Alex Ward of Criterion Games: Future Wii U NFS Games Releasing at the Sametime as Other Consoles

Alex Ward of Criterion Games says that Wii U versions of future Need for Speed games should release the same time as other consoles, now that the studio has gotten used to the hardware.

He also praises the hardware, stating" Fantastic hardware [the Wii U], I love it. It really got me back into Nintendo software."

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PopRocks3591884d ago

So, what ham-fisted conspiracy driven excuse do the trolls plan on using to try and discredit these guys?

In all honesty, I'm not particularly surprised. Nobody chose to really take advantage of the Wii U's power and these guys have at least shown that there is some decent horsepower in the console. Hopefully more games take the same route.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1883d ago

@PopRocks "Well Said"

I think it is the Illuminati? (jk)

Retro has to show the way to continue the narrative that WiiU IS Next Gen Visuals and make something that visually blows away the "Core".

(With what they did on Wii and GC- I know that with the WiiU they can stun everyone in the gaming industry).

+Now that Nintendo has Watch Dogs and Rainbow Six & Splinter Cell.
-everything is definitely looking-up.

Ssshhh, Nintendo Trolls be quiet.

lilbroRx1883d ago

You seem unrealistically optimistic. They aren't exactly known for overwhelming Nintendo support. This is just one game.

When I here, "Wii U NFS Games Releasing at the Sametime as Other Consoles" I think of 360 ports like what happened with the Wii and the PS2.

Most Wanted probably be the only Wii U game where they both to put in this much effort. I don't trust them for a second.

AKR1883d ago

Alex Ward himself has been lavishing the hardware. That alone should make the future look bright with Criterion's projects on Wii U.

Link0791883d ago

Criterion i will buy all ur WiiU games Most Wanted U looks remarkable.

Link0791883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

All i know is spec numbers mean nothing as NFS wiiu shows that with little effort they get wiiu singing and on par with the best pc version except the night time in wiiu NFS is their best night time to date,i say little effort because they were not using a gpgpu focused GAME ENGINE.

muttley651883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

@ lilbro and link
after playing over an hour on MOSTWANTED ps3 version i come to realize the game formula did not have ROOTS of nfs grounded. to much seed of BURNOUT. and burnout is my lease racing game i would play,therefore was disappointed return game for refund quickly. GHOST game studio WILL make this Coming nov title they replied to my e-mail in short they said: this title will not be like criterions mostwanted or hotpursuit.

there is hope still!!!!

in event EA return DEV.KIT back to Blackbox studio or give it to Ghost studio i might return to my fav racing game. FOR NOW Burnout FOR speed NOT!!!!!! Happening for me.

AKR1883d ago

That's a shame. I love the Burnout series. I thoroughly enjoyed Burnout: Paradise.

muttley651883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


just could not get into crashing instead of racing. in a racing game im like competitive. hunger for first place. crashing into on coming traffic,trees,telephone poles,mail boxes not my thing. GT3,GT5,PROJECT CARS,RIDGE RACER,NEED FOR SPEED my favorites. to me burnout is like a crash dummy simulation racing game for gamers to driving around crashing than actually race to finishline. different strokes for different folks.

getting in a FORMULA1 for pure speed is for me. when im not playing around with NFS

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