New DARK Trailer Revealed

Eric Bane is a mystery, even to himself. In DARK, the upcoming stealth-action title from Kalypso Media, you’ll play as Eric, as you unravel the mystery of why he was chosen to become something more than human; a vampire.

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Merrill1947d ago

This game looks terrible, it's PS2/Xbox quality.

younglj011947d ago

this cant be for the 360/PC.This look like an PS2/Xbox title...

Rivitur1947d ago

Now i had heard about the game but had no idea it looked like a launch title for the dreamcast also are those quotes based on what I just saw?

TNTrader1947d ago

Ugh, I was hoping that it was going to be one of those "graphics are not everything" titles but even the camera angles and controls look bad. And was that vampire recycled from LoK: Soul Reaver?!

Shadowgate1947d ago

Saw this trailer weeks ago....

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