PS4: Should Nintendo fans worry?

ONM Editor-In-Chief Chandra gives his take on the PS4 announcement and how it affects Wii U owners

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Bumpmapping1885d ago

. But if there's one thing it proved yet again, it's that it can't match Nintendo when it comes to games.

What Mario 300?Probally not theres way too many of them :D Have fun playing on the titanic.

andshesays1885d ago

I see what you did there LOL

ABizzel11885d ago

Nintendo fans only need to worry about Nintendo putting out content, that currently is there.

PS4 has no effect on "Nintendo fans", besides allowing them to see what Nintendo could have done with their console, but chose not to, and what better tech offers.

n4f1885d ago

i see this is a flamebait article
brace yourself, console wars is upon our step

AsimLeonheart1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

First Nintendo fanbooys were like "PS4 wont be much more powerful than Wii U". After the reveal they are now like "it is just more powerful than Wii U but it lacks innovation and fun games". Others are like "Whatever, PS4 will surely be expensive and Sony is going under anyway". When they get beaten on one front they move to another. Changing excuses and stances one after another. Nintendo fans do not need to worry because they will get their first party games but Nintendo has a lot to worry about because they are competing with MS and Sony for the market share and revenue. The consoles which are more technically equal are more likely to get multiplats. Nintendo will be left behind with inferior looking multiplats and eventually no multiplats at all. Only the people who are interested in Nintendo first party games will be buying it and as a result, sales will be disappointing. The Wii analogy does not works any more because there arent any casuals buying the console.

-Alpha1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )


Yup. At the end of the day, it's about the games, and Nintendo does that well. Sony and Nintendo are always going to be two sides of the same coin to me, wildly different, but still encompassing some great philosophies that I appreciate when it comes to games. Wii U isn't there with the games yet, but that doesn't mean that they are finished.

N4g_null1885d ago

THere is the question. When watchdogs comes to the ps4 and wiiu will it matter? How much more are you willing to pay to play a game like that? At what point do you not get a gaming pc?

I'm happy for ps fans but Sony still didn't show any thing I wanted to play or better yet any thing I can't play on pc. What is even cooler is this is an x86 setup which means direct ports to my current pc.

I'm not sure if you know this but lots of wii owners went pc and wii last gen. Many wiiu owners are going wiiu and pc this gen. Why because it is about buying the best in a catagory not funding one company.

So the question is what is Sony actually good at? Hype... I watched the reveal and was entertained and happy for their fanboys.

I've always said Sony had one more problem to fix, first party gameplay. I don't care what they want me to feel because it isn't a feeling industry it is a play or gaming industry.

Like infamous what makes that a game? What makes that some thing you want to play more than once? It's really sad to see all of this power wasted on cut scene gameplay.

Sony needs to launch a new industry and stop calling their console a game console. This would make the industry grow up and stop them from being compared to game makers.

Last but not least what you just saw was what pc gaming has had for a while. That did not stop the ps3 did it and nor would it stop the wiiu?

What is scary is what if it sells even worst than the wiiu, vita or gasp dreamcast?!!

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ChickeyCantor1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Ill be having fun playing games. Even if that ship is sinking. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


No i'm not worried. I'm sure ill get my Nintendo franchises. Sony is not stopping that.

Eyeco1885d ago

NO NO, no one should be worried, if anything they should be exited, stiff competition, means better games and services across all 3 platforms everyone wins in the long run

Rainstorm811885d ago

I agree look at the advancements in PSN which can be easily attributed to MS XBL competition.....

These companies competing is only good for us Gamers

Eyeco1885d ago

Exactly PSN/XBL probably is the best example of this,

N4g_null1885d ago

This will only lead to better ports on the pc which is my preferred power house setup. Will I miss Sony exclusives? Nope. So far the games I got a ps2 for have no representation on any of their systems. Will I complain nope. I will just play elsewhere.

There are a ton of hd content makers out there now. Yet retro studiosis more my speed.

xflo3601885d ago

I dont think they should be worried! Now! If sony had came out and said " We have aquired Retro Studios" Then they could have been worried! Or if they had said " We've bought the rights to release Mario and Zelda titles on ps4, Exclusively!!" Then that would have caused bedlam, but as is Nintendo fans need not worry!

--Onilink--1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

yeah, but clearly 5 uncharted games in like 6 years is ok, 4 Killzone games in 5 years is just fine, like 8 god of war games in 7 years is perfectly fine...

Its all a matter of perspective, every company has IP's that they make a lot of games with. Nintendo simply has the option to put Mario in many different types of games, doesnt mean they are all the same

And as long as all those games(from Sony or MS) are good, i dont care

ZoidsRaven1885d ago

Pay no attention to the idiots on this site who can't see that Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy are two different games just because they have 'Mario' in it's name.

They like living in their own little bubble, where they can ignore facts. 7_7

mshope101885d ago

thank you! I feel like I'm the only who see's this.

when a game sells good they will make more.Sony does this all the time.

but only Nintendo gets hated for it.

but every Mario game plays different.if they put a new character instead of Mario in alot of his games it could be a new series most of the time.

but people are such haters they just hate on Nintendo and never play the games to find out.

Minato-Namikaze1885d ago

Sony also has 5 new ip's this year. (ni no kuni, puppeteer, last of us, beyond, and tearaway). I dont mind sequels I just like new IP's to be there as well

--Onilink--1885d ago

Ni no kuni is not a new IP, its a game by level 5 and the 1st game was actually on the DS.

Nintendo has also created a couple of new IPs recently, they just havent done anything huge so far, mostly eshop stuff, but its not like there is nothing.

TranceXTheory1885d ago

how about all the spin offs of these titles on handhelds for psp ? at least mario is radically different each time. like metroid going2.5d and fps.

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Psn8001885d ago

Hey there is no need of that bashing other consoles !

telekineticmantis1885d ago

they dish out one Great game, every year or so...

muttley651885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

let the game console war fight BEGIN.....

but before i go: "should the wii-U worry about ps4??" hell!!!!! nooooooooo

in case no body know or realize there are 2 types of gamer WII-U was design for casual and fun old school gamers and ps4-720 consoles for the CORE. wii-U only need eye catching games if i was CEO OF NINTENDO i would whip out SNES titles in a hurry.

PopRocks3591885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Eh, no thanks. I'm a Nintendo fan and I'm enthusiastic about the PS4. Once again, great hardware with some sweet looking online features. Just want to see some more games that interest me.

That said I'm not afraid for the Wii U. They're different beasts. I'm convinced they can coexist in the market just fine.

truechainz1885d ago

Seriously this again? There has never been a better time to be a gamer and people insist on trying to spoil things with console wars. I will own all three systems and have fun on all of them. For me it is only a matter of time based on launch prices. I don't see why everyone has this "you must game on my console cuz your console sucks" mentality. Just play what you like. So just because I buy nintendo consoles then yes I guess I should be worried. Most likely about how I can make time for a job when the new Super Smash Bros. comes out.

DarkHeroZX1885d ago

Remote play kind of stomped all the hopes I had for the Wii U away. PS4+PS Vita is a must combo for serious gamers.

deafdani1884d ago

If you think PS4 games will give PS4-to-Vita support anywhere near the levels that Wii U games support the gamepad, you're sadly mistaken.

It's not a matter of whether the Vita is capable of doing the same thing the Gamepad does or not. It's just that the attach rate will be incredibly low, vs. the Wii U's attach rate to the Gamepad (100%).

Because of this, game developers won't make games with the Vita in mind. If they put Vita-to-PS4 connectivity in their games, it will be an afterthought, a bonus feature, not the main control method.

corrus1885d ago

They only brain washing with that Mario

fatstarr1885d ago

Nintendo fans dont give 2 shits.

wiiu hasnt even touched the tip of its graphical capabilities.

first off theres no backwards compatibility so that stack of ps3 games you have, will either be sold or never touched again. but its not like sony fans dont sell off all their games to get the next call of duty anyway.

then sony is doing its best to push the vita down your throat trying to make that dead bird relevant.
no body wants to play that art game where you can map out your dreams.

then everything else will be multi plat. so theres no console exclusivity Nintendo has tons of games just waiting to be unleashed. sony has tons of work because only sonyfans were impressed by that conference.

let the next gen battle begin.

deafdani1884d ago

I won't bother writing a long diatribe to argument against your post, but only wanted to point out that Sony actually has a HUGE list of exclusive games. On this generation, it was Sony who pushed out the most exclusive games for their console, even more than Nintendo, believe it or not.

WiiUsauce1884d ago

Nintendo fans should definitely not be worried about the graphical gap between PS4/neXbox and Wii U. check out this GORGEOUS gameplay running on Wii U.

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xPhearR3dx1885d ago

Nintendo fans should be have been worrying before the PS4 was announced. 50K units in January? That's not good. At all.

--Onilink--1885d ago

omg then the Vita must have died like 8 months ago... im guessing that's why no one is worried about that one. Here is was thinking that it was because obviously its performance will eventually improve and it was just because it didnt do good for a couple of months...

G20WLY1885d ago

Why bring the Vita into it? Although since you have (and in an attempt to bring you back on topic) the PS4 could have a positive impact on it's sales judging by the interactions shown at the event.

Conversely, the PS4 will (at best) have no effect or (at worst) have a detrimental effect on Wii U sales, which is the point I think xPhearR3dx was trying to make.

All we can hope is that sales pick up for Wii U before the new consoles are launched. I suspect they will cut the Wii U price to coincide, which will help.

--Onilink--1885d ago

im bringing in Vita because this person somehow thinks that because the WiiU sold 55k in one territory for 1 month people should have been worried.

If that were the case, the Vita didnt even reach half that amount for many months in Japan, and im not even sure its still reaching numbers close to that, and yet if i had to guess, he is the type of person that when something is said about the Vita he would say to just give it time and it will be succesful.

So im bringing Vita because it was in a worse position than the WiiU and its still there

G20WLY1885d ago

Okay, I understand.

But one of the reasons I think the sales are bad for the Vita is because they're good for the 3DS.

If you apply the same logic, the sales might be bad for the Wii U because they're good for the PS3/360, so when their succsessors are launched it is possible this could negatively impact the already low Wii U sales.

Think of it this way; if Nintendo announced a 3DS that was, say twice as powerful as Vita tomorrow, that really isn't going to do prospective Vita sales any favours, is it?

I still think his point was valid, but with him singling out "Nintendo fans" it might have implied he isn't one and therefore come across inflamatory.

TheLyonKing1885d ago

The fact that you can play ps 1,2,3 in the near future on it. It has high end PC specs which are easy to dev on and more fucntionality for socialising than nintendo land with every dev thats not owned by another company saying they will work on it then yes nintendo should worry.

jmc88881885d ago

Then there is reality.

It's a 2007 midrange CPU
A midrange 2011 GPU

Which is only 3x the power of a Wii U. Far less of a gap than the Wii vs PS3/360.

In fact a midrange 2013 PC has the same gap over a PS4 that a PS4 has over a Wii U.

So if Nintendo should worry, shouldn't PS4? Especially considering the PS4 will cost twice as much as the Wii U does at launch? It won't have a gamepad, and the Vita is only a mediocre solution that will be 150-200 add on that very few devs will use because instead of 100 percent of PS4 users having it, more like 5 percent will (and perhaps less).

See I know that next gen games can run on the 360/PS3, since Crysis 2, 3, and Battlefield 3 were on that platform.

Thus the Wii U will easily be able to play the same games, other than exclusives, and be able to play them at a couple notches lower (if you think of it like PC specs), but fully utilize the gamepad.

Socializing is overhyped. You do realize when you link that thing to your farcebook account that data will be sold to all the insurers who want to know how you lived your life and thus charge you later knowing you played videogames so much.

On top of that guess what, no one wants to see you, me, or 99 percent of others play video games. If you have friends over, do they want to watch YOU play games, or do they say 'gimme the controller'.

Thus people aren't going to be watching you play games, they're going to either being living life or playing their own dang games.

Those games from PS1, 2, and 3 you talk about....well you ain't getting them for free. You want to play your PS3 games? Buy them again. That's sony's answer.

Also you notice that they had a list of devs they stated would 'support' the system. Well duh. The list of devs that will support all the systems matches those that are in business and making games on consoles for the life of the console. In other words it's like telling your future child that when they grow up they can buy whatever car they sell in America.

It really wasn't a big statement. What would have been a statement that meant ANYTHING, was that THESE devs will have a game out during the launch window. Basically they said these are the devs that will support the system not in the first 3 months but over the course of 7 years or so. Guess what, anyone will concede there's actually more than THAT! Even on Nintendo as well! 720 too!

So why again should Nintendo worry? They can play the same games, unlike last time. The PS4 is not launching with the Vita. Will cost roughly double. No backwards compatibility, and nothing you saw during the press conference was running on a PS4.

It was running on a PC. So you didn't get to see PS4 hardware running anything. You didn't hear the price. You didn't get a launch date. All you saw were 'targets' that you are trusting the actual PS4 hardware will meet. That and a bunch of narcissist enabling that no one really cares about, except those that want your data to screw you over. Good luck with that.

Oh and I'll be getting a PS4, but I'm realistic to where things are in regards to Nintendo.

Wii U needs games and a price cut, both will happen in time. The product plays nice games.

MsmackyM1885d ago

nail on head, spoken like a true rational person.

Cupid_Viper_31885d ago

@ jmc8888

"Thus people aren't going to be watching you play games, they're going to either being living life or playing their own dang games. "

You mean like the millions of people that spend hundreds of millions of hours watching gameplay vids on youtube that are not even live? and the millions who watch live streams of others playing? look I get it you're a little bitter and afraid right now, that's understandable.

"So if Nintendo should worry, shouldn't PS4? Especially considering the PS4 will cost twice as much as the Wii U does at launch? It won't have a gamepad, and the Vita is only a mediocre solution that will be 150-200 add on that very few devs will use because instead of 100 percent of PS4 users having it, more like 5 percent will (and perhaps less)."

Lol first of all, you don't need a PS Vita to fully enjoy your PS3, or your PS4. PS4 with Gaikai is showing you that the Wii U game pad will become irrelevant as a PS vita, a tablet and smart phones will be able to interact with the PS4 seamlessly. So while Nintendo have to sell Wii U's, the PS4 will simple be tapping into an already existing and established market pool of PS Vita, Smart Phones, and Tablets.

Instant Gaming with Gaikai alone has the potential to seriously hurt Nintendo, and MS (if MS doesn't come up with its own answer for it). The speed and ease of access to content is extremely important to both the casuals and hardcore consumers. Impulse buyers + no wait time = Sold.

Think about it, nowadays when your friend talks to you about a game they've played and like. You have to go to youtube and check out gameplay, then go either to a physical store and buy it, 45 minutes. Or get on PSN and buy it, 1-4 hours depending on size.

With the PS4, it will be a simple matter of watching him/her play the game and if you want it, then "Bam, there it is!" in the infamous words of certain somebody. :)

xflo3601885d ago

Regarding playing ps1, 2 and 3 games, Its going to be part of the Gaikai service so yeah you will have to pay for it but its likely to be part of a revamped ps+ so its not going to be expensive at all. I mean people pay £10 a month just to play WOW so i would be more than willing to pay that for ps+ with gaikai, and so would many many others!

NobodyImportant1885d ago


Nice use of logic. Except...

I've seen nothing on Wii U that looks significantly better than what I have on my PS3.
If you pixel count enough you might see that Batman Arkham city has a marginally better draw distance on Wii U ... maybe.

Then we have the PS4. Did you watch the conference?

Unless Guerilla, Square Enix, Capcom, Sucker Punch and Bungie were all using CG instead of ACTUAL game footage (which I doubt) then the PS4 absolutely kills the Wii U in terms of horsepower.

Talk specs all you like mate. I have eyes.

Cupid_Viper_31885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

@ NobodyImportant

"Talk specs all you like mate. I have eyes."

Your avatar seem to imply that you only have one eye.

Excuse me dear sir/mam and I don't mean to be trolling, plus I agreed with 99% of your comment.

DarkHeroZX1885d ago

only 3x more powerful? LMAO! At that increase it still wouldn't be enough to run games native at 1080p and 60fps. The wii U's CPU architect is the exact same as the shitty Wii/gamecube just with 3 cores. Hell its sooo weak that the GPU has to offset many tasks to help aid with things like multitasking and staying on par with this gen.

At least with the PS4's current layout 1080p at 60fps will be doable. I think its safe to say the ps4 is atleast 6x more powerful.

fatstarr1885d ago

the best comment on n4g. for 2013
you win the award.

ps4 just seems like its main feature was being able to connect with facebook... and social networks. but yes the logic you provided might be too much for some to handle.

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TranceXTheory1885d ago

in electronics you pay for what you get. and if its near high pc, then just buy a PC. ps4 and MS lack innovation and value. wii u and PC combo = crush Everything else.

MakiManPR1885d ago

Yes. Because Sony is going in the Nintendo route. About the games and the experience but with a much more powerful console

TranceXTheory1885d ago

they are trying to fight a two front war, and look to the histories if that is every a good idea to an informed person. its not.

1885d ago