Thoughts of Sony Made PlayStation 4 Sugar Plumbs Dancing in Our Heads

With Sony’s much anticipated event finally over, and after we have had time to watch the video again, we take a few moments to reflect on what we saw, what we are afraid of, and what we expect to come this Holiday Season 2013.

All PS4 info also included including the official Sony PS4 PDF Spec sheet

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ftwrthtx1944d ago

Hopefully the PS3 isn't left by the wayside.

dbjj120881944d ago

I hope not too. Obviously there are still some PS3 Sony-made games in the pipe, but once Last of Us and Beyond are clear, do you think we'll see anything first-party on the PS3 anymore?

ftwrthtx1944d ago

Seems that the future is only clear for the PS4

NateCole1944d ago

I think they might be a few PS3 games still in the pipeline from first and 2nd party however the focus for most is now on dev for PS4.

This year is obviously the last year they will have big core PS exclusive on PS3.

Good_Guy_Jamal1944d ago

We haven't seen anything (retail) first party since the last MLB and Uncharted 3. Rest have been 3rd party and 2nd party exclusives.

mi_titan271944d ago

Madden 2015, 16, 17, 18, ect. LOL

ftwrthtx1944d ago

Sony put out MLB The show titles for the PS2 for a while after the PS3 launched so I do expect that series to continue on the PS3.

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profgerbik1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

With Gaikai PS3 can still do just fine, my question is could you stream PS4 games to the PS3? I mean obviously the Vita can, they said it would but I just wonder if they will allow that.

I guess it would destroy any incentive to buy the PS4 but it would be cool if they allow PS4 games to be played on any platform even the PS3.

Might just be restricted to the PS Vita though for remote play reasons. Still can dream though, I guess the future phases of Gaikai will only tell in due time.

I know it will be fine though Sony never just drops a console.

NateCole1944d ago

That's the beauty of Gaikai.

I don't see any reason why Sony will not stream PS4 games on the PS3.

The whole point of putting out console hardware is to sell games. Games/software is where the real money is. If Sony can use old PS consoles to sell PS4 games then they will.

My prediction is Sony will start with PS certified hardware. These include all Sony PS supported hardware plus smartphone, TV's, Tablets etc. Later they will move to other Android and iOS devices.

This is where PS world comes in. Subscription gaming service that is available across many platforms. Sony will not care much about the hardware as they will be getting money from the service.

I think this will be announced and shown more come E3. If done right it will change the gaming industry.

Good_Guy_Jamal1944d ago

Do you guys want SONY to run itself into the ground? I can see plenty of reason why they wouldn't stream ps4 games on ps3, one of them involves not giving consumers one more reason to hold out before buying a ps4!
SONY need to give us every reason to want to upgrade and ps4 exclusives are it.

ABizzel11944d ago


I don't think the PS3 will be supported half as much as it was.

Sony has to focus most of their efforts on launching a new console and aiding the struggling Vita. Adding the PS3 and PSP (which is still kicking in Japan) to that mix spreads them too thin.

The PS3 will still have support from Sony but more so in the form of Cross buy and Cross play games rather than new PlayStation releases unless Sony's willing to make a low-end version of their game. However, the PS3 will continue to be supported by 3rd parties simply because of it's install base, so it'll have a few more years of support, but it's going to lost a big amount of Sony support, simply because the PS4 and Vita are more of a priority at this time.

dbjj120881944d ago

It's going to be a very Sony christmas!

ftwrthtx1944d ago

Depends on the price point for me.

knifefight1944d ago

I wonder when exactly the release date will be.
And I wonder about Japan and Europe, too. Just fun things to find out. Maybe we'll hear at E3.

ANIALATOR1361944d ago

I'm guessing march 2014 for Europe but it would nice to be wrong and for it to be a worlwide release in time for crimbo

ftwrthtx1944d ago

I'm thinking a possible joint release for Japan and North America and then an early 2014 release for Europe.

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rpd1231943d ago

This title sucks ass. It's a mouthful and grammatically incorrect.