KZ: Shadow Fall Main Character Revealed

JustCastle: KZ: Shadow Fall is set 30 years after the events of Killzone 3. In this game, the Helghast and the Vektans live in a city split apart by a huge wall (like the Berlin Wall). The plot has your character, a Shadow Marshal, taking part in a cold war against the Helghast.

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ritsuka6661916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Killzone Shadow Fall storyline will suck..

Guerilla actually wrote a cool background story regarding the Killzone universe (I think it's stll available on their website), although they failed to write a compelling story in the game itself and were not able to execute it properly in yours games.

Bahpomet---1916d ago


Red_Orange_Juice1916d ago

cursing in British lingo never sounds serious

Bahpomet---1916d ago

this is a gameing website i dont giaf what sounds serious or not i do what i naggea got to do

wenaldy1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Relax mate, Ritsuka has been known holding a grudge against Killzone 3 lol.. He complained, A LOT..

zerocrossing1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

They are entitled to their opinion.

Most game story/plots are sub par after all, you may well enjoy the plot of Killzone but someone stating they don't is no reason to take offence or offer insult, there's already enough immaturity in our community as it is.

Bahpomet---1916d ago

ive played all killzone games and owned all i will buy 2 new systems toi get the latest ones this guy cant ruin my life like this if i catch him slipping ill shoot his knee caps .

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stage881916d ago

Would you mind sending your copy to me as you dislike it so much. Oh and also your PS4.

RTheRebel1916d ago

killzone 3 story was terribad
but give this game a chance will be good =)

Wizziokid1916d ago

You've played it? dude let my have a turn of the PS4!

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Red_Orange_Juice1916d ago

can't wait for dat multiplayer

sashimi1916d ago

I can't wait for that SP, thats where the party's at for me. Though i'll check out the MP too

SlyFamous021916d ago

I hope they have some story line that explains what happened to Sev and Rico, but I'm very excited about how the finished product will look, that being said, I hope the gameplay will be just as polished.

akaakaaka1916d ago

Well let's hope they add a lot of videos like Kojima does in MGS, since KILLZONE universe is just to huge to be explained in their game play.. I will not mind hrs of videos bside a 10hrs campaign and a full complete Multiplayer with 12maps from the start and a good online co op! maybe to much to ast for a launch first gen tittle but GG are amazing..

akaakaaka1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

well KILLZONE2 change the main character plus KILLZONE had few.. so this is nothing new, the universe in KILLZONE is just huge, let's hope we get to control different characters? like in KILLZONE that will be nice but not needed.

ahhh I wan't to see the Online! I want play the game already!!! ahhhhh

@phantomexe you should and make sure to go to the killzones webpage and read their time line history plot its very interesting and it will make the game more enjoyable!

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