Sony Playstation 4 Event Impressions - STFUandPLAY

STFUandPLAY's Tony Polanco writes:

"The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived! After teasing us for weeks, Sony has finally revealed what their plans are for their next console: The Playstation 4."

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OOG1855d ago

Very good showing... didn't see or hear everything I wanted to but that's to be expected considering how early this presentation is... need to keep info till E3.

AngelicIceDiamond1855d ago

Sony did great but WTF did I come across this?

I call grade "A" BS.

Romudeth1855d ago

Sony knocked it out of the park with this event.

Ethereal1855d ago

I agree. Great presentation, looking forward to E3 for more info. I am already sold.

jalen2471855d ago

Sony did an excellent job. I heard everything I needed to hear for now.

They showed more than I thought they would.

T21855d ago

It was a great presentation.. Answered many questioned, owned up to some errors in the past, teased some, showed games, unveiled tech, social aspects... A bit of something for everyone and very upbeat. Only a complete troll or attention whore or fool would disagree that this was a homerun. Doesnt mean xbox cant hit one too but this was a victory for gamers.

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