Everything the PC gamer needs to know about the PS4 announcement

Hey, PC gamers. You’ve probably seen people talking today about something called a “PS4″. What is it? Who makes them? What does “PS” stand for? How are they up to four of these freaky things, when you can’t even remember there being a first one?

Well, don’t fret. Just because you run a gaming machine that’s already more powerful and has better graphics than the next generation of home consoles doesn’t mean you can’t expand your horizons a little bit — at least enough to understand some of the weird acronyms your friends were spouting before you interrupted and — correctly — changed the subject back to PC gaming (you should look into getting better friends, those ones seem untrustworthy).

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EbeneezerGoode2119d ago

PC gamers and PS3/4 gamers are NOT mutually exclusive.

I am 50/50 gamer between PC and PS3 at the moment. Will be PC + PS4 in future if Sony don't f-up between now and the launch.

GamersRulz2119d ago

I was really surprised by PC gamers reactions to PS4 announcement. we ALL know that PC will always have an edge to any console released, yet the amount of insecurity showed by PC gamers is unbelievable.

It's like a guy who visit you in your house then start bragging that his house is better!! that makes me sick.

xPhearR3dx2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Well when you have console gamers spouting about having 8GB of GDDR yet not knowing the slightest clue to what it really is, wat do you expect? PC gamers are all about hardware, and when informed people come in trying to act like know it alls, this is what you get.

PS Gamer - Holy S*** 8GB of GDDR

*PS Gamer Googles GDDR*

PS Gamer - I still don't know what it is, but we have 8 of them!! ZOMG It can out perform a PC!!

Blackdeath_6632119d ago

saying GDDR doesn't mean anything you have to mention whether its GDDR3 or GDDR5

guitarded772119d ago

I disagree with you x10,000. I have a degree in computer science (programming), and have a bit of knowledge about architecture. Most PC exclusive players have an EXTREMELY LIMITED understanding of hardware and architecture themselves. Just because you put the pieces together out of boxes doesn't mean you understand how it works at different levels of abstraction. So stop acting like you know everything there is to know, and others don't.

KwietStorm2119d ago

I expect them as human beings to not give a damn since it doesn't matter to them. In fact, it may be beneficial, since PC development won't be "held back" oh noez the ports! But, as entitled twats, I expect what we get.

Bahpomet---2119d ago


clearelite2119d ago

GDDR5 and some people will be gaming on a PC as well as Playstation.

Ju2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

8GB GDDR5 is quite impressive, considering you can't buy a gfx card today which has that much amount of memory (max is 6GB).

And what we also don't know what it can deliver. If the core specs are true, it's about on the level what an A10K APU does, but with the significant difference that it has 8 cpu cores (2 clusters) and GDDR memory. Currently you can't buy APU motherboards with GDDR RAM.

Sure, it's not a top of the line PC these days, but it'll give everything you can buy today in the $1000 bracket a run for the money. Which is quite awesome.

rainslacker2119d ago

From what I've seen maybe 1 in 100 in the PC crowd actually knows what they're talking about in regards to the numbers(Even less on here). For console it's maybe 1 in 250(Certainly less on here).

I have a basic knowledge of what the numbers mean having a degree in computer science, and my own personal interest in building comps, I just don't keep up on all the latest tech anymore because I'm not a tech junkie like I used to be.

Even some in the PC crowd said it wouldn't be 8GB of GDDR5 because it is too fast(so it'd be overkill) and too expensive, and even newer video cards don't come with that much.

I think the console crowd is blowing it a bit out of proportion, yes, but this is a pretty big thing for a console, and it will mean a lot to the games being made on it. It's the first time a console will be released with more memory than people were asking for(and very fast memory to boot), and is a huge plus for the PS brand for it's longevity.

Will it outpace a upper mid-high end PC? Probably not. Will it matter? Not at all.

Jamaicangmr2118d ago

What a closed minded and intentionally misleading post.

Even if PS Gamers don't know the details of GDDR5 they do know however that it's better than the GDDR3 thats currently in their laptops and desktops so that alone is reason to celebrate.

I can't even believe you got so many agrees for that clearly skewed post.

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kevnb2119d ago

well the majority of pc gamers didnt say anything. What are pc gamers who truly dont care going to say? Now as a gamer that plays on both playsation and pc ill say the ps4 is about what I was expecting.

clearelite2119d ago

It's more than what I'm expecting so I'm pretty happy, haha.

guitarded772119d ago

If you thought the PC community was bad, you should see the comments on Miiverse. Just ignorant fanboy dribble. However, I am delighted to see many of my XBOX exclusive friends say how impressed they are with the PS4, and how they plan on getting one ASAP.

I have no absolute platform loyalty... I choose to game on every machine I can. Sure I prefer some over others, but the only time I talk negative is if I have a legitimate concern/criticism. When I see people who are platform exclusive outside of financial/time constraints, I relate their way of thinking to that of a racist. They hate something without good reason, which shows their ignorance.

BanBrother2119d ago

"However, I am delighted to see many of my XBOX exclusive friends say how impressed they are with the PS4, and how they plan on getting one ASAP."

Funny thing that a lot of 'new gamers' don't realise is, that most people who own an Xbox 360 had a previous Playstation console, and still do. Nintendo fans have more of a chance to have had mainly Ninty products, and PC has been around for ages.

My first Xbox console was in 2008, after only having had Nintendo and PS consoles before-hand, and most gamers I know on my friends list either have a PS3 or still appreciate the PS brand because they had a PS2 the gen before.

If you see an 'Xbot', they are most likely quite young still, as their first console was either the Xbox or 360, so they don't appreciate the 'roots' us older gamers share. (Not saying all the young guys).

Computersaysno2119d ago

I saw more people saying PS4 kicks PC azz!

Than people saying PC kicks PS4 azzz!

Not that it matters if they did say that. PS4's hardware is solid if unspectacular. What matters is what games the developers will create on it, and whatever they do create will benefit PC gamers hugely because of the similarities in hardware....

jmc88882119d ago

A 360 and PS3 could outperform a 3000-4000 PC (or 2500 in core PC parts to build yourself) from a 2004 PC (the year before the 360 launched).

A PS4 is comparable to a $600-800 in core 2011 PC parts. (motherboard, ram, psu, CPU, GPU).

You make the determination whether or not that is high end and whether or not that is a step back or three from the starting point of a new console generation.

This is not good for console gamers OR PC gamers.

It's not about a pissing match, it's about saying hey, you know how watered down games have been the last 4 or so years? Well now that'll start a couple years earlier this round.

BitbyDeath2119d ago

Can you stop spouting lies everywhere.

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SonyNGP2119d ago

I don't get it. Is the author trying to imply that PC gamers don't know what a Playstation is, trying to convince them to buy a PS4 or what?

Farsendor12119d ago

im 50/50 between sony and pc gaming im excited for the ps4.

kevnb2119d ago

I dont need to know anything, Ill just get one when there are enough games to justify a purchase.

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