Petition to Bring GTA 5 to PC Losing Steam

After a fast-paced start the petition to bring GTA 5 to the PC appears to be losing steam. Have people stopped caring?

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hiredhelp1888d ago

Nobody stopped caring but bit of something from rickstar would help

EbeneezerGoode1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I think petitions like this suck. Since when did possible customers have to start begging a company to allow them to give them money.

Of course GTAV should be on PC but you won't find me begging, if they want to treat PC gamers like second class citizens these days then they can whistle for my $$$ and when it comes around to bite them on the ass, don't call us.

NOW - give me GTAV you miserable bastards :P

I'm a big PS3 gamer and will prob buy PS4 too but I know sure as shit that PS3 will NOT be able to do GTAV technical justice like a Fast PC can. Rockstar chasing money rather than pushing tech for the good of all. Sad their great work gets limited by the lowest common denominator.