Sony's Playstation 4 Unveil Conference Review

"So it happened. Sony ushered in the next generation of PlayStation console gaming by finally taking the wraps of what we all knew was coming: the PlayStation 4. Yes, it's not called the Orbis, or any such thing. Sony is keeping it simple and calling it what we all expected them to call it. They spent an exhaustive two hours today going through a whole lot of particulars about the new upcoming console, slated for launch soon. And while their presentation itself was horrible, being poorly managed and generally unfocused, Sony had such a lot of substance- the console itself and its specs, the tech demos, the games, as well as a whole lot of nebulous promises about what the system will bring to the table- that it comes through. Ultimately, this event was successful because of what was being presented, and held back only by how poorly it was presented."

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TheLyonKing1753d ago

I would say thats fair they showed a great nu,ber of games and devs and extra feature but the missed some things like that big wow kinda game but am sure they are saving a lot for E3.

I would give them a 9 cause they showed a lot more than I was expecting.

WarThunder1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Reviewing presentations now with a score? WTF! We don't f**king care about ur lame review or what do you think, just stfu and play...

So called "Game journalism" is pathetic!

JoGam1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I give your comment a 10.0. I guess everything gets reviewed at this point. Smh

Farsendor11753d ago

i was hoping we would see new ip from gg and sucker punch but what the heck infamous and killzone are both awesome

Bahpomet---1753d ago

a review of a conference wtf and this is to all pc elitist that say pc is better than ps4 You would also have to take into account that no PC game requires even 4gigs. For a game to truly take advantage of gigs, it must be optimized for it. Like Skyrim when it first came out, even if you had 4 gigs it ment almost nothing. Then they updated it to accept more ram and make use of it.

Though PC specs will clearly always be better, it really has everything to do with the games that actually use this power.

For PC, it will be a year or so AFTER PS4's launch. I'll tell you why.

Once PS4 and 720 release, 3rd parties will make games with 4 or more (or 8 gigs) in mind. They will then port them to PC, vula, PC now uses 8 gigs of ram for a lot of games.

Thats how its going to work. Consoles need PC to make the content (ie why you see games like Diablo III and The Witness or even Crysis) and PC needs consoles (maybe even less) to push hardware on to 3rd parties.

No third party publisher just wakes up and says "lets make a PC game thats beast that no one will play" Though there are some beast PC's out there, they are less then the number of consoles. Thus EA will make a Beast BF4 IF PS4 and 720 can handle it, NOT just make a beast BF4 and leave consoles in the wind. This is a business after all. Both are necessary for this cycle to happen.

Once the gen starts and people start upgrading there rigs to play games like BF4, Starwars 1313, THEN you will see a beast PC game that uses 8 gigs or more. Cause they now have enough people who upgraded to justify such a thing.

DoomeDx1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Can we seriously just stop this fucking PS4 VS PC bullshit?

I did not even bother reading the rest of the post until your started comparing the PS4 to the PC.

They are both beasts in different ways.

Were all gamers. We should like all the systems that support our hobby/interest

@ Bahpomet comment below me:

Ughh..grow up

Bahpomet---1753d ago

yeah im just doing damage controle after crysis 3 got killzowned ahahahaa rip pc

XxDarkGamerxX1753d ago

Whatever bohpomet.

*Goes back to enjoy Ultra HD gaming at 120FPS on his PC*

EbeneezerGoode1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I've had 16GB of ram in my PC for ages. I think a lot of 'enthusiasts' these days have at least 8GB ram as it's so cheap. However it's not GDDR5.

And I can only see positives for the PC with consoles like PS4 on the horizon. Less shitty nerfed ports for one thing.

I play both PS and PC and will continue to do so to enjoy the best of both worlds. There are games on PS3 that I love too much to JUST stick with PC, and there's things on PC (Tech and immersion inc upcoming Oculus Rift) that makes me also stick with PC.

They do not have to be at war! I'm sure many people are multi system owners these days!? I Even owned an Xbox360 till the fucker died on me back in 2007! and some of my favourite gaming memories from last gen were on that too! (dead rising 1, Gears 1, Viva)

rainslacker1753d ago

Games for PC will always be built keeping the lowest common denominator in mind. For the most part that is still 4GB's or RAM, as it is the most common configuration on a home PC. If 8GB were the most common, then you could expect that to be the minimum requirement.

For a console game it's much the same for multi-plat games, as was shown this gen to some degree. For exclusive titles though, there is no reason to assume that they wouldn't take full advantage of any "extra" RAM or processing speed that is available to them.

Comparing PC vs Console development isn't an easy thing, as they have entirely different approaches to how they are done. Consoles are closed systems with the same hardware across the board. They know what they make on a console will work for every customer buying the game. For PC, they have to deal with multiple configurations, and make sure the game will run for the most number of people based on their target sales. Mostly what you see is games offering a bit more in terms of resolution or texture quality based on higher end hardware. However if you look at default settings(for games that have no system check) they tend to be middle of the road on first start up.

Animal Mutha 761753d ago

Reviewing presentations now with a score - Jesus Christ!

Cupid_Viper_31753d ago

It's just another way to fuel the flames of the war. They're either going to troll Sony by giving Microsoft a higher score. Or troll Microsoft by rating them lower.

andibandit1753d ago

on a scale of 1 to 10, where is "Jesus Christ"?

g-nome1753d ago

In a queue to order a ps4.

g-nome1753d ago

Yea man , around here everyone and everything gets a review score. You are a zero without a score.

Megaton1753d ago

It's the same score they gave Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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