Sony Strikes First Promoting Hardcore Gaming and Social Experiences…Microsoft Your Move

As though calmly sitting in their own living room space giving their friends and guests a first-hand look at the future, Sony’s message was crystal clear, Playstation is all about pushing gaming boundaries well beyond the norms of today’s standards and into the future of social connectivity.

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Gimmemorebubblez1920d ago

Then just keep your Ps3. I wont disagree with you because you have the right to an opinion.
FYI SuperDaE the guy who accurately (besides the RAM) leaked the specs (who was raided by MS's ninja's) said that the Xbox Durango uses is heavily modified set-up, making it actually far less of PC than the 360 is. This will result in difficult backwards compatibility according to SuperDaE.

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Rainstorm811920d ago

It will definitely be interesting to see what MS has planned, Sony set the the bar, if MS can raise it ill be shocked.

Social Networking is the theme of next gen, I'm very curious to see the next Evolution of Xbox Live and if if is above and beyond what Sony has shown with the New PSN

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The story is too old to be commented.