other people.
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DavidMacDougall  +   923d ago
Yeah im with you, i dont care about posting my life every 5mins
LOGICWINS  +   923d ago
I love it to be honest. This I'll help me gain a better connection with the people I'm playing with. Any friend I make on PSN will be an automatic Facebook friend.
Games4ever  +   923d ago
Good on you sir. But I don't even bother with Facebook. Have enough people around me on a daily basis.

Peace can sometimes be difficult to find in 2013 :)
cervantes99  +   923d ago
It sounds like Sony has given everything to everybody :)

Social for those who like it and not required for those who don't.

I'm impressed with how Sony is starting the PS4 roll out. It looks like they really are for "PLAY"
SatanSki  +   923d ago
Although i have "non real name" FB acocunt most of my friends are not into gaming so i also dont feel the need for sharing.
GusBricker  +   923d ago
Destiny does.

It's totally going to depend on the dev.

Edit: I doubt very seriously MS will go this route either. They're very aware that not everyone has high speed internet. Hell, only half probably have HDTV's.
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LOGICWINS  +   923d ago
But consider this. If a person doesn't have/can't afford an HDTV in 2013(you can easily find a good one for $299), chances are they aren't tech saavy enough/can't afford to spend $400+ on a next gen console anyways.

A person who doesn't understand the necessity of an HDTV to enjoy modern media entertainment isn't the type of consumer that will buy these consoles anyways.
phantomexe  +   923d ago
I got a ps3 at release but didn't get an HDTV until late 2011. Not a lie, got a mark down 40 inch sony bravia from kmart 200$.Not the best but it works. They said someone retured it because the sound wasn't working right but kmart sent it off for repairs and i just happen to be there at the right time.(shh my wife works there) :)
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Godmars290  +   923d ago
But does this apply to SP titles?
rainslacker  +   923d ago
By the sounds of it it will depend on the developer. The system itself just facilitates these functions should the developer decide to use them. They are saying any system connectivity is optional, and the user can decide what they want to use.
uuaschbaer  +   923d ago
"Social is big for us, but we understand there are some people who are anti-social! So if you don't want to connect to anyone else, you can do that."

New favourite quote.
Bathyj  +   923d ago
ha, yeah theres been a heap of anti social jerks coming out of the woodword today
despair  +   923d ago
Damn right anti-social, when it comes to games thats pretty much me.
cervantes99  +   923d ago
I second that!

Games are my escape from work, etc. However, I know many enjoy social aspects of gaming (I did when I was in my 20's) so both camps are catered to.

Bravo Sony.
rainslacker  +   923d ago
I'm not terribly anti-social, I just don't care to share my life on the internet with anyone and everyone. Even my PSN friends list is only a few people I know that have a PS3 that I actually like. Only reason I have facebook is because for a short time it seemed like you were supposed to, but I hardly ever use it.

Just because people prefer to keep part of their lives to themselves or those close to them, doesn't make them anti-social. I'm sure that's not what he was implying though. I hope that quote above doesn't get taken out of context. Although nowadays it seems if you aren't always connected you are considered anti-social by those that are.
contradictory  +   923d ago
that's great
common sense prevails
i'd really hated it if they would have gone all Ubisoft and required internet connections to even play single player
BillySpandex  +   923d ago
Excellent news, they had me worried there for a second.
brianunfried  +   923d ago
Believe it or not, but there are still a lot of people out there that don't have high speed internet. Or internet at all. It would be foolish to exclude them.
r21  +   923d ago
Alright, alright. Sony is doing everything right so far with the PS4 :D
Games4ever  +   923d ago
The first and last multiplayer I did, was in Mass Effect 3. And what a madness it was, with crazy young kids.
ziggurcat  +   923d ago
bu-bu-but they filed a patent! bu-bu-but sony hates consumers! doooooooooooooom

/sarcasm + smack upside the head of everyone that fell for those garbage rumours.
goldwyncq  +   923d ago
Good. I'm not that social when it comes to gaming, I prefer keeping my gaming progress to myself.
Lifebanisher  +   923d ago
can we have 1000 friend limits now? lol
cervantes99  +   923d ago

So it plays used games, does not require constant internet connection and has powerful specs and they seemed to fix the install/update issues that many complain about with the PS3 - job well done Sony.

Take my money now!
lovegames718  +   923d ago
link is a clearly a loser troll. Miverse just copied aspects of Home and near and made it diff nothing new there. Dont be mad because you were dying inside when you saw the ps4 presentation and you asinine theory of "oh ps4 wont be a big leap over wiiu" went out the window and they massacred any hope you had lolhahahah

Not only does ps4 murder wiiu in the specs and hardware department it beats the crap out of the wiiu in everything else including social aspects!!! For christs sake it even has a chip for dling and uploading purposes and makes waiting times on start of games and even demos non existent!!!!
IQUITN4G  +   923d ago
Good job Sony. I'm a loyal xbox but I would drop using them if I always had to be signed in. I have zero problem paying gold but without the guarantee I can play my software 10 or 15 years down the line, well it's just not for me. I like to play certain games more than the once long after I get them in fact- like I do now for xbox 1 games. Nobody knows if that will still be possible down the line to play the games. It's a bit like if you couldn't read your favourite book or film 15 years from now. It's the very reason I stopped gaming on PC in fact because certain games simply didn't work any more as time went on

I dare ms to introduce such a way, though I believe they very much want this. If they're brave enough at this time is another thing

It might be that this is where the industry heads eventually and that would very sad
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denawayne  +   923d ago
is everyone high? Microsoft won't require an always connected internet connection. It will be more like how your cable/satellite receiver works. If you ARE connected to the internet, then your Xbox will be able to download/update even if it's off. I'm sure the new Xbox will implement the sleep mode like the PS4, too. God I hate people. Idiots.
muttley65  +   923d ago
Im not a social online gamer myself i prefer gaming with a buddy call it a day.

i probaly been on PSN maybe twice if any since 2006 launch that is the closes i've got to social inter-action online.
who need bunch teens cussing you out??

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