Photos of the PlayStation 4 Eye

Sony has released official shots showing off the PlayStation 4 Eye.

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StraightPath1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

kinect?! looks exactly like kinect but uglier version.

Fishermenofwar1462d ago

You know the PS eye was out wayyyyy before Kinect...

Ripsta7th1462d ago

You know the PS eye floppd

ZBlacktt1462d ago

The Playstation console line was out many years before the XBox. Nothing new here.

darthv721462d ago

Im tired of hearing the same crap. People need to check their facts.

1st, the kinect was not a copy of the eyetoy/pseye. Eyetoy came out first but the MS equivalent was called the "live vision".

PS Eye was an upgraded eyetoy but kinect was neither an upgrade to live vision NOR was it a copy of PSeye.

The only association people seem to be stuck on is that both are camera based tech for the respected systems.

This new ps eye seems to be more kinect like but only in appearance. Appearance is one thing but form and function are something else. This new one looks to be an evolution to the existing eye. Meaning that it still relies on tracking the glowing sphere on the move as well as the glowing bar on the new ds4.

Kinect did not require anything to focus on to track the persons movements. Perhaps it would have made it better if it did but that is not the way they engineered it.

NOW...we know NOTHING about what kinect 2.0 can do or look like but we can speculate on it. One things almost guaranteed is that it will track better than existing kinect. It will be an evolved kinect.

If MS opts to outfit the unit with support for mo-cap type suits or something on the controller or in the persons hand while using...THEN we can make all the comparatives to move and the pseye that we want.

End of rant.

No FanS Land1462d ago

I read yesterday, the PS4 eye has 1280 X 800 resolution on both cams. now that's precise!

Animal Mutha 761462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Darth is absolutley correct. I'm not sure why hes getting disagrees. forget bloody PSeye.

Sony cant copy Kinect directly as MS has loads of patents but its obviously designed to do a similar job although im not sure on the design.

Sony are well aware of how many Kinects MS sold and wants a share of that pie.

As for Kinnect 2 there are loads of rumoured details on the net. The cameras are supposed 1080p for capture and it can track 6 people over a wider field of view.

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DivineAssault 1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

who cares? not like u will be staring at that thing while your playing a game.. & its not all that ugly.. Its different which i like.. PS4 already exceeded my expectations & i havent even seen what they have for E3 yet..

It looks like the top of Johnny 5s face but its all black & will blend in to the tv so its not going to be stared at all the time

gedapeleda1462d ago

It may have some design similarities.But this one watches you wank and praises you.

ZeroX98761462d ago

I'll be frank with you, I almost never bought a console on launch, but seeing what sony showed us at this event, this may be the first time I'm buying a console day 1.

Ripsta7th1462d ago

@ Staright- Yes! haha but wait for the "innovative comments" lol

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