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PlayStation 4 Eye to Mimic Kinect

Little was mentioned of the PlayStation 4 Eye at today's press event, but a news release sent by the company detailed a camera that sounds remarkably similar to the Kinect for Xbox 360. (Kinect, PS4, Sony Computer Entertainment)

Snookies12  +   822d ago
Basically, Sony has the Kinect with the new PSEye... The Move (possibly) in the controller... A touchpad for touch interface... The promise of a seamless Remote Play via Gaikai on the Vita with PS1, 2, 3, and 4 games (which you can use just like the Wii U pad to play games off screen), and a headset port on the controller like the Xbox does?

It has every little thing I ever wanted from all the consoles pretty much. Sony outdid themselves with this...
chrismichaels04  +   822d ago
I don't know why everyone automatically compares Sonys new camera with the kinect. Sony has already released interactive cameras for the last 2 generations (eye toy on the PS2 and PSeye for PS3). The new PSeye camera for the PS4 is simply Sonys 3rd generation camera....not a kinect rip off.
rainslacker  +   822d ago
It's sort of like creationism. There was nothing before the Xbox.:)

Edit...I'm not a creationist, or do I even care about who came out with what first. Implementation is all that matters.
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fr0sty  +   822d ago
The kinect comparisons come from 3D motion tracking, which until now was something not available on PlayStation (not full body, at least). Now we have it.
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onyoursistersback  +   822d ago
all this!!!
and we still have yet to see the console and what features it has (physically)....
now a heavy wait time for e3. :/
2pacalypsenow  +   822d ago
Same thing happened for ps3 but it was even a longer wait they showed what the ps3 was capable much like today but in 2005
WooHooAlex  +   822d ago
Exactly, they basically just said "We have that too". And its not like this was just tacked on, they've been building toward this for years now by introducing the Move and Vita, both of which work beautifully with your PS4. I don't mean to sound like a fanboy, but in that respect, it really is the ultimate game console. Because it supports all forms of input, potentially games that would have otherwise been exclusive to the either Wii U or new Xbox, could now also be available on PlayStation 4.

Huge step in the right direction tonight, Sony. Well done.
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user3915800  +   822d ago
No need to worry, sony copies evryone on everything, at least they get it right the second time around. Oh well they can use game that are old its a plus, I will wait 2 years before getting a few PS4 cause I know for a fact the consoles will be faulty, all their consoles has been ps1, ps2, ps3, psp, sony walkman, you name it, but they get it right second time around, so I wait until they fix the hardware. It looks like 4 ps4 for me lol... 1 wiiu cause the product its garbage, will keep it for first party gems. 720 we will see on that, lets hope that their reveal its better then sonys and then again, this was the worst reveal of any console in history besides the gizmondo.
juandren  +   822d ago
Wait what?
Just_The_Truth  +   817d ago
If not for Sony you'd still be blowing on cartridges.
chrismichaels04  +   822d ago
This PSEye 3.0 may also use 3d motion technology...but it's not like Sony is a stranger to 3D tech in the first place. It's still functioning as a motion tracking device with the dual shock 4 the same way the PSEye worked with the Move.

You don't see Sony trying to push "hands free" gaming like kinect because everyone knows hands free gaming is a gimmick that only works in kiddie/dancing games. Why do you think Microsoft shifted it's focus to a voice command gimmick instead?

Now if Sony was up there showing off a hands free fruit ninja kind of game, than I would completely understand calling the PSEye 3.0 a kinect rip off.
edonus  +   822d ago
Poor insane brainwashed Sony droid.... dont worry sony will download your new programming soon so you wont continue making a fool of yourself.

What do you think the 2 cameras are for. If it was just tracking a light or a shape 1 camera is more than fine. 2 cameras is to senses depth a flat light or shape doesnt have depth... I dont want to scare talking about dimensions (not parallel realities) but 2 cameras work like your eyes to see the world in the 3rd dimension thus it can only be for referencing a person or object and pulling it from its background thus its only true purpose would be to do what kinect does.
edonus  +   822d ago

I dint know the sickness ran so deep.

These sony lunatic cant even admit they have a kinect. I mean this is republican Fox news Romney wins by a landslide lunacy levels here. You guys are sick.

Just cant accept reality. You cant have conversations with crazy people so the only thing left to do is either ignore you or constantly troll and make fun of your clear and inexcusable stupidity.
Wh15ky  +   822d ago
Nobody is hyping this camera as if it's the next big thing. It's the whole console and everything related to it that people are excited about, this camera is just one small part.

You're the one that sounds sick buddy, it appears that all these years of frantically defending the kinect has really messed your head up.
GribbleGrunger  +   822d ago
Yep. There isn't an avenue left for any other console to distinguish itself from Sony. Wii (covered), Wiiu (covered), Kinect (covered), PC (covered), incredible 1st party games (covered), ease of development (covered), Multimedia (covered). If any of the other console manufacturers want exclusives, they're going to have to pay a LOT of money for them because there's absolutely no reason why the PS4 couldn't do exactly the same as their console. CHECK MATE.

Would I pay more for this? For three consoles in one and a powerhouse with 8GB of RAM? Hell yes, and don't forget that most of the rumours were 4GB, so you can bet your life that everything we saw last night was accomplished within that 4GB... But now they have 8GB!
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Bigpappy  +   822d ago
And the casual war continues. May be now we can have some civil Kinect conversations? Not!
SilentNegotiator  +   822d ago
It's not like Playstation's lineup ran away from the hardcore like what happened with Xbox.
edonus  +   822d ago
Poor insane sony lover.

If you look at the trends you would see kinect had nothing to do with this so called run away from the hardcore.

MS started cutting back on exclusive IPs way before kinect. And as for core games they still get 90% of the ones released. And we wont even get in to the fact that the few exclusives they do release are the most successful in the industry.
Knight_Crawler  +   822d ago
I just hope that is not the final design...looks like a poor mans Kinect or a power strip.
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Yodagamer  +   822d ago
It comes out this year i think it's safe to say it's pretty close to final design.
GribbleGrunger  +   822d ago
It was sleek, modern and minimalistic in design. You can bet your bottom dollar that the console will be similarly designed.
Kamikaze135  +   822d ago
Didn't Kinect mimic the PSeye (ps2)?
cl1983  +   822d ago
Technically webcams came first.

Also even though Sony had a single lens camera first, Microsoft was first to put two cameras together with microphone and depth detection for the console.
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Kamikaze135  +   822d ago
Obviously, but I'm talking about console wise. Most things available on consoles were on PC and other devices first anyway, lol.
cl1983  +   822d ago
As they say imitation is the best compliment, and this just means more for all gamers.
nigelp520  +   822d ago
Dreameye says hi
False-Patriot  +   822d ago
DreamEye != PlayStation Eye. Goodbye.
edonus  +   822d ago
The simple answer is NO!

3d camera tech is way different than a standard camera.

We have been over this 1 million times before. It just goes to show how terrible the schools are becoming reading and comprehension out the door.

Creativity and critical thinking are outlawed.... Just go look at the pwetty gwafix and leave the tech comparisons alone.
Yodagamer  +   822d ago
It's more a sensor than a kinect it just tracks the controller with 2 cameras to provide a better tracking
StrongMan  +   822d ago
Sony don't mimic crap.
TenkoTAiLS  +   822d ago
*Turns off your Playstation Move nightlight* Whatever gets you to sleep at night buddy. Cause that totally doesn't look anything like the Wii remote setup >.<
smashcrashbash  +   822d ago
Sony had the camera before Microsoft even put the idea in their head. Sony is upgrading their camera, THEIR product.Sony came up with the idea to put a camera on a console not Microsoft. Just knock it off.
cl1983  +   822d ago
smashcrashbash  +   822d ago
That is a webcam. Sony Eyetoy and PSEYE are more then just a webcam. That isn't even it's primary function
cl1983  +   822d ago
The Dreameye is a digital camera released for the Dreamcast in 2000 in Japan only. It was designed to be used as a webcam and a digital still camera, and there were plans for games to involve the Dreameye.

Sounds just like the eyetoy, but it came first.
jalen247  +   822d ago
Sony's 3rd generation camera...yes.... mimicking Kinect...no

It seems people forgot about the Eyetoy and the PSEye
TenkoTAiLS  +   822d ago
*Ahem* http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Most of what is in gaming now has been done before. Sure its not as advanced as the Eyetoy and PSEye and Kenect. But what was back then. It's still a camera in a gaming system.
porter470  +   822d ago
Why is their two light bars? The Dual Shock 4's light bar and the PlayStation Move motion controller. Whats the point of having it in the controller.
C-Thunder  +   822d ago
What? The light on the controller is tracked just like the ball on the Move, by the new camera.
porter470  +   822d ago
So whats the point in having it in the controller?
C-Thunder  +   822d ago
@porter470, I assume it is to provide more options to the developers. I could see it being used in traditional games, ever go prone in a shooter only to find the one blade of grass right in you're line of sight? With this, I could see where you could just slightly move the controller to the left or right to shift the gun to the side, or something like that...Just a thought, it may just be there to help make the built in six-axis controls more accurate.

Either way, I say more options the better.
porter470  +   822d ago
possibly, time will tell.

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