What Was Your Favorite PlayStation 4 Game Shown at the PlayStation Meeting?

Not stopping at just the meeting and system, the four of us at Ask PSLS also wanted to highlight some of the many games shown during the PlayStation meeting.


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Abash1855d ago

Knack surprised me, Sony is practically saying "We want 3D platformers to stick around next gen" with it and has a lot of charm.

Killzone: Shadow Fall just blew me away, along with Watch_Dogs. I need to see more of Driveclub and inFamous: Second Son but just the few minutes shown of them were terrific

So all the ones I mentioned

TrendyGamers1855d ago

Yeah, Knack looked like it could be a fun platformer.

LOL_WUT1855d ago

I have to agree with you on knack it was one of my favorites as well as Killzone and Deep Down.

LackTrue4K1855d ago

and that racing game....dam it!!!
after seeing killzone, i forgot most of the show...

darthv721855d ago

Halo looked good. Oh wait...destiny. my bad.

RememberThe3571855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I'm all in with the new Infamous, I've never been able to run around my home town before. Killzone looks epic so I'm pumped for that. And maaaaaan the trailer Capcom showed was DOPE! Destiny was cool but it kind of looked like Killzone 2. Not a bad thing but I want to see more of the game play.

Knack really didn't impress me, but we'll see how that goes. Driveclub could be cool but I want to see more too.

And why is no one talking about what Media Molecule showed? They've finally found literal 1:1 movement and thats huge for the Move controller. Movement from you to the screen simultaneously.

Dee_911855d ago

drive club for me.
I really cant wait to see and hear more.
When he was talking about the texture shaders and modeling the carbon fiber it really rustled my jimmies.I dont even care about pCars right now, I just want this.
Killzone is a very close second, but I really want to see that gameplay video in HD


I may sound excentric but the things that wowed more are the Quantic Dreams tech demo and Deep Down.

Deep Down looks more than a first gen next-gen title, more like 2nd or 3rd gen game, I mean I got the chill to see that this CGI is PLAYABLE (YAY japanese devs coming back in force after they missed the last gen, at leats in terms of graphics).

Quantic Dreams tech demo, already surpassed some old tech demos many 3D devs show off and gamers were only dreaming about. It already surpasses technics used in cinema, and looks more realistic than famous CGI movies (Avatar helloooo).

The other games are astonishing, but that's what you cna expect from launch games (eventhough PS4 launch games looked wya better compared to what PS3 offered at launch).

So I am very optimistic for both first party and superior multiplats for PS4.

ABizzel11855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Killzone and Watch Dogs were the best at the show.

But I'm excited by the potential of inFamous and Drive Club the most.

Deep Down looked amazing, but maybe not my kind of game.

CalvinKlein1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I liked Infamous and that knight game from capcom. All the games looked great tho. Now my saving for a new car fund is also for ps4 now.

blackblades1855d ago

Looks better than mario, and its refreshing seeing something new and fresh unlike the big N games.

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Mounce1854d ago

Same....the UI was clearly thrown on there but....any game that relates to medieval weapons and monster-hunting, hack n' slash gameplay and anything to do with swords and just that overall theme. I absolutely CANNOT resist....which is why King's Field, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Chivalry and many many more games are my instant favs.

BigStef711855d ago

^I concur with this statement

Flipgeneral1855d ago

Deep Down *working title* :)

showtimefolks1855d ago

maybe it was just me but when knack was about to be shown i felt like Crash was about to make a Huge Come back

AngelicIceDiamond1855d ago

I'm super excited, though "subject is to change" from now through launch. Hopefully for the better, and Sony delivers on most of what they said.

Other than that, it all looks incredible.

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Kanzes1855d ago

Deep Down is the most amazing trailer at the meeting

doctorstrange1855d ago

You know you want it. Deep down.

Snookies121855d ago

It looked very promising, but it's Capcom... So, yeah... I don't trust them with gaming lately.

Godchild10201855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Everything. But my ultimate favor part is What happens after the show and when we get articles like this:

DragonKnight1855d ago

Wow, that was one hell of a flamebait article.

Kalowest1855d ago

The social networking talking got boring