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Submitted by Volcre 1081d ago | opinion piece

Dead Space 3′s Micro-Transactions Goes Too Far

An eGamer journalist criticizes Visceral Games and EA for their shameless exploitation (Dead Space 3, EA, Industry, PC, PS3, Visceral games, Xbox 360)

Jovahkiin  +   1081d ago
Really ? You earn currency in-game to buy most the stuff pretty easily. And even then it's not even a game breaker. Chill out guys.
Lisica  +   1081d ago

And if everyone would just stop buying the bonus content, maybe they'll stop charging it.
Sovereign59  +   1081d ago
Exactly. Talk about being late to the party. And by party I mean the premature uproar people flew into when they found out Dead Space 3 would feature microtransactions. Rather than calmly wait and see just what it was an individual could acquire via microtransaction most people simply locked themselves down into the dogmatic view of "all microtransactions are evil, PURE evil, Dead Space 3 will have microtransactions, Dead Space 3 will be garbage, EA is evil incarnate, EA is using their microtransactions to harvest our souls and turn them into currency, etc. etc. etc."
I thought this issue had been resolved a couple weeks ago? Do people really not yet understand that the microtransactions in Dead Space 3 are completely trivial and you will not need to purchase a single one in order to complete the game, or even to get the "full experience?" They are small amounts of resources that you can use to craft items. I've played through the game 4 times so far and I can promise you, as long as you're exploring and not blasting through the game in some sort of speedrun, you will find more than enough resources in 1 playthrough to build whatever weapons you can think up and then bring to life at the bench via weapon crafting. And if the plethora of resources you can find within the game still isn't enough to satisfy you, you find 3 scavenger bots in the campaign that you can send out to collect resources for you, free of charge, ZERO microtransactions required. The best thing about the scavenger bots is something that it retrieves for you: Ration Seals. You can spend ration seals at the bench as an in-game currency with which you can purchase resources via the microtransactions.
Anyone that is still complaining about Dead Space 3's microtransactions has yet to play past the opening chapters. I do hope they press onward as I have greatly enjoyed this game. Yes, Dead Space one is still and likely will always be my favorite Dead Space game, but I must confess I enjoy this one much moreso than Dead Space 2.
stubbed_out  +   1081d ago
I agree with you guys you can easily get by without purchasing a single mod, however, there are still those out there who will buy these and because of this new-found demand there is a potentially bad precedent put on our future.

The article makes a good point with putting an extra monetary value on something that's effectively already been purchased. Even worse consider supply and demand, you essentially have an infinite supply and limited demand on an item that doesn't even exist. Imagine being charged to write a comment on this site.

EA (and Capcom) aren't exactly evil but I have to agree with the author that it is shameless exploitation - to the more vulnerable members of our society.

Thanks for reading
brich233  +   1081d ago
Just play on pc, and use a Trainer from gamecopyworld. No need to buy anything.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1081d ago
And rightly so, scum.
Myx23  +   1081d ago
i got plat in dead space 1, was hugely disappointed from the utter crap dead space 2 was (levelkit-retail-games i call these no-efforts). couldn't even finish the main campaign due to utter boredom. so i did not even bother buying the 3rd dead space. but you dudes that support such developpers DESERVE micro-transactions and all this money-for-nothing-shidd developpers are calling on the consumer. it happens BECAUSE YOU ALL LET IT HAPPEN.
ironfist92  +   1081d ago
Dead Space 1 was a true gem. Too bad we're not gonna see another like it any time soon
Volcre  +   1081d ago
Sad isn't it. There was so much potential there for greatness... 2 and 3 were awful
morganfell  +   1081d ago
I can easily discount your opinion for two reasons.

I have played it.

You haven't.

The microtrans system doesn't affect the game at all. And unlike any previous Dead Space title, this time I have two games. Gaming alone it runs like Dead Space. Playing with a buddy through co-op the smartly designed system plays like an action title set in the Dead Space universe. Two totally different experiences...which you will never have.

Does EA lose because you won't spend a few measly bucks? Does EA suffer because you bought into the microtrans hysteria all of the sheep are baaing about? No you lose for not playing.
Kurt Russell  +   1081d ago
I'm yet to buy this game, but will do sooner or later. I'm sure the microtran system doesn't effect the game hugely, but that doesn't really make it OK. Game were a lot more enjoyable when you were rewarded extra things for how well you played/explored them. This microtransaction crap seems to have stepped in and taken over from it, which is not a good thing at all.
hiredhelp  +   1081d ago
but you dudes that support such developpers DESERVE micro-transactions
Maybe you need take your head out of your A@@ listen when i tell you
1-Gamers never asked for it in first place. Yet you asume
2-Not everyone Bought this game to pay more money to EA with microtransactions. Yet you asume
3- some of us grinded our way threw the game that unlocked other great stuff that games lack these days called a reward for completeing a game heres few things to keep you playing the game. Example new game modes unlocked circutes get keep allyour guns if you with.
4- please dont judge us all the same because we bought a game we gave a chance on that turned out pritty good and rewarding fun in co-op full campaign.

But i do agree dead space 1 is the best in teseries much like i prefer resident evil 1 and 2 to the rest.

Seriously anyone on the bench on this game dont be also as you go threw game you collect 3 BOTS in total these scavangers that you can deploy anywhere that mine rescources for you and one finished they go back to workbench with all parts they found witch can be used or saved up to buy upgrades or even blue prints for better weapons so no need microtransactions.
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HanCilliers  +   1081d ago
Have to say, really enjoying DS3, don't have a problem at all
XxMajeSteRxX  +   1081d ago
same here really enjoying it a lot,some reviews almost made me skip this
plmkoh  +   1081d ago
Reason 101 for why people bash the micro-transaction system in DS3:

'Player - Oh look I don't have enough resources for the most powerful weapon in the game when I'm just on level 1...must be that EA games greedy micro-transaction scheme I heard so much about that forces you to pay money.'

The irony is that as survival horror goes, it's plus marks for the 'lack' of resources, actually giving you enough to always upgrade would be going backwards on that. The saddest duality of it is, if the game doesn't give you enough resources you blame it on the supposed DLC micro-transaction boogey-monster for stopping your upgrades, if it gives you enough resources to upgrade you then blame the Call of Duty boogey-monster for baby-fying your game.
BX81  +   1081d ago
DS3 and BF3 piss me off with pay to unlock quickly crap. There should be some kind difference between getting unlocks legit and paying for them, but that's just me.
MilkMan  +   1081d ago
Its there if you want to use it. I've played this game at least 5 times over in all kinds of difficulty settings and I've never used these transactions not even once.

If you want it, go for it. If you don't leave it alone.
Volcre  +   1081d ago
I think Yahtzee got it perfectly right on this one:
rome218  +   1079d ago
This site is an absolute joke. There is no real journalism to be found here. NG4 took someone's thread on Gamefaqs about Gameinformer's review at face value and published an article on that.

Also, it's CLEAR to any one who has played Dead Space 3 that MT is WORTHLESS! You buy packs much like ME3, so you may not get what you want.

The difference is, it is VERY EASY to get resources. Unlike ME3, you do not have to get the item you want 9 times to get it at full strength. Just get it once and that's it.

I have 200 ration seals just hanging around. I have everything. This article and this site is a joke, I just come here to remind everyone here.

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