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The PlayStation 4 is incredible, but are too many gamers going to miss out?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "While I am looking forward to the PS4 with baited breath, I wonder how much of that is because I'm going to be able to use all of its features. Once upon a time consoles were self-contained, and while a self-contained console was never going to be able to achieve Sony's vision here, I have to wonder whether this new console is going to be worthwhile for people who don't have the extra devices and speedy Internet they're going to need to get the most out of it." (PS4, Sony)

Nitrowolf2  +   961d ago
i'm wondering this myself. Pricing will be a huge factor and seeing that it's up there with high-end PC's just about, and the fact thyat it comes with a Camera I'm just wondering how much. SO buying this.;
MattS  +   961d ago
Sorry about the broken link. It's fixed now. :)
blitz0623  +   961d ago
$500 max.

Bring on E3
juandren  +   961d ago
I think they will make the price around $450 and rely on software sales and PS+ to earn any money they will potentially lose. They don't need to make any profit off the consoles, considering they publish most of the system's launch titles. All in all, I think the PS4 has a strong future ahead of it
ABizzel1  +   961d ago
$499 or $299 w. a mandatory 2 year subscription to PS+ @ $10 / month ($539, and if bill is late console is bricked).

$499 is not too cheap to where they take a massive loss, but not too much to where core gamers can't buy it.

On top of that $299 w. a contract is a great way to get a supre low price out there, for the masses to be able to jump into the PS4, as well as, allowing people to experience PS+ for so long that it becomes a must have feature that they'll continue to pay for once their contract has expired. Bricking the console seems harsh, but it's the only way to save Sony from being screwed over by people who always try to get over on the system, just pay your $10.
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Kurt Russell  +   961d ago
Whad Der Fuq?

Why would it be good business sense to go around bricking consoles... you're hardly going to sell software if you're doing such a thing. Think it through.
Bahpomet---  +   961d ago
abizzel i want dat droug u taking yo i gat dat locked
NateCole  +   961d ago
Price is right up there with high end PC's?. Really?
xursz  +   961d ago
I think he means spec wise because we basically know what's inside the system now. We don't know price yet though.

What I'm hearing is PS4 can easily hang with high end PCs. As if those demos weren't proof enough, right.

Is it too early to be excited for Christmas?
Cam977  +   961d ago
The more I see, the more I honestly how on earth MS will counter this.
SockeyBoy  +   961d ago
Thats a bit off topic dude.

ON TOPIC. I don't really care of what the price will be at this point, I'm going to be spending my hard earned cash on this one.
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talisker  +   961d ago
Hardcore Kinect titles they promised 3 years ago.

Oh wait, it was just a lie, I forgot.

On topic: come on, Sony's showed us their next system almost a year in advance (or even more in my case as I live in EU). If you can't afford to take out your plastic and buy it when it comes, start saving. If you could afford current gen systems, you will be able to afford PS4.

You do realize apus are made for laptops and soon tablets? pc gamers don't use apus even though they can..
ram wise yes it competes with pc.

UI think ps4 may out do pc for a good 2 years. Do to optimization.

remember some are playing beyond 1080p already.

I will get disagrees for this but it's true.

Anyway can't wait for ps4!!
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jmc8888  +   961d ago
The problem is even a much more powerful PC GPU can't utilize even half that memory properly.

A GTX 670 doesn't even max out 2GB's really.

Now will they be able to use that 6gb's (2 gb's reserved for OS/social/background stuff) to help extend the life of the console by loading more into ram? Sure. But that's on the back end.
jmc8888  +   961d ago
No, up there with mid level 2011 GPU's and 2008 mid range CPU's.

A 360 and PS3 could outperform a 3000-4000 PC (or 2500 in core PC parts to build yourself) from a 2004 PC (the year before the 360 launched).

A PS4 is comparable to a $600-800 in core 2011 PC parts. (motherboard, ram, psu, CPU, GPU).

You make the determination whether or not that is high end and whether or not that is a step back or three from the starting point of a new console generation.

Still a preorder for me, but c'mon guys, lets look at things objectively or we risk being Aliens: Colonial Marine-d.
MrDead  +   961d ago
How much is 8gb of GDDR 5?
akaakaaka  +   961d ago
PC games do not even uses 2gb of ram let alone 8gb of gddr5.

PC spec are good but to edit video and etc.. PS4 is make for games, to play games..

so you can't compare PC tech with PS4 tech since the architectures are different and their use.
let the games speak for itself..
KZSF https://www.facebook.com/ph...
is miles ahead any pc games (crysis3 http://s.pro-gmedia.com/vid...
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Sykoticz  +   961d ago
@ psn_arakouftaian

You have no idea do you?

Do you know anything about Gaming Pc's?
J_Cob  +   961d ago
Same. I have $1,000 set to the side for the PS4 and a bunch of launch titles. Hopefully I don't have to use all of it. The placeholder pre-order price for the PS4 version of Watchdogs on Amazon is $99. ( http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0... I really hope this isn't the case when the game launches. Otherwise I won't be buying as many games in the coming years.
IAmLee  +   961d ago
£399 for console according to this..

Narutone66  +   961d ago
Should be cheaper than a comparably-spec PC as they are going to made money through other means.
Relientk77  +   961d ago
Well, this is one gamer that won't be missing out.
izumo_lee  +   961d ago
I believe that rumor that some Japanese newspaper & others have suggested that the basic model i guess will be around 400-450. With a premium one more towards 499.

This conference showed how Sony learned from past mistakes. Making a system with the developer in mind, a happy developer will mean happy gamers. They look like they streamlined their online with Gaikai leading the charge. Everything points to that Sony is not gonna pull a 599 stunt again. They will take the hit & make it back in software & online subscriptions.

This is a different Sony under God...i mean Kaz & i am convinced that it will be affordable.
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yewles1  +   961d ago
"Making a system with the developer in mind,"

I have reservations about that myself, actually...

Let's just say that I will be very curious to see what NEW excuses they'll come up with THIS TIME...
wenaldy  +   961d ago

What's your problem? Going hostile to everyone
theDECAY  +   961d ago
Yeah, @thethirdman, you're a dickhead.
Hicken  +   961d ago
Don't bother. His account is 2 hours old, and he's pretty much been trolling from the start.

I'm glad to hear that it'll be easier on the developers, but I'm still waiting to hear what type of excuses developers like Bethesda come up with.
torchic  +   961d ago
all signs point towards $450, it makes the most sense.
kenshiro100  +   961d ago
izumo has a point ThirdMan. The name calling is unnecessary.

When I first bought my PS3 fat, I thought Sony was nuts with that 599+ price point. The console was amazing, I agree but that was way too expensive. I also think that they won't make that same mistake again. With a reasonable price and heavy advertising, they got this one in the bag.

I also welcome the whole 'easier to develop for' thing as well. Sony may get more third party support and get third party exclusives back for that.
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Cocozero  +   961d ago
Its either going to be too expensive or Sony will take a massive loss, likely making them go bankrupt. Either way no one wins,
ScubaSteve1  +   961d ago
you do know Sony is more then gaming right?
just-joe  +   961d ago
You're aware that the only profitable part of Sony is their movie studio and their credit is now still at junk status. Their shares also dropped in Japan today. I'm not trying to be negative but the point is, having you hand in every profession does not make you a master at all of them. I hope the PS4 is able to help them, for their sake.
fsfsxii  +   961d ago
Sony is not dumb to make the same mistake twice, btw, you stupidity makes me sick, why'd you want them out?? ffs
kenshiro100  +   961d ago
...Yes, because Sony just suddenly went bankrupt overnight.../s

If they're so bankrupt, then why are they risking a PS4? Why did they just bought out Gaikai? Surely a company that's dying out wouldn't have the means to work on a new console or buy out a company.

And just-joe, shares rise and fall every day. The economy isn't very strong and there are other companies with problems as well. That doesn't mean that Sony isn't strong enough to ride it through. Also, their credit is in junk status? Source? Or are you pulling numbers out of troll-land again?

It's funny how the trolls come out of hiding and act like stock analysts whenever good Sony news pops up.
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Ult iMate  +   961d ago
Gloom article already?
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ThatXboxGuy  +   961d ago
ZodTheRipper  +   961d ago
Day one for me, so happy that they aim for a 2013 release!
Bobertt  +   961d ago
Ign says current rumors say it wil be $429 and $529 or something similar, a $400 range model and a $500 range model.
Obamanationn  +   961d ago
300-350 for basic models , 400 for premium model , guys a fking Terrabyte hardrives are like 50-80 bucks no way should a price difference between multiple versions be 100-150 price difference , there taking console owners for idiots that shit never flys on PC
Obamanationn  +   961d ago
i strongly believe $MS might release there console for 299 if you get xbox live or something like that
Kevlar009  +   961d ago
Ridge Racer or Bust
Raider69  +   961d ago
Im expecting Between $450 and $550 depending on the bundle.From the specs this console actually seems to pack a lot of power compared to the PS3 and xbox 360 and dont forget that what is still the price tag of those consoles.I really expect some kind of bundles with games and the beginning sale price of $450 and going up.They can also make a strip bundle just the console and one controller without the PS EYES CAMARA,but never the less im not seeing a price below $400 even so.What im seeing is two year from the release of the console and after all the gaikai funcions and new network been working at full steam Sony may actually release a PS4 model without any kind of DVD/Bluray drive and that console version been just able to download ALL KINDS OF PS games directly from the ps network or gaikai,but more latter on.An actuall streaming only PS4.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   961d ago
I honestly thought that NOTHING any of the 3 companies had to offer would ever make me feel like it was time for me to move on from the ps3.

leave it up to sony to rape my mind into submission.
Bakkies  +   961d ago
I live in a developing country and I enjoyed PS1 to PS3, but with the PS4's reliance on a fast internet service I am hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. (Here the internet is mediocre at best.)

I know Sony isn't crying itself to sleep over this fact, but still, it sucks for me.
KwietStorm  +   961d ago
I wouldn't say "reliance" on fast internet though. Many of its new features, yes, but just gaming and getting the same experience you're getting right now out of your PS3, I think you should be fine.
bunt-custardly  +   961d ago
I dread to think how much the $499 will translate in UK/Europe. £499 is a lot.
Tei777  +   961d ago
$500 will probably translate into £349
Tei777  +   961d ago
WHy do people continue to go as if the entirely population is supposed to upgrade on launch day, this has never happened and is never going to happen. As long sony doesn't set an insane price ($800), we will see the typical case of early adopters in the first 8-10m units sold in year one, at full price. Year 2 will see a price drop so the maximum price is $400-449 and then the mainstream will begin to pick up. year 3 will see it hit full mass market price at $299 alongside fan favourites like GTA,FF,Elderscrolls etc .... At least this is how things typically pan out.
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megamanX2   961d ago | Trolling | show
guitar_nerd_23  +   961d ago
Time to start saving, looks amazing they addressed literally every small gripe I have with my PS3.

Ps4 on the toilet via Vita? Oh yes. :)

I think for the spec it could around £500 but I suspect it will actually sell for £399 and I think it's going to be worth every penny.

Now all I need is WipEout Ps4 to be announced.
kenshiro100  +   961d ago
Sony learned their lesson, so I expect a $400-$450 price point.

But we shall wait and see.
Stoppokingme  +   961d ago
It didn't take long for EB games to cash in, they're already offering pre-orders for PS4 @ $899 AUS.

That's damn expensive, but it's still early days, and the prices will change.
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