Sony should have retired the DualShock controller

Tonight’s announcement tarnishes the legacy of a once great controller.

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Kamikaze1351761d ago

Hell no. The PS4 controller is beautiful.

Abash1761d ago

The PlayStation's triangle, square, circle, and X button are iconic. There is no way they can ever retire the DualShock

Nitrowolf21761d ago

Oh boy this wasn't fast XD

TBH the last time they redesigned the controller people freaked and they went back to the dualshock neevr releasing that boomerang

Enemy1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Agreed. Venturebeat should retire their website.

The new controller is everything I'd hoped more. Slightly bigger, better triggers, better grip, improved analog sticks, even better d-pad, that sexy light in the back. It is perfection.

Bathyj1761d ago

I've actually been considering getting the triangle square circle cross as a 1:1 size tattoo for years, but that will probably guarantee I never get laid again.

The Great Melon1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

They effectively did retire the Dualshock. Just look at this new controller. It's radically different compared to its previous iterations.

Changes: Touch screen, ergonomics, improved triggers, share button, loss of start and select buttons, Move light, headphone jack, built-in speaker, 3-axis accelerometer.

Sony managed to cram practically every feature in other controllers into the DualShock. It's a beast feature-wise compared to its brethren.

sunnygrg1761d ago

The Playstation is built on the legacy of the Dualshock controller. So, please God no.

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hulk_bash19871761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

What is this guy on? The damn controller looks like a dream come true. Especially the triggers, indented analog sticks and the longer handles.

user39158001761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

PS4 controller its awfull, no innovation at all, really they are still with ps1 controller wtf. t was ok for the first console, then seond came same again ok, thrid time wtf, 4th time someone needs to get fired, no structure at all. I wonder how ugly the ps4 will be, ps1 beautifull, ps2 retarded, ps3 awfull design. Im impresed with the spec 8gb ddr5 but thats an overkill. WIIU has no chance with next gen console. I hope they make up for the console structure, because the remote really suck.

Instead of coming out with that thing again, they should of done what nintendo did and just copy 360 pad, seriously 15 years with the same remote wtf, where is innovation.

DragonKnight1761d ago

I was wondering what I was going to reply with to your first paragraph and then I saw this...

"Instead of coming out with that thing again, they should of done what nintendo did and just copy 360 pad, seriously 15 years with the same remote wtf, where is innovation."

So my reply is that you really should cover up, your fanboyism is showing.

Mikeyy1761d ago

What is this... I don't even...

hulk_bash19871761d ago

It's an English teacher's worst nightmare is what it is.

RonRico1761d ago

nlvwithgms, man you are all over these PS4 threads. Just relax. The 720 will come for you guys soon enough.

kenshiro1001760d ago

...Fix your grammar first, then you can talk.

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Darrius Cole1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Looks aren't everything. At first glance it looks like the handles are a bit too flat, more like the 360 controller than like the Dual-Shock 3. But I need to see more to be certain.

But how it looks is meaningless to me. It has to feel right and give me control over my character in the game.

I will withhold judgement until I actually feel it in my hands.

Sarcasm1761d ago

Agreed, It is a new Era for the PlayStation, and the new Dualshock is a great evolution. IMO I think Sony did the right thing. Hopefully the ergonomics of the controller will improve and bring in more gamers.

pain777pas1760d ago

What is this website and why should I care what they have to "report"? GTFO! LOL!

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Agent_00_Revan1761d ago

I agree with the agreeing of the disagree.

RonRico1761d ago

Yes, I guess we can all just agree to disagree with the disagree we are all agreeing with. No?

Ghost_of_Tsushima1761d ago

I dissagree I love this controller!!

Knight_Crawler1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

They should have brought back the Batorang shape controller.

TongkatAli1761d ago

Yeah, so you could have more ammo to talk shit.

Yodagamer1761d ago

Oddly enough i always wanted to try it XD

squarecircle1760d ago

A few people have made replicas of that controller and nearly all of them say it's surprisingly comfortable, some even preferring it over the dualshock.

kingPoS1760d ago

Who's willing to bet that if you threw it would come back.

Honest question. lol

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Y_51501761d ago

The Dual Shock name should never retire when PlaySation is around. The name means greatness in your hands!

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