Major missed opportunities in the Playstation 4 meeting discusses some major opportunities missed in the otherwise successful PlayStation 4 presentation.

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mandf1736d ago

Focus on the negative instead of talking about all the info. Some of these websites are just taking shot after shot at Sony. Go read all the failed articles it's a joke. Video game journalism needs to grow up.

Zuperman1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

The only thing I laughed about the Sony Conference is how Square keeps showcasing these amazing CGI, Ingame, or whatever it is whenever they can't finish previous titles such as VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xPhearR3dx1736d ago

There' nothing wrong with criticism. If no one ever criticized Sony/MS/Nintendo, they would always do the bare minimum. There's 1000 positive articles for every 1 negative right now. It's not a big deal, not everyone is a troll you know. Sony can't please everyone.

mandf1736d ago

It goes beyond pro and con. It's outright hate. People have been saying it this whole gen. If people can't see it by now they are part of the problem. We as gamers should demand accountability from journalists to have an unbiased viewpoint.

DOMination-1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I don't think this was honestly meant to come across as hate. The article description even says it was a very successful conference. I personally loved the whole thing except was very disappointed with Media Molecules confusing segment last night. The difference is, I wouldn't go and write an article about it.

I guess you're always going to get somebody who isn't quite satisfied. It's definitely a bit moan-y. We all know Sony has other stuff to announce in the coming months so lets just wait and see. These next few months are going to be possibly the most exciting there will ever be in gaming, as I feel we might not see consoles in this form again in the future. Lets make the most of it.

colonel1791736d ago

"Essential details, like the cost of the hardware" This right there is what's wrong with so called journalism. Who in the right mind was expecting Sony to announce the price of the PS4? When has a company announced a console and a price the same day?

JoGam1736d ago

Theres was nothing, NOTHING, wrong with that meeting yesterday. Sony never said what they're showing. The fact that this meeting came out of nowhere, the fact that Sony never gave info other than come see the future of Playstation, the fact they showed just that in two hours instead of one, and didnt pull a Wonder Book on us..... You can't get no better. Its Feb 20th for crying outloud. Why will Sony show everything they have? This is like poker, not spades. We still have TGS, GDC, and E3. Sony needs to save info to keep this momentum moving forward.

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jc485731736d ago

not going to click, but square enix is a joke. That is all.

colonel1791736d ago

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Square Enix is the worst developer nowadays. They never released Versus XIII, and now they are teasing another FF for E3? I don't get why they were there in the first place. They screwed with Sony fans so many times this generation, that I don't think anyone wants them anymore.

jc485731736d ago

give me back the 6 years I wasted.

majiebeast1736d ago

Square enix at this point isnt even relevant anymore. Lightning returns looks like a turd when you compare it to Ninokuni.

Narutone661736d ago

Hopefully, they learned their lesson and it's not too late for them. The second guy was apologetic asking us to wait for E3.

Blackdeath_6631736d ago

anything missed in the press conference whether intentionally or not will likely to be revealed at E3

kalkano1736d ago

"While there was certainly something for everyone"

Talk about tunnel vision. There most certainly was NOT something for everyone. Hopefully, there will be eventually. But, there wasn't at this show.

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