Opinion: PS4 Announced, But What About the Vita?

Analog Addiction Writes: "Finally! The PlayStation 4 has been officially announced. The Next Generation of consoles is among us, and Sony has set the stage. While many will argue whether the two hour long press conference delivered or not, I am here instead to ask the question, “What about the Vita?” I mean, that is my official title here at Analog Addiction – The Vita Aficionado, or something of that nature…

Honestly, I am a little surprised that there was little to no mention of the Vita at the conference. Yes, the CEO of Gaikai, David Perry, is quoted saying the end goal is to have all PS4 games playable on the PS Vita via Cloud technology from Gaikai. Here’s the thing though, how many times have we been burned with the promises of Remote Play before? Is this different? It does nothing for me until I see actual proof in my hands. Furthermore, we won’t be seeing any of the PS4 titles until the end of the year when the console releases (If Sony sticks to the Holiday 2013 release...

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Zuperman1759d ago

The Vita is in great hands because basically whenever you purchase a PS4 game, your able to play it on the Vita as well.

LOGICWINS1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Why'd you get a disagree? Thats a damn good question. Anyone who thinks Gaikai will be free is drinkin that Koolaid! There will NO DOUBT be a new subscription fee from Sony that will include cloud gaming support.

@Zuperman- The Vita will only let you play PS4 games via remote play. Hence, within your Wi-fi's range. It's a cool feature but its not like you can play Killzone Shadow Fall on the bus or train.

What you WILL be able to supposedly do is play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games ANYWHERE theres an internet connection. That will be interesting.

silkrevolver1759d ago

But with America's infamously terrible internet speeds... how logical is a lot of this cloud gaming?

I'm excited, but we need better infrastructure to fuel cool stuff like this.

oONinjavitiSOo1759d ago

I honestly wouldn't come up with assumptions yet. Lets not worry about it until we have more information.....just enjoy the fact that nextgen is finally here.

ABizzel11759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


rumor has it it'll be like Netflix and Hulu+. $7.99 a month for the PS++ service ($89).

I wouldn't mind a $10 a month service that has PS+, Gaikai, Music Unlimited, and Video Unlimited (supposedly getting a huge upgrade with Sony TV & Play TV). As long as they offer the free PSN, and a regular PS+ I think everyone will be happy.

Also please stay BFF's with Google Sony and get use Chrome for the browser or at least let use download the app.

rainslacker1759d ago

Sounds like remote play to me. Something that's been free on the PSP for quite a while. It's implementation on Vita with PS3 games has been lackluster, but it is free. Gaikai isn't really necessary for remote play, as the game still runs on the home console, whereas the PSP/Vita just act as a client.

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ABizzel11759d ago

I think we'll see more on the Vita here in the US around E3. I was a bit surprised there was no mention of the PS3 or really the PS Vita, but this event was all about unveiling the PS4 and I'm kind of glad Sony stuck to that.

E3 is the time for a full blown PlayStation conference, but that begs a few questions.

1. What is coming to the PS3 this holiday?

It looks like this is then last of the major Sony support for the PS3, as most games seem coming to the console seem to be multiplatform releases that are likely going to be better on the PS4. I'm sure we'll continue to see that kind of support for PS3 gamers and maybe a few PSN titles, but it seems like Sony's moving on unless it's a Cross buy title. Will we see Gaikai coming to the PS3. Not anytime soon since that's one of the PS4's major selling points, so we probably won't see it until the PS3's 10th year.

2. Vita price cut and games?

Japan had a price cut, but that's because there are a few noteworthy games coming for the Japanese market for Japan. Here in the states there's nothing really there, so why announce a price drop now. E3 will be about the games for the Vita for this year and 2014, PS4 integration, and future services like Gaikai. We probably won't get a price drop until Gamescom with it hitting stores in September. Expect a new PS Vita model March 2014.

3. More PS4.

Confirmed launch titles, All the PS3 games still MIA like Last Guardian, Agent, Final Fantasy 13 versus, Final Fantasy 14, PS4 Final Fantasy, 8 Days revived, The Getaway revived, GTA5 PS4?, more gameplay footage form the known titles, more 3rd party titles (COD: MW5, BF4, AC4), and maybe a tease of Uncharted and GT6: Prologue.

In other words huge potential E3 for Sony. But as you know it's not all going to be at E3, but spread over E3, Gamescom, and TGS.

Good_Guy_Jamal1759d ago

So you figure Vita is in great hands as long as Vita owners buy a ps4?

EvilJeffBridges1758d ago

Vita could still potentially survive on it's own. PS4 will help a fraction of Vitas momentum

akaakaaka1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

yes.. and this amazing feature is what will make me buy a vita soon! I believe Sony could make the PS4 playable in any smart phone etc.. but they are going exclusive to the Vita because of the control's and to help it sale more.

Gaika is one of the big great moves made by Sony, PlayStation will be fluid and have the strong's network thanks to it! is a very exiting feature! lag free online is what will made me happy about next gen! I can't believe nobody is exited and talking about this..

GribbleGrunger1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

But what about the Vita? Didn't this journalist watch the show for crying out loud. They said little about the Vita but what they did say should wake people up. So just in case this journalist needs a reminder:

Vita will play PS1, PS2, PS3, PSMobile and PS4 games. It will also interact with the PS4 in ways that it doesn't with the PS3 (from the beginning). This is HUGE news.

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babis19741759d ago


ApolloTheBoss1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Sony once said it will continue to be supported up to 2015.

TheGrimOfDeath1759d ago

I'm pretty sure it will be longer. They wouldn't just cut it off that fast. I'm pretty sure it will be around 2016-2019.

Just_The_Truth1759d ago

I wouldn't mind if they did. They should just focus on the ps4. The ps3 has had a great run but if they want to get people to buy into the ps4 they need to give them a reason. There's s good 7 years of ps3 backlog so there's no reason to waste resources supporting anymore.

BitbyDeath1759d ago

If you go by history then the PS3 will likely remain in production until the PS5 begins.

clearelite1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I wonder if we'll be able to use the PS3 to play PS4 games, if you have both systems.

silkrevolver1759d ago

I think the PS4-Vita connectivity is HUGE for the system. Both systems, really.

profgerbik1759d ago

^ This. All I needed to hear out of that presentation was this right here and that is what we got.

The Vita is going to do even better with support from the PS4.

Hanso1759d ago

DIABLO 3 on vita oh yeahh

DarkHeroZX1759d ago

fuck I never thought of it like that......

PopRocks3591759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Well, the cross-compatibility is a nice side feature. The real question is whether or not it will entice anyone to buy both platforms in conjunction.

It will probably take some time for me personally to get one after the other. That there is a lot of moolah to spend.

Nicaragua1759d ago

"PS4 Announced, But What About the Vita?"

Vita is already announced, problem solved.

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