F-Zero Released on Wii U VC Trial Service For 30 Cents

Hardcore Gamer: It's that time again -- a new Wii U Virtual Console release is out, so make sure to charge and dust off your Gamepad! The SNES classic F-Zero can now be yours for a mere 30 cents until March 21. That gives you plenty of time to reignite your love for the game, and listen to the tremendous soundtrack as well.

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Nevers0ft1888d ago

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MON.... Oh, it's only 30p? Thanks Nintendo, last time I got this much entertainment for such a low price I was throwing loose change over the edge of the Eiffel Tower at the pedestrians below.

Neonridr1888d ago


I agree, it's a no brainer...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1888d ago

LOL- I agree

"Funny" @ Never & Neon

MNGamer-N1888d ago

About to grab this right now...