Breaking Down The PlayStation 4 Watch_Dogs Demo

Analog Addiction Writes: "Technology is all around us; it controls our lives exponentially more every year. Almost every minute technology creeps even further into the fabric of society. From automatic teller machines, smart phones, computers, portable music devices and unassuming things as simple as the remote control for your television. The twenty first century has seen technology evolve to make our lives easier, more entertaining and safer. But is this really true? Traffic lights stop cars from having accidents, pacemakers help people with bad hearts and electronic wheelchairs help the elderly move around; but what if this technology was harnessed? What if this technology could be controlled by one simple device? Watch_Dogs is questioning how safe becoming technologically dependant can really make us when it falls into the wrong hands."

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whoyouwit041852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I hope before every one drools over this that they do know that it was not running on PS4 but on A PC instead. with that said I am defiantly looking forward to this game just have to decide which console I am going to get it on.

rustyspoon801851d ago

It was the PS4 build of the game. You see the guy with the Dual Shock 4 controller before and you see the playstation buttons on screen (X, O etc).

FlameBaitGod1851d ago

You know you can use the PS controller on any pc game right ?

BldyShdw1851d ago

They said it was a PC with Specs very similar to a PS4, so I assume it will at least look almost as good if not just as good.

BiggCMan1851d ago

But PC games using a controller will always have Xbox 360 controller icons, that's what he is getting at. I agree, I personally believe it was on the PS4, because I know for a fact that I can't play my PC games with dualshock button icons. Unless they specifically coded it into these demos, which just sounds stupid, I believe it was on PS4.

3rdDimension1851d ago

Here we go... UBIsoft dev officially confirmed it was the PC game running during the event. Just go and watch the after show video on gametrailers were they interviewed the dev. He said they were running the PC game because the PS4 version was still in development.

buddymagoo1851d ago

I didn't think it looked all that special, like a modern day Assassins creed. Looked like the PS4 would have no problem running it.

whoyouwit041851d ago

No it wasn't, if you watched the post show you would know that the first thing the developer said that it was running on a PC with similar PS4 specs.

jmc88881851d ago

Or a PC version with Sony overlays.

Either way it's being run on a PC.

The 360 controller has a PC interface. Hell people got the PS3 controller to work on PC as well.

So the point is, it's not hard for this to be doctored.

The real question is, how representative is this footage on a PC going to compare to what will actually be on a PS4 running the PS4 version of the game?

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IcicleTrepan1851d ago

I like how you're getting all these disagrees for something that the Ubisoft guy actually said for a fact after the Sony conference.

3rdDimension1851d ago

It's call denial. It's typical of Sony fanboys.

jmc88881851d ago

I'll buy a PS4, just like a 720, just like I have a PC, just like I have a Wii U, just like I have a PS3 and 360, etc, etc.

But the fanboys are trolling hard thinking the PS4 is a beast, when it isn't. They think they saw PS4 demos yesterday, they didn't. They saw PC demos. Notice most games were notoriously multiplatform games and devs.

Where were the 1st party exclusives besides Killzone? That was really the only thing that is probably PS4 devkit material, being run on a PC.

We didn't get a price. We got a rough timeline, holiday 2013. We got vague dev commitments not of WHEN they will release, just that at some point in the future they will make a game on it.

So what did we really see?

We saw Sony wants us to be narcissists and wants everyone to believe that everyone else wants to spend time watching them play video games. Instead of living life or playing their own video games.

We saw they want you to be able to link to your CIABook accounts, or also known as SellallyourdataBook so that if you game when you're sick, well your work or school can find out about it. They'll sell that information to insurers who will have data pointing that you played 33540 hours of gaming since you were 12 and thus you're high risk and we're going to charge you double for insurance. Thanks Sony!

Anything on facebook, is facebook's. Not yours. So now Sony is talking about how great it is to hand over even more data that no one wants except those that wish to exploit you.

Yeah we all want THAT!

So no, the only things that were good news really was that Gaikai wasn't going to be an awful, consumer and dev killing OnLive service. That is WILL have a hard drive. That Gaikai instead will be used to allow you to play downloaded stuff as it downloads.

That it has 8gb's of GDDR5 instead of the rumored 4gb's.

That the new dualshock was there and it looks better and more comfortable than the old one.

While you don't know the quality of any of the titles mentioned, at least you know some of the games that will be out. You will get a final fantasy game this year. You will get a Killzone game, Destiny and Diablo III will also be coming to the PS4.

Some other minor things like low power mode saving your gaming experience, if you have a friend who owns the same game and has beat it and is online will be able to jump in (aka not very often).

That's really about it.

Sketchy_Galore1851d ago

Who are you defying by looking forward to this game? /GrammarNazi

Seriously though. I understand that the game was running on PC but it wasn't even close to the best looking game shown at the conference. People are acting as if this one game blew people's minds graphically whereas the others merely sat there. Even if this particular demo was running on a PC it's clear that the PS4 can handle it easily.

Jek_Porkins1851d ago

You beat me to it, it was a PC just like the demo at E3.

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SpiralTear1851d ago

Seriously, Watch_Dogs is looking to be a serious smash.

My only concern is how the PS4 version will play out compared to the PS3. I hope it's not released in a similar way Twilight Princess was for Wii and Gamecube. If they can truly take advantage of the PS4 hardware, offer some new modes, sharper graphics, or some serious incentive to buy a PS4 to play this version of the game, then I'll do just that.

If not, I'll stick to the consoles that are already released for my Watch_Dogs fix.

jmc88881851d ago

Watch dogs looks like a great game.

Umm, Watch Dogs is beyond next gen specs. Meaning it will play best on PC. Then on PS4. Then 720. Then Wii U. Then we'll see about the older consoles. Possibly on them, but massively downgraded.

Jek_Porkins1851d ago

I was just curious why you think Watch Dogs will play better on the PS4 as opposed to the 720? We haven't heard a single thing about the next Xbox, but it is safe to say that most likely everything that is third party will be as equal as can be.

tbon3man1851d ago

On the gttv interview the guy said it was running on a pc but the PS4 version was looking good and still in the works.

Bahpomet---1851d ago

while i play this the pseye 4 will steal my bank account im sure of it

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