Upload Feature Used During PlayStation Meeting 2013

During the PlayStation Meeting 2013, it was discussed that the PlayStation 4 would have a feature allowing gamers to upload parts of gameplay directly from the system. During the live demo for Killzone Shadow Fall, this feature was shown off.

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kingPoS1917d ago

That feature was kinda understated. I hope to see more at E3.

jtenma1917d ago

^ I feel the same way. I don't think people realize how incredible this is. This is a huge deal!

aceitman1917d ago

People buy pvr's to upload videos like this, spending a couple hundred dollars.

MasterCornholio1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Another cool feature that they mentioned was the ability to take over your friends character in a game over the internet.

I hope that these new features are not part of a subscription plan that way Microsoft would have more incentive to bring free online play to the 720.

BTW before people claim that the video recording will cause the framerate to crash take into account that theres an ARM chip in the playstation that handles these sorts of things that way game performance isnt affected.

nukeitall1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Depending on how it is implemented, I think it might just suck with people flooding everyone with worthless video uploads.

I think the spectator mode will far more likely to be used.

I hated the whole facebook spamming of trophies earned.

If people have to edit the videos, it would keep a lot of the crap out.

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ANIALATOR1361917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

anyone know the resolution it records at? I know some games that do screenshots can look pretty terrible compared to the actual game

neoMAXMLC1917d ago

The video was uploaded to Youtube. I believe it went up to 720p.

Riderz13371917d ago

Guys this was legit. During the event I was browsing the Killzone Facebook page while Hermen was speaking just to see if they had updated it with any news on their next game. Once I saw they were using the share feature at the end I went to their Facebook and the video was right there on their Facebook. The quality is actually pretty awesome too! Plus the demo was being played LIVE and the video after the demo was finished was identical to the live demo shown at the conference. That share button is truly amazing.

DivineAssault 1917d ago

This is a cool feature.. Then again so is everything about that F****r... They built a great system that can handle multiple tasks & thats exactly what i wanted.. Great ram, great power, great controller, & great features.. My only gripe is the PS3 digital/physical games not working with it but with gaikai, im hoping my favorite games end up streamable.. All i cared for this gen was demon/dark souls anyway so eff it.. Bring on the nx gen of games sony!

cervantes991917d ago

I agree. While I understand disappointment in no true BC it is not a deal breaker for me. I want new and shiny games on my PS4.

I'll keep my PS3 hooked up until I no longer care about the old games and then put the PS3 back in the box and store it in my closet until the day I want to hook it up again for nostalgia.

GamerzElite1917d ago

Same crap happened before when PS3 rejected BC but its manage to sell a good amount of hardware, But for me Next gen is next gen, I wanna see new games on next gen consoles, not old games.

kingPoS1917d ago

That's what don't get? Why do some act like Sony will abandon the ps3 the moment a new console is released? Following Sony's track record, when was the last time they stopped supporting a console abruptly after a new release?

The answerer is simple... Keep the ps3!

DivineAssault 1917d ago

im sure u can prolly purchase PS3 games digitally on PS4, just not transfer em or pop in PS3 discs.. But ya, im ready to play new games & the older ones i want, ill play off the cloud & or rebuy if i really REALLY want em.. They might do HD collections of the heavy hitters in native 1080/60fps too.. Who knows but im not letting the fact theres no true BC stop me from getting this bad boy.. I love that controller so much & havent even held it yet.. I just know from the look that it feels great.. Those triggers n analogs got me pumped to play that new killzone

lovegames7181917d ago

Divine.. if your getting it day one, you better get kz and clan up with me.

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